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iFi audio Classic Revival

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  1. iFi audio Classic Revival
    Oh yes, we’re bringing ‘em back!


    Yup, you got it right, we’ve now been around long enough to have a retro revival of our original, classic products.

    And to celebrate we thought we’d give some of them away.

    First, I hear you asking what makes a ‘classic’ product in the iFi sense? Well, I shall tell you.

    In short, each model has a life cycle and once it's completed, it becomes a retro item, something that belongs to the past. We do the R&D, the initial assembly, the early beta tests, then external evaluation, the final testing, set a launch date, get the mass production version to our retailers who sell it for a time and then, we, being the kind of folk who never rest, then start thinking how we can make it better.

    Hence the birth of the iTube2 and the micro iDSD Black Label, these then make their earlier counterparts ‘classics’ – the originals that set the standard for us to push forward.


    Many of these ‘classics’ still cut the mustard today, even if we do say so ourselves!

    So, we thought we’d give some away to you good folks out there.


    First stop – good causes – know any organizations or charities that could benefit from some of our equipment? Drop us a line.

    Second – we have three mysterious boxes to give away. And, yes, they will have our stuff in them, they’re not mysterious empty boxes. But we’re not letting on exactly what is in them other than it’s classic goodness!

    The rules are simple: there are none. Simply let us know what would you like to get, how are you going to use it and that's it. Creativity will be rewarded....

    One, two, three, go!

    Closing date is the 31st of March 2018 and several days later we'll reveal to whom our mysterious goodie bags will go.

    And the winners are.....

    @Alcophone @drbluenewmexico @ngoshawk ----> please write us PMs with your addresses.

    Sincere congratulations go to winners and a big fat THANK YOU to all participants!
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2018
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  2. silverfishla
    Hi Ifi!,
    I would love the Stereo 50 (nice try right? :) ) or an IDSD Black label (of course I would!) I would use either one of these to blow my sonic brain into orbit (you know, like that Tesla that's floating around the Earth as we speak). Thanks guys for putting up this giveaway, pretty cool.
    p.s. I would really love that ifi tube, that's something that would really be interesting to try! (of course it would be!)
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
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  3. Midgetguy
    I wish I knew a charity in need of some audio stuff.

    Perhaps I could get a set of the LS3.5? I may become the owner of a condo soon and a new home needs new audio equipment! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and good luck to all those who post here!
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  4. kp297

    I would be thrilled for a iDSD Black Nano for my wonderful mom. My mother was diagnosed with a medical condition and required surgery, and music has helped through her post surgical recovery. I subsequently delved into the world of audio to try and figure out the best setup for her. Fast forward a couple of years later, and some issues are coming back. After a few months of saving up I’ve purchased her a set of hifi headphones for her birthday. An iFi Black Nano would be perfect as she can take this with her to the hospital for outpatient care and help her with this rough patch.

    We would be extremely grateful to be considered.

    Regarding charities, perhaps look into dementia care/Alzheimer care facilities as music can help an indivisible discover their forgotten selves.
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  5. mgunin
    I'd love to get iDSD to review in both Russian and English. And, send it to someone here to provide feedback as well.
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  6. Demo3
    I would like a nano iDSD BL to use at work.
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  7. leeperry
    I really love the iPower's, bang/bucks is plain ludicrous for such low noise PSU's and I honestly believe that you've pwned the whole PSU industry with them so anything power and/or USB related would make my day please(micro iUSB 3.0 for instance :D), thanks!
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
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  8. piksnz

    Thank you ifi for doing this. I would like a idsd nano BL for better portability.
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  9. zepmaj
    As i see people would like to get iDSD Black Nano. I don't know what is it exactly (i'm newbie at head-fi community). I eager to find out what is it. I prefer experience with device itself. :blush:
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  10. spyder1
    I am shure (pdxjazz.com) could find uses for iFi audio products. I would like a iFi Audio DC Ipurifier, DC power filter.
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  11. ebjarrell
    First off, thank you for doing this giveaway. Second, my wee little product choice. As I was always told to shoot for the moon, I would love to have the Pro iCan to drive my Sennheiser and Shure cans and my Fischer Amps IEMs.
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  12. Terco
    I would like the iFi micro iDSD Black label to use at work to show my coworkers how bad ass sounds my headphones now! so they can stop bother me about how much money do I spend on headphones :ksc75smile:.
    btw the iFi iCan pro is my dream amp :blush:.

    P.S. I wish I know any organization that you can help, sorry.
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  13. AReasonableMan
    An orignial iPhono would enable me to get back into the 50 records I have sitting in my closet! I realized too late that a vinyl rig that I'd really enjoy is out of the reach of a college student working a part-time job. With a great phono stage paid for, I'd go about finding a thorens td-150 and popping a used nagaoka cartridge on it. My best friend and I would spend hours going through record bins again in search of the weird and sad albums we love so much.
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  14. Urubu
    Hi !

    My dream is building a great audio system to make listening vinyls to my son , so i will try to win the : iFi Audio Retro 50 .......or the iFi Audio micro iPhono2 !

    Vive le vinyle et vive iFi !!!!!!
    iFi audio likes this.
  15. Nymphonomaniac
    Having healt problem and being very poor because of this really make my life a hell, but thank to music, I have an escape from my body this way wich explain why I'm so obsess about sound rendering. Ifi audio products have been on my list for quite a long time now, been looking the micro serie especially because i'm always curious about how Dac or amp can positively affect the sound. If I win something, you can be sure I will share my audio passion here on headfi, as always, and especially if it sound good and open new musical universe in an easy and practical way. I would especially love to share a review of idsd black label and Idsd micro, so anything that have a good DAC in it is more than intriguing to me because i'm a soundsignature collector! Sure, the ultimate dream will be retro stereo 50 big boy....I guess this thread is to dream about what we can,t afford enh?
    For charity, if I win something, I will give something back to the church (they sell stuffs to redistribute profit to poor people), perhaps a good pair of old hifi speakers, or a good home theatre system. You receive=you give when you can.
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