1. ati832

    C&C BK Portable vs Ibasso Toucan PB1 vs Fiio E11

    Hi i am new this site and was wondering if someone could please tell me which portable amps is best from the three in the title the C&C BK is £80 around $150 and the Ibasso toucan is £150 around $250 so there is a big difference in the price just wondering which one is best for BASS and wether...
  2. hifimiami


    Purchase V.2 on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/DUAL-AMP-portable-headphone-amplifier-V-2-/140452042344?pt=UK_AudioTVElectronics_HomeAudioHiFi_Amplifiers&hash=item20b3981668#ht_4308wt_ 1107   Order with AD8610 op amp option   in July 2010. Neco is an excellent seller good communications and...
  3. edvardd

    Portable amp for LCD2

    (Edit) Here you can discuss views about portable amps that go well and perhaps not so well with LCD2. Are there some amps that have better synergy with LCD2?   Some suggested amps   -Ray Samuels Sr-71b -Ibasso PB1/2 -Justin AudioUHA-120 -Justin Audio AHA-120 -Meir CORDA...
  4. anm

    What dac+amp+headphones would you carry with your tablet?

    Now that the market is clearly heading towards tablets, I am sure each one of you is going to get a tablet. I am looking forward for it too. What would be the dac+amp that you would be carrying? Async USB dac seems to be the future of computer audio. But there don't seem to be any portable...
  5. Radek12128

    Headstage arrow or ibasso toucan

    They are both priced about the same trying to power my hd 580 using a iPhone as a source via Los. I would run the toucan balanced via reternimated stock cables . Thanks
  6. teofilrocks

    Tips for driving 600Ω on-the-go

    A friend gave me a old pair of DT770 PRO 600Ω cans. My other HPs are open-back so I never travel with those. But now that I got these (and for free!), I'm wondering how I could possibly drive these with a little portable amp. I've looked into cMoys, Mini3, PIMETA, etc. Has anyone actually used...
  7. marvinong

    Should I Still Amp My IEM Even If I Have A Good Source?

    Hi head-fi!   Just wanted to ask this question since I'm planning to get an amp either from RSA or iBasso.   The question is, if my source is already powerful enough to drive my IEMs (JH16s) should I still amp it? Would I notice any discernible difference from them versus my unamped...
  8. Dawildebeest

    Balanced ipod lod for Toucan?

    Not sure if I am posting this in the correct section or not, but I just ordered a Ibasso PB1 Toucan and wanted to know if it would be possible to make a balanced ipod lod that would connect to the Toucan or should I just stick with my SE lod i already have? If it is possible can someone provide...
  9. paradise

    Help me to decide

    After reading a few reviews on the forum I've decided my first portable amp will be the Corda Stepdance or the more expensive RSA Protector. What do you think?   Cans: Grado 80i, ATH D700 and Sony MDR-V500
  10. edwardsean

    Protector vs. Toucan

    Hi,    My current setup is: Apogee Duet SE> Protector Balanced > Whiplash > JH13. Would it be worth swapping out the Protector for the Toucan. I've been hearing great things about the Toucan but I do like the smaller size of the Protector when I go mobile with an iPod. If you've heard both...
  11. dxanex

    Fiio E7 (or another) + AKG K702

    Hey guys I'm new here, and this site has been incredibly helpful in my decision making process.   I have recently decided that it's time to replace my 10+ (!) year old Sennheiser HD250's which have served me extremely well. After bouncing back and forth between the Sennheiser HD600's and the...
  12. KyungMin

    is there a portable amp that can power an AKG K701?

    Is there a portable amp that is able to power AKG K701?
  13. g5tar

    ibasso toucan balanced vs single ended output question....

    i'm a bit confused, does this amp give the same output power in single ended as it does in balanced? thinking that the toucan will drive my hd600 pretty well, but it would be for portable use, so the source is unbalanced, so there is no need in running balanced....am i thinking about this...
  14. Aizura

    iBasso Toucan or should I go full-size?

    Hi all,   I've been looking around for an amp to feed my HD 600 to finally unleash the beast within, I'm currently using it with an Essence STX sound card, i doubt this does any justice to the HD 600. (the difference between the Essence and my Fiio E5 is quite small, so this says something...
  15. dyce

    D4 Mamba or PB1 Toucan for DT770/80 basshead listener

    will the ibasso D4 or PB1 help me exceed dangerous amounts of bass in my dt770? im looking for something that will be considerably better than a mini3. I understand the d4 has a DAC in it. Does having a DAC kill the stand alone amp functionality? Like the FiiO E7, the standalone amp is horrible...
  16. mastumoto5

    headphone amp with built-in mp3 player

    It seems that the new project at ibasso (mad-08) great idea right? >>mini-audio
  17. charlie0904

    iBasso PB1 Toucan Portable Balanced Headphone Amplifier

      Main features: - 25.2V voltage swing, the highest voltage swing among portable Amplifiers - Up to 1400mW output power - Takes Balanced and Single End inputs, and provides Balanced and Single End outputs - 2-Setting gain switch for impedance matching - Rechargeable battery pack - New...
  18. jamato8

    iBasso Boomslang DB-1 & DB-2 and Toucan balanced portable dac and amp . pg 1, 19 , 25, 26 . . . .

      with the amp having arrived, awaiting the balanced dac.    The amp has a voltage swing of 25.2 volts and takes single ended or balanced input for an output of balanced or single ended. It has a gain of 6db or 15db in balanced and starts at 0 in single ended.  Size of both units is 82mm...
  19. kunalraiker

    iBasso released it,they named it Toucan

        That's our bird.     http://ibasso.com/en/products/show.asp?ID=60
  20. paulybatz

    Toucan and Boomslang (IBasso Audio) Balanced Review Thread

    I just ordered the Toucan from Ibasso...I have been bothering them for months as soon as they intro'd the pics on their website in January...these are very exciting times...they are so friendly and prompt to respond to emails...they are as excited as all of us here about high quality audio and...
  21. Ibasso Toucan

    Ibasso Toucan

    Portable headphone amplifier.