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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by hifimiami, Sep 18, 2010.
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  1. hifimiami
    Purchase V.2 on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/DUAL-AMP-portable-headphone-amplifier-V-2-/140452042344?pt=UK_AudioTVElectronics_HomeAudioHiFi_Amplifiers&hash=item20b3981668#ht_4308wt_
    Order with AD8610 op amp option
    in July 2010. Neco is an excellent seller good communications and timely shipping.
    PACKAGING:  the V.2 was packaged in a bullet proof configuration.
    BUILD QUALITY: the V.2 is built like a tank superb finish and quality feel, with Neutrik female mini female jacks.
    SOUND: Started noticing improvement after 50 Hr burn in, DSCF2472.jpg  reached max performance at about 100 hrs. Overall sound is very neutral all frequencies with a very tight and deep bass.
    The sound stage is wide and deep with excellent instrument separation.I used Shure SRH840, Sennheiser HD595, Sennheiser HD600. Source AloSony D25S line out with ZXAC " SCS mini cable. The listening experience is like listening to a high quality desk top headphone amp.
    I compared the performance to an Ibasso Toucan PB1 and I prefer the Neco V.2 due to it's natural, neutral presentation and superb soundstage. I highly recommend this amp.
    The battery life appears to be over 20 hrs with normal playback.
  2. vkvedam
    Interesting...Price is so tempting..And it's in the UK.
  3. MrProggie
    Sounds very typical British. The British have for a long time been best at creating best buy audio.
  4. wuwhere Contributor
    Any problem with gain when using IEMs?
  5. wuwhere Contributor
    I ordered one of these. I also bought a pair of OPA627AP so I can compare them with the AD8610s. NECO said the OPA627s should be better than the AD8610s.
  6. wuwhere Contributor
    So I received mine today with AD8610, out of the box it sounds excellent. Will burn-in and see what develops.
    It has more extension at the top compared to my TTVJ Hybrid, more detailed as well, and as liquid.
    The above impressions are with the UE10Pro. So I guess the AD8610 matches well with the UEs.
    *** See update below:  With ER4S, the top can be overwhelming.
    I wish this thing has a gain switch.
    Update:  My ER4S comment above is from out of the box after an hour or two. After about 100 hours of burning in (with
    1 hour off every 14 hours to fully discharge the caps and for some rest), the top has smoothed enough that this pair plays
    music nicely together.
  7. qusp Contributor
    hmm, interesting to beat toucan with a CMOY based single 9v 300mah cell, cant imagine it would drive the 300ohms HD600 mentioned in that review extract on the site nfor long. did it beat toucan fed with a balanced source or SE from an ipod or something? because really that would be a bit of a strange comparison. looks well built enough and solid; while I personally am not a fan of either OPA134, 8610 or 627, they are quality chips (well at least the last 2 hehe nah all are good) I think he must have done well and its good for the money, but that remark does puzzle me a touch. sounds like a good buy, cant argue with the comments so far
  8. hifimiami
    The Neco V2 and the Ibasso Toucan PB1 were used single ended from the line output of a Sony/Alo D25S CD player using a ZXAC Audio mini cable. Neither the Neco or Toucan had a problem driving the HD600. I obtained better SQ using the low level gain on the Toucan and the overall SQ especially sound stage and separation sounded superior with the Neco V2. The Neco V2 has the AD8610 op amp installed.The Neco V2 is exceptional in that it is a portable amp that sounds like a desktop quality amp.
  9. vkvedam


    Could you please give us some more thoughts? And did it produce any audible hiss with UEs?
    Many Thanks...
  10. wuwhere Contributor
    No hiss at all on the UEs, ER4P nor the ER4S.
    This thing has no markings at all, you just have to remember that the input is the one below the blue LED.
    Toggle switch down means On. No gain switch as I mentioned above. At the back, the charger input and a red charging LED.
    The charging LED does not turn off when the battery is fully charged. I guess it doesn't have a circuit that detects for battery full.
    (Perhaps such a circuit is deleterious to the sound? added cost? both? dunno.) The one page manual offers suggestions
    on how to time the battery charging.
    As for the sound? Its airy if you're into that.  Open sounding. No congestion. Weighty, not lean. Its not liquid and far from
    dry, just natural? And that low end and SS. I would even dare say that it competes favorably with the big names on portable amps.
    BTW my setup Foobar > HiFace (BNC) > iBasso D10 DAC > V.2 > UE10Pro.

    Next would be rolling OPA627/637.

  11. vkvedam


    Outstanding. That's what I wanted to hear. Thanks a lot for your impressions. And my wallet doesn't seem to be running away either. I would like to do a full blown review on this little gem. Here goes my order.....
  12. wuwhere Contributor


    Once you get yours, cue up your favorite lossless drum track. [​IMG]
  13. hifimiami
    Wuwhere, I,m glad you are enjoying the Neco V2, I agree with your impressions of Sound Quality. If you have a way auditioning a Shure SRH840 with the Neco V2 try it is an excellent combination.I have found that with normal use the battery charge last 20 to 22 hrs. I usually recharge it for 2 to 4 hrs every ten days. Which op amps are you using?
  14. vkvedam
    Order placed, should be here Thursday or Friday. Hey hifimiami, I am delighted to hear that its a good combination with 840s. I've ordered with upgraded opamps 8610s and Powerex.
  15. wuwhere Contributor


    Been reading on SRH840, might get myself a pair. I'm still on AD8610s.
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