1. TaronL

    Dan Clark Audio E3 - Now Shipping from Headphones.com

    Just announced now, the new Dan Clark Audio E3 is in stock and ready to ship now from Headphones.com! Buy your pair now and have it shipped today! With our free shipping and 365-day return policy. Embark on an auditory journey with the Dan Clark Audio E3, a marvel in the world of...
  2. TaronL

    Cyber Monday Savings at Headphones.com

    Cyber Monday savings are here with some new savings in our open-box blowouts! While some sales will continue, the following will be ending tonight! Save 20% on Burson Audio Amps and DACs 20% off Empire Ears Universal IEMs 20% off 64 Audio IEMs 15% off Moondrop IEMs 15% off Topping Amps &...
  3. TaronL

    Black Friday Deals - Headphones.com

    It's that time of the year again and savings have returned to Headphones.com! Shop Black Friday Sales Black Friday Highlights Save 20% on Focal (Ends November 30th) Save 20% on 64 Audio Universal IEMs Save 20% on Empire Ears IEMs Save 20% on Burson Audio Plus, Save up to $2000 on...
  4. TaronL

    Focal Clear - Now Shipping to USA and Canada

    After 4 long months, the Focal Clear is finally shipping again in USA and Canada! Buy the Focal Clear in the US Buy the Focal Clear in Canada For everyone who placed pre-orders with us, we hope you've been getting our pre-order updates. If you haven't, we received enough inventory to...
  5. TaronL

    Dunu Mirai - A Collaboration between Headphones.com, Dunu and Precogvision

    We gave a sneak peak at Mirai during CanJam Socal this year and now, Mirai is finally live and brought to life! Pre-Order the Dunu Mirai Now The Mirai is something we at Headphones.com, Precogvision and Dunu have been hard at work for the last two and half years to deliver an IEM experience...
  6. TaronL

    Focal Bathys Dune - Now Shipping in North America

    The Focal Bathys is one of the best wireless headphones on the market and today, Focal has a new colour to hit the market. Introducing Dune, exclusive to Headphones.com in North America. The best part? It's in stock and ready to ship today! Order Now From Focal "With this luminous, warm...
  7. TaronL

    HEDD Audio HEDDphone TWO - Now Available for Pre-Order with Special Pre-Order Bonus

    It's finally here! This one has been hard to keep under wraps (outside of some CanJam London spoilers :beyersmile:). The HEDD Audio HEDDphone TWO is now available for pre-order through Headphones.com. Pre-Order the HEDDphone TWO A bonus that's exclusive to Headphones.com is the limited...
  8. TaronL

    Symphonium Audio Crimson Launch Edition - Pre-Orders Now Live

    Pre-Orders are now live on Headphones.com in North America for Symphonium Audio's newest IEM creation, Crimson. Crimson Pre-Orders will start shipping in September and we have 8 limited edition launch units available! Pre-Order Now Launch Edition Exclusive The exclusive Crimson Launch...
  9. TaronL

    The History of Headphones.com - Interview with our CEO

    Ever wonder about the history of Headphones.com and why we started the business and what keeps us going? DMS recently went on a trip to Vancouver, BC to visit our main office (and to go to Linus Tech Expo for the weekend) and sat down with our CEO and my brother @lissimore where they chatted...
  10. TaronL

    The Focal Elex Lands at Headphones.com and it's $599!

    We're thrilled to announce that Headphones.com now officially carries the Focal Elex! And the best part? It can be had for a limited time at $599 with our 365-day return policy and customer support from Alan, Sam, April and myself! Grab your pair of Focal Elex here Questions or concerns...
  11. TaronL

    Massive June Savings - 20% off Focal, 15% off IEMs, Amps & DACs + More at Headphones.com

    For this week and this week only, save big on Focal, Hifiman, Sennheiser, Moondrop, Topping, SMSL, Dunu and more! View the entire sale here Highlights 20% off all Focal headphones - Includes Focal Utopia 2022 and Focal Bathys! Up to $1500 off Hifiman Headphones Up to $300 off Sennheiser...
  12. Sebastien Chiu

    They showed us everything! Inside look at KEF America.

    During some of our recent travel, the headphone show got to see the ins and out of KEF! We got to interview some staff members, see how they make their speakers, and break down their technicalities to understand why they're so respected by the audiophile and consumer markets alike. Like more...
  13. Sebastien Chiu

    Opening the $7,999 Zähl HM1 amplifier with Michael Zähl!

    At Munich High-End GoldenSound and DMS opened up the Zähl HM1 with Michael Zähl himself, and took a look the inside of this unique and exclusive amplifier. In 2023, only 50 HM1s were made, with Headphones.com securing 25 units for North America. That shipment was has completely sold through...
  14. Sebastien Chiu

    KEF Has Now Joined the Brands Headphones.com Supports!

    There’s so much more than headphones! This one has been a long time coming and we are so proud to be able to announce this. We are very proud to offer KEF loudspeakers, so you can share more of your music. We now carry several models in a wide range of colors, including the legendary LS60 and...
  15. Sebastien Chiu

    The Moondrop Blessing 3 is Now Available to Pre-Order from Headphones.com

    Headphones.com is proud to to be supporting the launch of the Blessing 3 with pre-orders available now! The follow-up to Moondrop's most successful in-ear monitors ever, the Moondrop Blessing 2 is finally here in the Moondrop Blessing 3. Featuring a 2 dynamic drivers and 4 balanced armatures...
  16. TaronL

    64 Audio U4s - Now Shipping from Headphones.com

    64 Audio's most affordable universal in-ear monitor has arrived and is shipping today with free overnight shipping from Headphones.com! Buy the 64 Audio U4s When you buy from Headphones.com, you get our 365-day return policy, free overnight shipping and support from our amazing customer...
  17. TaronL

    20% Off Focal Headphones + 15% off IEMs

    For the week of March 20th to 26th, save 20% on Focal headphones and other big savings! Shop the sale Full list of savings below 20% off Focal Headphones (includes the new Focal Bathys Wireless ANC Headphones) 20% off NAIM products 15% off Moondrop 15% off Dunu (10% off SA6) 15% off Topping...
  18. Sebastien Chiu

    Is the 660SV2 Really An Upgrade? Resolve Reviews Sennheiser's Latest!

    Resolve Reviews the 660SV2 in his latest video. Tried it yet? Excited to demo it at CanJam? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know all your thoughts and comments in the thread below!
  19. Sebastien Chiu

    Take a First Look at Headphones.com's First T-Shirts Available Exclusive at CanJam New York City!

    Introducing the LIMITED EDITION Tangle T! Designed especially for Can Jam NYC, 2023. Now you get to wear your gear on more than just your head. For sale only at our booth F5-F10, while quantities last!
  20. Sebastien Chiu

    Sennheiser IE200 Pre-Orders and Our First IE200 Reviews from DMS Are Live!

    Hey Head-Fi, We're excited to announce we're now taking pre-orders for the Sennheiser IE200. Our expected ship date is January 31st. First, check out our first review of the IEM from DMS on our channel, The Headphone Show! You can pre-order the IEM here from our webstore. Let us know if...
  21. Sebastien Chiu

    Goldensound Reviews the 64 Audio U12t

    @GoldenOne reviews the legendary 64 Audio u12t in our latest video! Is it still as popular in 2022 and is it's status warranted? Let us know what you think about the product if you've tried it out in a post below! You can check it out on our webstore here.
  22. Sebastien Chiu

    What's a RIBBON headphone? RAAL Requisite CA-1A Review with Resolve!

    What the hell is a ribbon driver and what does it have to do with headphones? In this video Resolve takes a look at the RAAL Requisite CA-1A ribbon driver headphones and explains what makes these different from planar magnetics, and what makes the experience of listening to them unique. Check...
  23. TaronL

    Headphones.com Cyber Monday Deals Are Ending Today!

    Hey everyone, most of our Cyber Monday Deals are ending today so don't miss your chance to grab some of these great steals! Check out all the deals here And if you're looking for anything specific, we've broken them down for you! 10% off Violectric 10% off Niimbus Open-Box Deals Focal Clear...
  24. TaronL

    Black Friday Deals Start at Headphones.com

    Our Black Friday Deals are here early (with more to come this week, refreshed daily)! Click here to see our entire Holiday deal list Check out some of our highlights below! Focal Clear for $839 (original MSRP $1499) & Focal Clear Ear Pads for $79 (original MSRP $199) Sennheiser HD800S...
  25. TaronL

    Get the Focal Clear for $839 from Headphones.com!

    From November 15th to November 30th you can pick up the Focal Clear for $839 from Headphones.com! Pick up a pair of Focal Clears for yourself here With an original MSRP of $1499, you can now get the Clear for 45% off it's original price making it one of the best deals in headphones today! In...