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Jan 17, 2019
Head-Related Transfer Functions have become a common topic of discussion now that Headphones.com have incorporated the Brüel and Kjaer Type 5128 into our roster of measurement fixtures, but some still aren't sure what HRTFs are, how we're using them, or most importantly—why we're using them. Join @listenerwww as they break down the myriad reasons why Headphones.com chooses to calibrate measurements using the Diffuse Field HRTF.

Caution the article is a long one and it goes deep but it's definitely worth a read for anyone interested (and who knows, even if you hate measurements maybe there might be something compelling in here too!)

Here's an excerpt that might entice you!

"The interpretation of headphone measurements across our hobby has been woefully bereft of the depth of analysis that a problem as multifaceted and complex as “headphones” merits. We have been using one head (GRAS) with one target (Harman) for years now, and many enthusiasts have—reasonably—shown misgivings about drifting slightly from this paradigm."

Read the article here

Diffuse Field: Calculate, Characterize, Calibrate


In addition, if you're looking for some more information on the B&K 5128 rig, our visualization process and how it compares to our old G.R.A.S 43AG rig, I'd highly recommend checking out this wonderful article written by @FcConstruct!

A Reviewer's Guide to Understanding Graphs - the B&K 5128 Edition

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Same energy
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Headphone measurement talk....eh. Banter of @Resolve and @TaronL and the Headphone mug. Priceless.
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The Science (tm) is settled. All that matters is THD at 115dB and complete compliance to Harman Target. This is the way.

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