1. magicalmouse

    fiio x5 synergy -e12 or slee voyager

    HI, i have a fiio x5 and a slee voyager which sounds good but with my se530 iems - the volume setting is a problem (very sensitive) - i have used the equalizer custom set flat to reduce the volume by 6db and this helps.   I wonder if the fiio e12 is as good with better volume adjustment and...
  2. KT66

    New Graham Slee Super Voyager

    Graham told me on Twitter that a Super Voyager is on it's way Anyone heard any more Great news ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Homage

    Graham Slee Voyager or Heir Audio Rendition 1 portable amplifier

    Guys,   Read good things about both these portable amps, naturally the Heir is a bit nicer looking (though heavier than the Graham Slee).   Further down the road I'd like to maybe get hold of Sennheiser HD800 or Fostex TH600/900 headphones.   Would both of these amplifiers drive the...
  4. shamrock134

    PSU1 for Graham Slee Solo SRGII

    Hi,   Does anyone else own this amp and if so, would you say it is worth purchasing the PSU1 for it? Currently, I just have the basic power supply it comes supplied with.   £160 seems like a lot of monies for a power supply so I'm a bit reluctant if the gains are subtle at best.   Thanks
  5. cmkofkvc

    A best DAC match for Graham Slee Solo + T1

    I had the GS Solo (which version, I am unsure of) and I later purchased the T1 Frankly speaking, I am not a fan of this combination... I am a bit broke at the moment (recently purchased T70P) My budget being somewhere between 600-1000. So rather than upgrading my amp I thought I would...
  6. Specialone

    which headphones for Graham slee NOVO?Help me please

    I recently bought the amp in question. as the best buy headphones for listening to classical music, and .... Dire Straits? better if live recordings. I have a budget of about $ 350, or rather € 250/300. My preference is to Beyerdinamic (dt880 or 990), Sennheiser (HD600 or 650), AKG (some...
  7. PChoon

    Opamps for Graham Slee Voyager?

    i know this amp has been around for a long time. but i simply could not listen to my ipod without it. so i need the experts and the experience on the questions i have below.   Anyone knows of any opamps that i can try for the voyager?   Or has anyone experimented opamp rolling on the...
  8. MartWilliams

    portable amp for Galaxy Note 2 and Grado SR80i heaphones?

    Hi all. I've been plowing through these forums for the last few days and largely as a result of what I've read here and after testing a few headphones bought a pair of Grado SR80i's to play on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Now while I am very pleased with what I am hearing (being a non audiophile...
  9. chickenparm

    Best choice for portable Amp for LCD-2s??

    Hey head-fi, I am obviously new here and relatively new to high end audio listening. But it's simple I am going to buy LCD-2's and I know that with a very expensive, highly specialized pair of headphones I will need a relatively expensive and specialized Amp (which i will get one), and someone...
  10. CheekyMonkey

    DAC/Amp upgrade suggestions re: AKG K550

    Hi all,   [Update: so I have purchased a pair of AKG K550s and currently have it paired to the Fiio E7, and so far am enjoying the sound. I've read the E7 is a decent amp but there are better amps to pair to the K550s. Is the Arcam rPac considered a solid match? Any other recommendations...
  11. R4id3n84

    Amp For Sennheiser HD600

    Hi guys I'm new here I'm really into Computers but bit of a Noob as Audiophile Headphones and Amps   I've ordered myself some Sennheiser HD600 with the Filio E17   I was then told afterwards by a friend that i don't need the E17 as i have a Soundcard   My Pc setup is as follows  ...
  12. Gday

    Best Headphone Amp under £250 for an iPod/HD600 combo?

    Any advice much appreciated! :D At the moment I have a portable Meier Corda SXX amp but its no good at the lower volumes & I don't want to go deaf! I started with the HD600 because a lot of my music is classical & I can't afford the HD800 haha The iPod Classic lets me shuffle through 18000...
  13. shigzeo

    New high-end headphone amps: Vorzuge VorzAMPpure and VorzAMPduo impressions and review thread

    Okay full review is up at TouchMyApps. I must add just a few things but the text is as, though some additions re: measurements to be added.   I started impressions at the TouchMyApps forum. I'll have a full review later in the next few weeks. I think this product deserves the ink space and...
  14. deepanshu830

    Voyager or arrow 3G which one is magical??

    i am going to purchase one amplifier between these two.which one is good sounding and make the sound more magical??
  15. GoSUV

    Desktop amp (w/ or w/o DAC ok) for Beyerdynamic T5p

    I bought the Beyerdynamic T5p a month ago to use in the office. I love the Beyer sound, and would have gotten a T1 if it weren't semi-open, I know the T5p is "portable" but I need my 'phones to be closed. For real portable use I use my Shure SE530's with the Graham Slee Voyager. Now that I've...
  16. avorite

    DigiZoid ZO or Headstage Arrow?

    Hi All!   I am looking for a portable amp to power my SM3 which unfortunately does not respond to conventional amping... Except the Graham Slee Voyager (Which is too expensive), I have not noticed a significant enough change in the sound signature to use an amp.   Where can I get a...
  17. deepanshu830

    Need a amplifier for making highs glaring??

    need a port. amplifier for making highs glaring any suggestions,currently looking at G S Voyager.
  18. froopenstein

    Shure se530 vs se545...sound quality

    getting se530' (wire damage) replaced with se535' ...hopefully better sound quality?
  19. fomoz

    portable headphone amp in a car (review)

    hello, i have a Pioneer head unit in my 2002 Sentra with stock speakers. it's an ancient deck, i had to get a P-BUS to 1/8" mini plug wire on eBay to allow an aux-in. i listen to electronic dance music. i've been using the aux-in connected to my Sansa Fuze via headphone out (at 100% volume)...

    well I wanted to do an Arrow vs. Voyager review, but buyers beware?

    well I wanted to do a comparison, but the Arrow amp I bought form Qonad in the sales forum never arrived? and he's quit responding to everbodys e-mails, which is forboding,  he started out with positive trader feedback? thats why I bought from him with confidence?  I paid for it on 1/17, and...
  21. JordanUK

    Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO 250Ω + Graham Slee Voyager

    Hi guys I have been looking at this set up for a while now after hearing rave reviews about both products, the amplifier and the headphones. I enjoy listening to music through my laptop and also from my Cowon player and iPhone. I feel that upgrading my standard headphones to a set up like this...
  22. SimH

    Ibasso P4 v Neco Soundlab V2 v Ray Samuels SR71A v Graham Slee Voyager - Head-Fi help again please!

    Help, please Head-Fi-ers!   Head-Fi came to my aid when I needed to dip a toe in the world of headphones - and the advice I got here was brilliant. I ended up with AD700s for awesome soundstage and detail, and Shure SRH750DJs for travel, bass and all-round brilliance. I am very happy.  ...
  23. theSC00BZ

    Next upgrade for canned listening pleasure (Grado SR325is)

    Hey Guys,   Earlier this year I decided to update my audio listening pleasure and buy the Grado SR325is with Graham Slee Voyager amp. Currently I'm running the following:   Apple Lossless > iPod(3g) > iBasso CB07 line out > Graham Slee Voyager > Grado SR325is   This has been my first...
  24. Ratix0

    Graham Slee Voyager's power source

    I've got a question about the different power source of the voyager. Does using different source affect how it sounds?   Im not sure if it is me hearing things or not, but somehow when I use it outside with my ER4P/S, especially the S, I find that it gives me more fatigue on both flat and...
  25. Ratix0

    Precautions to take when burning in an amp?

    Recently I have got my hands on a set of Graham Slee Voyager after hearing how well it sounded with my ER4P on flat, and Im even more amazed at how nice it sounded with the ER4S. I didn't really like the S due to a gigantic lack of bass, but on contour it gave a nice amount of bass, just the way...