1. Ch1Kn

    300$ headphone advice

    Please read entire post... I mainly listen to edm and rock. I currently have the shure 750dj looking for a can with more detailed and distinguished bass (better instrument seperation i believe?) Want more detailed the 750dj are a bit muddy all accross the spectrum imo (but this is what...
  2. pearljam50000

    Best USB DAC/amp for 250$ or less, D3 ,Dragonfly or something else?

    The question is in the title... I am also interested in the "Geek Out". Thanks for the help.
  3. chug

    Cheap dac

    There seems to be alot of these threads around from years ago, I'm not after one for headphones, its for a tablet car pc project, actually just for the subs.   Needs spdif coax in, and rca out, no amps and as cheap as possible. £30ish.   Cheers
  4. ricky641b


    Sorry Guyz I know their is already thread for Best DAC but my needs are different. I Want to Connect my Latest HDTV which has only Digital Optical Out to transfer sound & I have old Stereo Amplifier which only supports Analog Input . so i was making my mind to Buy DAC. i was looking on this...
  5. av2606

    Topping D3 (JUNE 2013 RELEASE) (DAC + Headphone Amp)

    The new topping D3 was released just 2 days ago. Can be purchased on ebay for $200 inc delivery. (run it through Google Translate)   I'm tempted to purchase it but there seems to be very little information at the moment as it's just 2 days old.  ...
  6. kskwerl

    My Fiio D3 hooked up to my ALO "The International" sounds better than the USB..

    So I got a Fiio D3 a while ago and never got around to hooking it up until now. My chain is Foobar WASAPI (event) -> optical ->Fiio D3 -> RCA to 3.5 -> ALO The International.   After all the time spent here and all the posts I still don't know too much but is it possible for the D3 to sound...
  7. Randius

    Fiio D3 / D5 Mini DACs

    Fiio had announced two new products - D3 and D5, at the Spring Headphone Festival 2011 in Japan. These DACs are pretty small in physical dimensions (from the picture, D3 may be just slightly bigger than the E5 amp). The D3 has optical and coaxial input and RCA output. It has a switch but I can't...
  8. cathy Fiio

    Customer reviews for D3 form Amazon

    Reprinted :   Hi. Just received this converter. Glad I found it before buying any other one. It has a superior look and finish compared to other similar...
  9. cathy Fiio

    Review for D3 from Amazon

    "This thing is definitely worth $200-300 IMO, made a noticeable and large improvement in the immediacy, depth and live-ness (if not alive-ness) of sound and thus it will stay in my system."     September 15, 2011  by M.M.Jackson  ...
  10. cathy Fiio

    Review for D3 from headfonics

    FiiO D3 DAC – It’s a Keeper ! By Donunus– September 19, 2011 " The FiiO D3 is a straightforward SPDIF DAC that takes coax and optical inputs and churns out RCA analog for a stupidly low price of $30."   Reprinted:  
  11. iamloco724

    Need Help With Fiio D3

    so i bought the fiio d3 cause i wanted sound from my ps3 through headphones i was also goign to use it for general tv use as well so i connected the optical on the tv to the optical on the d3 put the tv on mute cause i only wanna hear it through the headphones and i connect my rca y headphones...
  12. WakiDabeast

    How is the Fiio d3 d5 e6 e7 and pa2v2

    Can I use the DAC with my iphone, if so how would it affect the sound, is there a bass boost button? How about the e5 e6 e7 and pa2v2, how do they affect the sound, I would prefer it not too boost the mids anymore than the iphone does. I have a HD25-1 II, Shure se215, and M50 to be powered. I...
  13. nagual

    Live! 24Bit X Fiio D3 (DAC)

    As many people have already had a Live 24Bit, I thaught  it would be a good idea to compare it with a DAC in the same budget, in fact the cheaper one in the market, I think.  My  PC is an old Athlon,  tweaked to be as (EM) noiseless as I could get, connected through an optical cable  to an...
  14. radeonboy

    M-Audio BX5 D2 + Fiio D3 or NuForce Icon or onboard = No sound. What's going on??

    Hey guys (and gals),   First time post on Head-Fi and I have a puzzling situation. I have a Fiio D3 DAC that is going from optical TOSLINK to RCA and I run the RCA to my primary M-Audio CX5's and they are very loud in this setup.  I don't have to have any volume switch on the PC or monitor...
  15. dazzleng

    Fiio D3... this thing is TINY!... erm... tiny....

    Just received the dac in the post which was sent yesterday via, that was quick delivery since I only ordered around midnight on Monday!   Reading the reviews it was described as small but man this is seriously TINY!!! Maybe it's just me crossing over from speaker systems where a...
  16. Cieran

    Fiio D3 increase/ amplify volume?? Newbie question :)

    Hi all, quick question regarding this Fiio model.   I am pretty much a newbie to all things hi-fi and I am thinking of getting a D3 to connect my Sumvision Cyclone micro media player to my faily old TV. The Sumvision has a coaxial out and my TV only has RCA in so I was thinking of using the...
  17. iLikeJarJar

    Real world situations for when to use the FiiO D3?

    Can someone give me an example of how I would use it? Thanks!
  18. atl5

    Fiio D3 / Nuforce UDac-2 / Behringer UCA222

    I'm deciding on one of these 3 as a DAC.  Which one would sound the best for detail and soundstage.  Would pair it with a K.I.C.A.S. Caliente and a K702.  I like these 3 because they offer the RCA out, but was also considering the E10 as well which has a 3.5mm output. Let me know what you think...
  19. Saintkeat

    Fiio D3 DAC Review

    Hey,   I think some of you may be looking into getting a DAC to connect your speakers to your flat screen TV.   Here's my review on the Fiio D3 DAC, hopefully it'll help you find what you're looking for.   On a side...
  20. D

    Which type of cable to use? iPod/Nexus4>FiiO D3>Little Dot Mk1+

    I've been using a FiiO D3 DAC to stream from my Mac Pro to my "hi-fi" system (Rega RP-1> NAD PP3 > Adcom GFP-750 > Adcom GFA-555MkII > Acoustic Research AR-90s.)  I've been pleasantly surprised by that little $25 DAC, especially since I'm a cheap ass.    I picked up a Little Dot Mk1+ and I'm...
  21. Akilisk

    usb/optical out for fiio D3, and then for an headphones amp

    hi guys firstly, sorry if this thread isn't belong to here. this is my near future sound system PS3 -> Optical out -> Fiio D3 -> O2 amp or Fiio E11 -> Beyer DT990 pro or Ultrasone HFI 580 ( I've just ordered the Fiio d3, snd E11 this black friday, they will arrive soon.) but I want to use this...
  22. juldupp

    Need mid-sized dac+amp with equalizer

    Like the title says, mid-sized DAC+AMP with Equalizer OR Both separated   *Need an optical in and 6.3mm out* Wanna adjust hi-mid-lows on it, frequencies if possible. Headphones impedance is 50 ohms (sennheiser hd558) looking to pay ±300$   Thanks.
  23. ropeadope

    TV doesn't have a headphone jack :(

    Heya! I looked at all the forums and couldn't decide where to post this. This forum seems somewhat appropriate, but feel free to move it.   I got a fancy new TV only to found out there is no port for headphones. I'm a night owl so I can't have the TV on when everyone else in the house is...
  24. Kyle98750

    Fiio E10 or Fiio D3 paired with Behringer HA400 to power Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro?

    I want to power the Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro. Will a Fiio E10 Work or a Fiio D3 paired with a Behringer HA400? Which will sound better?
  25. pspnoob

    Noob needs your advise on BRAVO OCEAN

    Guys, I am a cheapie noobie rookie and just bought a Bravo Ocean Amp today.    I've tried it for couple of hours, since I am a rookie, I have no idea of how to use this little blue guy to get good sound.   Here are my questions:   PART A:   Do I need a DAC to connect to the Bravo...