300$ headphone advice
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Aug 29, 2012
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I mainly listen to edm and rock.
I currently have the shure 750dj
looking for a can with more detailed and distinguished bass (better instrument seperation i believe?)
Want more detailed the 750dj are a bit muddy all accross the spectrum imo (but this is what you get with budget headphones)
I currently own a 9v cmoy on opa1227  (obiously this is bottom line almost useless :p good for iems though)
Also own a fiio d3 
btw I do believe all GOOD dacs sound the same up until a thousand dollars (and i dont think its worth it at that point) so dont recommend me a dac
My BUDGET is around 300$ for (headphones) minus an amp (dont include an amp in the price), wondering if a 50$ sansui 5050 from kijiji would be good enough to power most cans resonably well
Oh id be willing to spend around 100$ on an amp btw
Oh also im thinking i really want a semi open or open can :)
Anyways, as always enjoy your music and thank you :)
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Read reviews from Ultrasone models and Denon D2000.
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Not sure why so many people have been recommending D2000's lately. They are well liked cans around here, but since they have been discontinued they are almost impossible to find new and people are charging a lot for used pairs b/c of demand. Used to be able to get them around $225 new on sale before they were discontinued. Now you will pay 300+ for a used pair. There are probably better new cans in $300-400 range that would be better buys. Plus OP wants open or semi-open. D2K's are closed.
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Maddog by Mr. Speakers is the best value in the game IMO. It's closed, isolates well, and fits your genre of music. They just understand a revision and sound incredibly good. Highly recommended. 
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sorry i posted other threads about this btw i asked about mad dogs but nobody said anything... so i figured i needed to make a plain thread, well i guess its mad dogs then
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There design is semi open, they have openings around the cups. There sound also backs this up sealed headphones don't have openings like that.

They are closed. Most closed headphones have some sort of small openings somewhere on the cups to allow a bit of airflow and improve bass response.
No question about it, the D2000 are most certainly closed headphones.
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I don't see any holes in the cups of the D2000, can you post some pics of what your talking about?
BTW, the 770 has holes in the cups.

Its not about what random people in these forums consider the D2000 to be its about the design principle Denon used to create the headphone and its a closed design. Its not up for debate.

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