1. Somnambulist

    Ultimate Hearing Protection Systems UK - SoundEar Pro 3 – new UK custom IEMs!

      Intro: As many of us in the UK are all too aware, our options are pretty limited when it comes to custom IEMs designed, manufactured and sold in our own country.  There’s ACS and Minerva (if there’s any others I’m not aware), and from there it’s a case of dealing with shipping impressions...
  2. Langrath

    Your biggest headphones dissappointment?

    Sometimes I have bought headphones that were a big disappointment. I had expected better. My biggest disappointment until now was Sennheiser PX200. How could Sennheiser produce headphones nearly totally clean from bass? What is your biggest disappointment of headphones? Georg
  3. Rollk2

    EM32, EarSonics new flagship ?

    After 10 years R&D EarSonics released during the summer the EM32, 3 transducers 3 ways, nothing more. Very curious about it and owner of EM4 then EM6 (thanks upgrade ;) ) I decided few weeks ago to buy them. I'm not the only one to do this, that's why we decided to do a review together, which...
  4. Joe Bloggs

    Do replaceable cables work?

    Many people say that the cables on their IEMs die like flies, so they want or use IEMs with replaceable cables.  My experience is the opposite: I've never had a pair of headphones fail at the cables, IEM or otherwise, except by extreme abuse not induced by me (e.g. pulling the jack off tight...
  5. average_joe

    Hidition NT-6 Custom IEM Review: The Ultimate Reference?

    Hidition NT-6 Custom IEM Review: The Ultimate Reference?     Hidition, located in Korea, has been making custom IEMs for quite some time but recently just revamped their lineup and website.  Their products are primarily sold through stores in Korea, but they are now selling...
  6. average_joe

    Review: Spiral Ear SE 5-way Reference - A new level of resolution? (Review posted 5/15/12)

    Spiral Ear SE 5-Way Reference Review - A New Level of Resolution? (posted May 15th, 2012)     Always on the lookout for new custom IEMs, I read about Spiral Ear and many good things from many people.  I sent an email to Grzegorz, the friendly and very knowledgeable owner of Spiral Ear, who...
  7. blur510

    Customs that best matches the LCD2

    I have a reshelled TF10 which I like a lot, but since I got my LCD2, I am liking the sound a lot.  Now I am looking for a set of customs that will produce the same'is sound as an LCD2. thanks
  8. shigzeo

    [Review] Earsonics SM3 - 2010's Star Child

    Click here for Earsonics SM3 in Review: 2010's Star Child pictures and full review.   I've had the SM3 for... 2,5 months, so this review is not only late, but comes holding the hand of experience AND enthusiasm.   The bottom line: the SM3 is well-worth it. It sounds great, is easy to...
  9. knopi

    The most ideal headphones for voices?

    I am interesting what is the most ideal headphones from your experience for voices/vocals no matter how much is it. I am looking for headphones which have voices so (present, alive) that you feel you want even touch on it. I will not write my horses for now which I found to be acceptable.
  10. zdkaiser

    Question about Customs... Need advice from experienced owners...

    I am thinking about plunging into the world of custom IEMs. The type of sound I like is mellow, yet detailed, with a bit of a good bass punch. Something along the lines of Senn HD650s or Shure se530 (but a little more treble than the Shures). What do you all suggest with a similar sound...
  11. Trillian

    Enyo VS Lune VS TWag VS ES2 Cables?

    im looking for a replacement cable for my stock TF10s. IMHO,the stock cables are so stiff and terrible.
  12. average_joe

    Multi-Custom In-Ear Monitor Review, Resource, Mfg List & Discussion (Check first post for review links & information)

    This is the custom in-ear monitor (CIEM) resource thread with a collection of review summaries for many of many CIEMs with links to full reviews as well as quite a bit of information.  I complied this resource since CIEMs have poor resale value and I could not find a resource that compared more...
  13. average_joe

    Earsonics SM3 Appreciation Thread - Third Time is a Charm?

    Here is my original SM3 thread.  It was locked due to arguing.     My comparisons     My ear tip chart - MC triple flange tips can be purchased here     Review by SolidVictory   Here is the second SM3 thread.  It was locked due to arguing.   Here is a review by shigzeo on...
  14. kendric

    EM3-Pro or JH16-Pro or UM-Miracle???

    Hi Fellow Head-Fiers, I have been browsing through the forums on various info about the few renown custom models from various brands. And it led me to this three = EM3-Pro / JH16-Pro / UM Miracle.   I am currently using Monster MD, So Custom-wise, wouldn't want something as dry as JH13, Has...
  15. gorman

    Lost my UE-10 Pro, now deciding between ACS T1 and Earsonics EM3Pro

    On Tuesday I lost my beloved UE-10 Pro. Close to six years of service... shame on me.   After some reading and investigation, I've restricted the spectrum of choices to the two models in the title.   The reason being that I don't want to deal with cross-continent shipping and customs. UK...
  16. average_joe

    Fabs-fabulous earphones® Review - fabulously balanced custom IEMs

      Fabs-fabulous earphones® Review fabulous balance from Germany   Fabs-fabulous earphones®(Fabs) (462 € without taxes, 550 € with taxes ~ $646) mark my third custom with my first two, the Earsonics EM3 Pro and Ear Power EP-10 Plus both being stage monitors.  The Fabs has a different...
  17. average_joe

    Comparison Review - Earsonics SM3 vs. Earsonics EM3 Pro vs. Earpower EP-10 Plus vs. Audeze LCD-2 vs. Beyerdynamic Tesla T1

      Headphone vs. Custom (vs. Universal): Tesla T1 vs. LCD-2 vs. EM3 Pro vs. EP-10 Plus vs. SM3     I have owned many many high end universal IEMs at one point or another, but then the SM3 changed everything for me.  To me, they were better than all the other universals.  That was the...
  18. Guidostrunk

    Dap with best SQ. I know another thread for best DAP.

    I'm in search for Sound quality, well top of the line sound quality from a portable DAP. I have been leaning towards an RWA I-mod for best possible sound but open to suggestions from my fellow head-fiers. I'm currently in possesion of a Pico slim for amplification and will be using the Em3 pro's...
  19. motie

    Comparison of Future Sonics Atrio and EM3?

    I own a pair of Future Sonics EM3 phones. I love them and think their bass is a thing of beauty. I also own a pair of NuForce NE-7M phones. Their bass is nice, too, but it's not as smooth as that of the EM3 by any means.   My EM3s are getting long in the tooth (I've already repaired the left...
  20. fomoz

    looking to buy IEM's between $300-$1100 within the next 1-3 months

    hello!   i have hidden certain parts of this post to avoid tl;dr :)   first, if u would like to suggest Westone 3 or Shure SE535, please read the backstory (#1). if not, feel free to skip it.   the reason for the wide budget is because i've also been looking at the full-size Hifiman...
  21. Bertelsen

    My triplefi`s just broke, need new IEMS.

    Hi! My TripleFi`s just broke, after two years of use.  So now i`m out for something new, my IEM-use have changed during these years, i`m problably using them for an hour a day, and not three or four like I did before.    So i`m thinking on buying some cheap ones, been thinking on the...
  22. Zeo


    Dear all, Being a music addict, I'm very interested in in-ear monitors. Everything started with sennheiser IE and CX series, moving to Westone ES2, and some UE. Well, I think that a brand is higly missing in all your comparative : Earsonics. Not to be rude, but the earsonic touch...
  23. Jimmy6

    Earsonics EM3PRO vs ACS T1

    Hi all   I'm just helping out a buddy, as he torn between choosing between these two top custom earphones   I myself have the SM3, and can't hardly recommend anything better than the em3's should they sound better than the SM3's He's had a listen to my SM3's and was blown away by the...
  24. GuyDebord

    AGAINST JH/UE DRIVER WARS: A First view of EarSonics EM3-Pro Customs

    Im planning to write a review for the EM3-Pro's but it will take a month or possibly more. I am waiting for the pico slim (i have the alo rx and iqube) and the TWag cable, these customs are sensible, thus I want to take time to better describe their changes to amping and cabling. What follows...
  25. shigzeo

    Earsonics EM3Pro Impressions and Review thread

      I've just completed a review of the great Earsonics SM3, a professional universal monitor and would like to opine briefly about their well-fed, expensive brother, the EM3Pro. I have a preview of the EM3Pro here with pictures (I hate to give Huddler asset rights to my flickr account).  ...