1. 3stun

    Titanium HD vs. X-Fi Gamer + $250 DAC ?

    Hi guys, need your advice regarding soundcard upgrade. For now I have X-Fi Xtreme Gamer and use it primarily for headphone gaming, so CMSS Headphone is the most important for me. Music is secondary purpose, also through headphones. Which option would be better: 1) replacing my card with X-Fi...
  2. fluidz

    Full Range Speakers Option in Sound Properties (Win) - Is yours checked?

    For a long time since using an external Usb Dac with my He-500 headphones I have left this option unticked, it was unticked by default so I just left it.  I have since read around the net that most recommend it being ticked with headphones, I'm not sure if placebo is playing a role here, but the...
  3. sterling1

    Airport Express?

    Right now, I have my laptop connected to an X-FI HD via USB cable. From  there the signal is converted to optical S/PDIF and sent to my Home Theatre Pre/Pro at 24/96 via Toslink cable. This is how I enjoy iTunes library  on my laptop through my home stereo system. At any rate, my wife does not...
  4. azazell86

    REVIEW: Burson DA-160 vs Asus Essence One vs Creative X-Fi Titanium HD

    My review will certanly raise a few eyebrows (how can I compare a 900 Euros DAC with a 150 Euros sound card? :) ), but I'm hoping it could also provide the necessary info for the Head-fiers that are looking at at least 1 of these products. My audition Set-Up is: Foobar 2k -> FLAC -> ASIO or...
  5. jayextreme

    Help me choose an amp, I'm using Creative X-Fi Elite Pro soundcard as DAC and HD600 headphones

    Dear all,   This will be my first post here, although I've been a lurker for a very long time! Please forgive if I accidently offend any rule.   As the title suggested, I'm looking for a decent amp to couple with my HD600/Elite pro set up. I understand that may people look down on...
  6. AndroidVageta

    Prevent Windows from changing audio settings?

    So I have audio going from the HDMI on my video card (HD 7970) and from a USB sound card (Creative X-Fi USB). I use the HDMI to my receiver for surround sound (5.1) and the Creative for my headphones/small speakers. Problem I'm having is that if I switch between them or restart my computer...
  7. scorpinot

    Creative X-Fi Titanium HD Sound Card - Positional Audio?

    Just got the card and my ad 700s and was wondering if I should change anything in the mixer or any other settings so footsteps and sounds like the smokers cough (Left 4 Dead 2 :D) are more prominent, and shooting bullets isn't as loud. Also, should I change the audio settings ingame to...
  8. ZtrydR


  9. tom2011

    asus xonar vs creative x-fi

    what is better in sound quality   pepole  say xonar sound quality awful
  10. Hovis

    Wondering about creative x-fi xtreme gamer capabilities?

    Hey everyone,   May as well throw this in here: TL;DR Will an X-Fi Xtremegamer drive the (impedance) 150ohm pc350s?   Since i'm finishing my last ever school exam everever next week and have a lovely summer holiday to look forward to I was thinking of getting some gaming gear. Now before...
  11. RPGWiZaRD

    I've concidered getting a Creative X-Fi Titanium HD but...

    This card seems to only process stereo signals and have no discrete 5.1 channel support it seems simply looking at the outputs. I use a custom Dolby headphone config on foobar2000 that I love so much but I wonder if I need a soundcard with discrete 5.1 support to get the maximum out of the Dolby...
  12. VandaL4125

    Asus Xonar Essence STX Vs. Creative X-Fi Titanium HD

    I'm torn between these two soundcards. I'd like to upgrade my PC's current on-board soundcard to one of these cards as from what I gather they are the best around.   My current setup is a Astro 5.8 Wireless Mixamp + Sennheiser PC 360s which work for both my xbox and PC for gaming. I use the...
  13. Nitrius

    Creative X-FI audio modes difference?

    I've had X-FI Xtrememusic for about 5 years now, a card that has been functioning very nicely for me, though there has been a few things i've never really fully understood or used, and since i've just ordered a X-FI Titanium HD, i would hope some of the stuff could be cleared up. Anyway, my...
  14. Nitrius

    Creative X-FI Titanium HD picking up mobile signals?

    So just found out that my new X-FI Titanium HD picks up some weird mobile signal from my phone(old SE k610i), heard it first earlier today, but didn't know what it was, but then i heard it again just a few mins ago, and i started to try to reproduce it. And i did it by pointing the one side of...
  15. th3hate

    Fiio E7 or Creative X-Fi Pro usb for Sennheiser HD 518?

    Hello,   A bought a new pair of Sennheiser's HD 518 recently, and my laptop's on-board audio quality is not satisfying by all means. So i'm looking for ways to make it sound better.   Today while browsing some local store i found i good deal on "Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1...
  16. th3hate

    Fiio E7 or Creative X-Fi Pro usb for Sennheiser HD 518?

      Hello,   A bought a new pair of Sennheiser's HD 518 recently, and my laptop's on-board audio quality is not satisfying by all means. So i'm looking for ways to make it sound better.   Today while browsing some local store i found i good deal on "Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi...
  17. schirpich

    Creative X-Fi Platinum - Next Step?

    Years ago I received a Creative X-Fi Platinum for as a Christmas gift.  It's lasted with me very well and have over all been very happy with it.    The Platinum version comes with a internal 5 1/4 bay module for various outputs.  The thing that I loved about this was the front headphone/mic...
  18. transcience

    AD900 or AD700 to go with Creative X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro USB soundcard

    Hi, new to Head-Fi here. I'm getting my first "serious" cans pretty soon. Right now it's a toss-up between the AD700 and the AD900. I know that the Creative X-Fi external USB would be enough to drive the AD700, since it doesn't require a lot of power. But what about the AD900?  I will have to...
  19. 7nationarmy

    Creative Zen X-Fi any good?

    Title says it all. Opinions please :)
  20. Gallade475

    Creative X-FI HD or Fiio E9+E7

    I'm caught in the unpleasant position of not knowing which dac+amp to get. I love the fact that the Creative card has 3 inputs and outputs, and have also heard that the SQ is up there with the Asus Xonar essence, but does that mean it is better than the e9+e7 in sound quality?Also, does the X-FI...
  21. TyTB

    My CreAtive X-Fi Titanium Fatality Champion Series sound card produces a deafening high-pitched sound with headphones. Help?

    Hey all,   For Christmas, I got the Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatality Champion series sound blaster for my computer:   While the speaker sound quality has increased, headphones are basically...
  22. Zadok

    Weird problem when connecting my Creek OBH-11 to my Creative X-fi card [Update: Just the X-fi is acting up]

    Let me clarify a few things before I begin. What I am trying to accomplish is this setup: Creative X-fi Fatal1ty -> Creek OBH-11 -> Sennheiser HD 580   Every component of my computer setup works perfectly while not in that exact formation. As in)   1- The sound card sounds fine when the...
  23. freitz

    Creative X-fi Titanium HD vs Modi Help (Also Desktop AMP suggestions)

    I currently have a Creative X-fi Titanium HD, Fiio E11, and AKG K550. Now the fiio is great when traveling I am tired of changing the battery for normal use.    What would be a good amp around 100$   I...
  24. S3pHiroTh

    Changing op-amps on Creative X-fi Titanium HD

    Hello, I have recently bought an X-fi Titanium HD, after I have listen some music and play some films I found that the sound is a bit "metallic", so I would change the op-amps for listen a better sound. I use this card with a pair of Sennheiser HD558.   Can anybody help me to choose the...
  25. chewynuts

    Creative X-Fi Titanium HD Software Switch to select between 3.5mm & RCA outputs

    Has the latest release of the Soundblaster software finally introduced a software switch which enables you to select between the 3.5mm and RCA outputs? The last I heard, there was absolutely NO way to switch between outputs when both were plugged in; the RCA would automatically mute when the...