1. JamestheRipper

    Headphones. $400 budget. Help please :)

    Hey, I am currently using an unamped cowon s9 and some um3x with large oval single flange klipsh tips. I ADORE my current set up, but im looking to get some decent headphones for practicallity - they will probably be used for both home use and on the go. i still havent decided if i want an...
  2. radiohead7

    Cowan S9 and a Portable Amp Your Thoughts

      I was wondering if it is worth it to amp a Cowan S9. I thought i heard in the past it might not be worth it. I have a pair of Fischer Audio Db-02 coming soon. I was looking at Ibasso or RSA......i like the dac on the ibasso better and the optical output.
  3. DLRStudio

    Cowon S9 vs. J3

    I'm deciding between the 32G J3 and S9. Is there a noticeable difference is SQ? Any other important differences? I've heard some say they were disappointed in the SQ of the S9 compared to other Cowon models. The touch screen/video capabilities aren't a big deal to me.   Thanks, D    ...
  4. techenvy

    iriver help

    i am so super tired of my itouch with preset eq,, if it had a 7 band eq i would be more than fine with it( could also really use a volume wheel pot  or any other pot for that matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)   i have been wanting to try the cowon s9 specifically because of its eq( iforget how many...
  5. M

    Distortion on Massive Attack's Angel : recording or system ?

    Hello,   I've noticed a bit of distortion on Massive Attack's Angel with my current setup : S9 + ESW10 (no EQ, stock cable). It manifests itself as soon as the bass starts to fill in and sounds like a very faint buzz in the upper bass / lower mids frequencies.   I tried to know if by...
  6. deeman101

    EQs for cowon s9

    I just wanted to know which EQ setting others are using for their s9s. I switch between Viva 2 and BBE headphone 3, depending on the bass thats on the track. But if someone knows or made an EQ with similar bass and more forward mids and highs, like Rock, I'd like to know.
  7. Covenant

    Cowon S9 Vs iRiver E10: A comparative review

    Introduction The Cowon S9 has been on the block for a little while now, but there have been few reports as to how it performs from a sound quality perspective. While the iPod Touch is a more direct competitor for the S9 in terms of design and features, I wanted to evaluate the S9 on a purely SQ...
  8. budgetboy

    Cowon S9 + Sennheiser IE8 = bliss

    I have had this setup for portable and home use for a few months now, and am always impressed by the audio quality.   But I have to say that tonight, listening to markus schulz' new album encoded in flac on my s9 through my ie8s, i was completely blown away. You know when you are completely...
  9. High_Q

    Cowon s9 FLAC or Sony x series 320kbps

    What do you guys think is better quality sound?  Do you think S9's FLAC capability is an upgrade from 320kbs sound outputted by Sony X series? 
  10. Specman

    Recharging adapter for the J3

    Is the DVE (DSA-51U-05 adapter suitable for charging the J3 as it is for the S9? I've used it twice and the battery life seems to have been lowered, but I could be wrong.... do I really have to charge this with the computer every time?
  11. Kayito-san

    Ordered Cowon S9

    I just bought a Cowon S9 from B&H Photo, fairly good price at $286.61 CDN including shipping. 15 day money-back guarantee, so I have that reassurance if it turns out to be a knock-off. But I'm still kind of anxious. Did I get a good deal? How does the Cowon compare to running from my MacBook...
  12. JTVD78

    What PMP should I get?

    Right now, I have the iPod touch 16gb 1G. I really like it, but I don't like how I have to use apple lossless, and that the iPod is centered around iTunes. There are so many players out there, and I'm new to all this audio stuff. However, I do like how the iPod has a huge touch screen and tons...
  13. Tom45282003

    cowon s9 compared to sansa ciip rockbox

    I have a sansa clip rockbox and a westone 3 headphones is the sound quality of the sansa clip on rockbox the same as the cowon s9    what makes the cowon s9 any different is it the EQ settings, but does it sound better even if you don't use the EQ settings,    I mean your comparing a 200...
  14. DLRStudio

    Switch from iPod Touch to Sony S545

    I haven't been here in a long time, probably over a year. I remember from last time I was reading the threads regularly that many people think that other sources have much better sq than iPods. I was happy with mine so I never checked anything else out. I do have a lot of apps on it, and use it...
  15. LJN

    My new Cowon S9 have FW 4.30 and I want to replace it with 2.52, but how?

    I get my new Cowon S9 today and it have a Norwegian special FW 4.30 !!! I try to load the FW 2.52 but it dont starts?   I also make a complete formating of the device and after that copy over the 2.52 files. But no action, and the 4.30 version loaded as normal?   Any tips?   /Lennart
  16. jfindon

    Need a new player

    Well, turns out my Zune 80 doesn't cope well with my workout anger when the stupid ass thing freezes playing music.  Now it's stuck in player recovery mode.   So, I need a new player.  I was thinking one of those new Cowons but now I don't remember what the newest versions are.  I don't want...
  17. jjsoviet

    Dedicated DAC Recommendations ($150)

    Hello once again, guys. Currently, I am in search of a good DAC to supplement my current home rig, which involves a Little Dot MKIII and M-Audio AV30 speakers. From my laptop's headphone-out, the sound is noticeably muddier and less lively even compared to my Cowon S9. So, can you help me?  ...
  18. Vergex2

    DAP to use as a DAC via Line Out

    Sorry for the repost.. I'm not getting any replies and I do need to make a purchasing decision soon. Considering my needs, I'm not precisely which part of the forum this should go to anyway. Anyhow, enough with the excuses:   I currently have a Cowon S9, Mini^3 and ES10. I tried running it...
  19. Benchia001

    Cowon s9 vs creative zen x-fi2

    Hi, this is my first post and I would like to ask about the difference in sound quality between the to players I stated in the thread name. I currently own a iPod touch 2nd gen 16gb. However, I am rather Displeased with the sound quality. I m also a metal fan. My fav song is waking the demon by...
  20. High_Q

    Samsung P3 or Cowon S9

    Which do you guys prefer for FLAC files?
  21. Cowon S9 16 GB Video MP3 Player with Touchscreen (Chrome/Black)

    Cowon S9 16 GB Video MP3 Player with Touchscreen (Chrome/Black)