1. bareyb

    Most POWERFUL DAC/Amp all-in-one?

    Looking for the most powerful DAC/Amp "all-in-one". Any suggestions? So far it's looking like the Burson Conductor but that bad boy costs $1,850.00.... Hopefully something as powerful but not as expensive? Under $1200.00? 
  2. bluzeboy

    amp & headphone advice?

    I have A CEntrance DACmini CX & Sennheiser HD 600 I'M looking to upgrade not downgrade the sound I would like to know what the options are thanks     or should i just upgrade my headphones?                
  3. Armaegis

    [mini shootout] Desktop amping solutions for the HE-6: Nuforce Icon2, STA-100, and CEntrance DacMini PX

        It's no secret that those seeking to amp the HiFiMAN HE-6 will veer towards speaker amps. However, it seems the more recent trends have been moving towards beastly current driven 100W monstrosities. That's cool, I've got no problems with that. I've played around with my fair share of...
  4. roker

    M-Stage & MS II+ vs CEntrance Dacmini

    After weeks of indecision, I've narrowed it down to these two setups.     I like the flexibility of the Dacmini, but I also love what I hear about the M-Stage amp.   I'm interested in good bass extension and crystal clear highs (I'm more of a musical guy than a neutral person)  ...
  5. roker

    The CEntrance DACmini Unboxing thread (video)

    Totally ridiculous and unnecessary.  I bring to you my CEntrance DACmini unboxing video.  I usually say this is pointless but I find my self looking for them on youtube all the time. I noticed there were barely any CEntrance DACmini vids in general and thought I'd give it a stab.  Now I know it...
  6. scottv50

    CEntrance DACmini vs Burson HA-160DS

    I know the Burson HA-160DS is only new to market, but given it contains the same DAC and head amp as the 160D I thought it should be easy to draw a conclusion on the DACmini vs the 160DS. This will be used from a MacBook Pro to HD650's. BTW I already have the DACport and like the sound...
  7. johnzz4

    Audez'e LCD-2 Rev 2 with CEntrance DACmini vs. NuForce HDP

    I've been running the NuForce HDP for a couple weeks now with my LCD-2's, and enjoyed the sound, but assumed a higher end DAC / amp combo would give me more.  Well, I received the CEntrance DACmini today and after a couple hours of A/B switching between the two amps, the DACmini is going back. ...
  8. trotoir

    CEntrance DACmini PX impressions?

    Hi Head-fi   Has anyone had the fortune to experience this new kid on the block, I wonder if bests the the Burson HA 160d or the Lehmann BCL usb?   Any impressions of the CEntrance would be welcomed.   I am dac/amp pest at the moment but I haven't got money to burn.    
  9. baojie

    ed9 is good match with Audiolab M-dac or centrance dacmini ?

     the price is almost same , im connect with laptop ,or anyone have new suggestion ?  thx
  10. bclark8923

    AMP/DAC for LCD-2

    Hello All,   I'm planning on picking up an LCD-2 soon but was wondering what would a good AMP/DAC Combo be for it <$1000.  I currently have the Schiit Magni/Modi but heard that may not be enough to power it. Would Bifrost/Asgard, Valhalla or Lyr be a good match? Or would you reccommend...
  11. PTom

    Head Fi's Favourite Amp for the Audeze LCD 2: $200-$1000 [POLL]

    Votes for Other Amps    - ALO Audio Pan Am: 3  - Bottlehead S.E.X.: 1 - Darkvoice 336SE: 1 - Schiit Asgard 2: 1 - Woo Audio WA7: 1   -----------------------------   I thought it would be fun/informative to see which amps are the most loved among the Head Fi community for driving the...
  12. IV10K

    A1/T1 And CEntrance DACmini

    Hello, I've packed my self with A1/T1 And DACmini. How to drive? DACMini-> RCA Out ->A1 -> Headphone? Thanks
  13. ashishkushwaha

    DAC/Amp suggestions needed - All details included !!!!

    Hi All,   This is a both Headphone AMP as well as a DAC recommendation thread. I will start with all the details first:   Current Headphones - Beyerdynamic DT 990 (600 ohm) Music I listen to - Trance (lots of trance), New Age, instrumentals, chillout Current monitors - Swan t200b...
  14. johnnybrick

    RSA Intruder or HiFi-M8 for CIEM

    It appears my decision making just got a whole lot more difficult, so I though I'd better consult with the experts! Keep in-mind that I have very little experience with portable HP amps and zero experience with other RSA and HiFi products. I will add that I like to single unit DAC/amp...
  15. Raygun82

    DACmini hook up from computer and iPhone 4S. I'm new to this and need help...

    First off, I am new to the forums here at head-fi. I have been reading this forum for weeks now and due to the excellent contribution and opinions of the members here I have finally purchased what I think is a decent setup. The HE-500's with the DACmini. Now, I listen to all of my music via 2...
  16. eyal1983

    700$ decision: Yulong D100 + JDS Labs C421 / OR / Centrance DACmini ? /or/ AGD NFB 5.2

    Right now, i'm using Fiio E17 as a DAC, and cMoy as its AMP. looking to upgrade ... don't care about portability. but still need compatibility with IEM's.   Heard that the D100 has a great DAC chip. question is, might it be better than the DAC on DACmini ? and will the AMP of the...
  17. danielhfchung

    HE-500 vs HD650 with different budget setup

    hi guys is this my very first post on head if and i would like to get some solid response to help decide with which combo to go.  Well currently I'm starting this build with zero nothing.zip.  I need headphone, amp, dac, maybe some balanced cable if i choose that route.  I'm located in Hong Kong...
  18. johnman1116

    Recommendations for a specific purpose

    Let me keep this simple and sweet. I have a LED monitor with no speakers, a PS3 with hdmi and optical out and no way to get sound from the ps to my ears. What can I do?   I dont really want to buy more amps and/or dacs but im not really sure if that is an option. Something like the...
  19. IV10K

    What's missing In this rig to Impress ?

    Hey Everyone, I'm a novice to audiophile and I'm trying to get a nice sound after all ^^ Current Rig: Headphones : T1/ED8 Dac/AMP : DacMini Source: MBPro   Genres: Trance/GeoTrance/Rock   I have made a to buy list but I need your advice on it or If there's something can add...
  20. Raines

    choose dac and headphone amp desktop

    Hi guys     been thinking of DAC + headphone AMP:D     short list     audiolab M-dac   SChiit bitfrost + asgard    - i read something about a HUMMMM problem?     any other better option than these?   thanks
  21. Prydazor

    Best Headphones+DAC setup 2000USD

    Hello!   So Ive currently had a Argon HA2 DAC + Denon AH-D2000 setup for the last 2 years, and therefore looking for an upgrade.  I do not, unfortunaly, have any knowledge about headfi so I would like to get some help! My budget is max 2000 bucks and I do not mind buying used gear. ...
  22. pontusj

    Looking for the portable Amp/dac for my LCD-2

    Will use it for travel (in the hotel room etc). No walking streets or running or so.., not sure mostly due to the size/weight and isolation or the mere strange apearance wearing them :-) They are pretty ugly on the head!     find this with the digital iPad/iPhone interface very...
  23. jude

    Product Sneak Peaks, CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) - Head-Fi TV, Episode 013

    NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     There are many new products being introduced and launched at CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) on October 14, 15 and 16, 2011. In this episode of Head-Fi TV, we take a sneak peak of some of...
  24. Lumify

    Help me find a realistic amp for $800 or less

    I'm returning my defective La Figaro 339, and I'm looking for a new amp.     I listen to all music. If I don't listen to it, I want to find it and listen to it. I'm currently using a Fiio E7 as a dedicated DAC, with Sennheiser HD650s. However, I plan to upgrade both soon...
  25. deniall83

    Looking for new DAC, suggestions please...

    Want to get a new DAC for my computer rig and i'm on a budget of $800 max. I had a look at the CEntrance DACmini and the Nuforce Icon HD and I was hoping I could get some more suggestions. It doesn't have to be portable but I don't want it to be huge either. Any suggestions?