1. speakers

    Portable, good looking headphone, good clarity and imaging with non muddy bass. £150-200

    After a good pair of portable on ears, i like precise music but i do like bass also but not muddy bass.   What can you suggest?
  2. speakers

    p5 v p7 v mdr1 v vmoda 100 v m50 v momentum. Which one?

    What are the pros and cons? Maybe the mdr?
  3. nixonexe

    Best headphones for under $350 give or take some.

    Hello, i'm new to Head-Fi and i'm looking for the best headphones for me for around $300 or so. I thought this would be the best place for me to start. I listen to almost all genres. Country, Alternitive, EDM, House, Dubstep, Trancestep, Rap/Hip Hop, smooth jazz, classical. You name it. I like...
  4. moot11

    Audio-GD NFB-15.32 and B&W P7

    Hi everyone,    I have the following headphones below that I use for for my office (i.e. closed) and would like to know if the 15.32 will benefit my headphones.    Please let me know if you think this will be a good purchase. I may also by HiFiMan He-400 some day Thanks!     Music...
  5. Royalorgans

    Focal Spirit Classic vs Focal Spirit Professional Vs Bowers & Wilkins P7

    HI all, I listen to many different genere of music (mostly classical). I play keyboard and organ also. which pair of phones do you think would give you the most detail mid range clearness and highs.
  6. MetalElvis

    B&W P7 vs NAD VISO HP50

    Looking for the best closed over the ear headphones and I´ve narrowed it down to these contenders.   What are your opinions? Which one should have the title?   I know Tyll loves the NAD VISO HP50, so I´m the most interested in that one and the RoomFeel feature interests me ´cause I´m also a...
  7. Sonido

    KEF M500 vs Bowers & Wilkins P7

    Hi everyone,   I've been in the market for some portable headphones, and I have been especially eying these two. First, I'd like to share some background about my subjective tastes. I'm not a big fan of mid-bass. I love sub-bass rumble, but in my experience mid-bass tends to drown out midrange...
  8. nimano45

    Sennheiser Momentum vs Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) P7

    I have the V-Moda M-100's, but I want another headphone with a different sound, but not overwhelmingly different. The two I have picked out are the Sennheiser Momentum's and the B&W P7. I have a little over-average sized ears (6-7 cm, 2,4-2,8 inches long) and I wonder if there is a big...
  9. CapturedSociety

    Captured Society Review- Bowers and Wilkins P7

    Look what just arrived :)   Currently unboxing them, and I will upload both a first impressions review, and then in a week, a final review!
  10. T

    Fiio amp with Neutron Crossfeed settings

    Hey guys,   I've got a quick question. I tried searching the forum and found a few posts about if people use corssfeed and don't use crossfeed but nothing really about how the settings effect the music. I've tried playing around with the crossfeed in Neutron with my note 3 hooked up to a Fiio...
  11. transientexpat

    Recommendations for both open and closed headphones. HD-650 vs HE-500/460i & B&W P7 vs NAD HP50, etc.

    Hi everyone,   Long time stalker, first time posting.   I'm looking for some advice for a few diff options please for both open and closed cans, both full sized, over ear. Apologize for noob terminology - still learning. Found this posting format sensible (with the required info from reddit...
  12. DSchwartz88

    Good non-leaking over ear headphones for office use (~$400)

    I've taken a look around all the old threads here asking kind of the same thing, but after reading them, am opening up my own thread anyways (because of price differences, new headphones released, etc.).   I'm looking for recommendations for non-leaking headphones for office use. We have an...
  13. daanh

    Looking for headphones for alternative rock

    Hi! I currently own a Galaxy S3, Fiio E07K headphone amp (digitally connected) and a Denon AHD-1100.    I listen to a lot of Alternative Rock, and that is generally not the best recorded/mastered music on this planet. ;) I like how the Denon 1100 is very warm and forgiving on a lot of music. I...
  14. xriddler

    Need Help with first Open Headphone recommendations

    I've always been using closed back headphones. My first serious pair is the recent B&W p7. I would like to get into Open headphones too and was wondering is there any cans that are similar to the p7s? I currently do not have a setup but of course thats something I'd love to get around to in the...
  15. phillyd

    Spent the day listening to various headphones around town. 10 cans tested

    So today I had the opportunity to take my iBasso D-Zero and test out a bunch of headphones. I went to the Apple store, Guitar Center and a Best Buy mobile. I'll probably go by best buy and try as many as possible there tomorrow. I tried out: Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro 250 Ohm Monster DNA on-ear...
  16. Earbones

    B&W P7 for free VS Sennheiser HD700 for $50

    Oops, sorry, I'll post this in the help section...
  17. nboyer

    MINI REVIEW: B&W P7 vs. B&O H6

    Hello folks.  I've not seen too many direct comparisons between the Bang & Olufsen H6 and Bowers & Wilkens P7 headphones, so I thought that I'd provide some observations in the event others are contemplating between the two.  I currently have the PSB M4U 2 and B&W C5.  I wanted a new pair that I...
  18. matvkeulen

    Bowers & Wilkins C5 or P7

    I have been lurking for some time and decided it is time to ask my question. I am looking for a new headphone. I allready listened to the Beoplay H6 and B&W P7, P5 and P3. I really liked the sound of the P7. I am not an audiofile, i just love how the P7 plays music. Vocals sound very close by...
  19. SomeRandomDude

    Shure SE535 vs Bowers & Wilkins P7

    I'm not a bass-head by any means so detail is a priority for me. The fact that the se535 are more portable is a big bonus for me but also don't want to sacrifice sound quality. Also, since I will be listening in places like the library I really don't want any sound leakage.    Thanks 
  20. Bowers & Wilkins P7

    Bowers & Wilkins P7

    The Bowers & Wilkins P7 over-ear headphone, the new flagship from Bowers & Wilkins. Has speaker inspired driver-units, great design and comfort, yet still portable. Crafted from leather, stainless steel and brushed aluminium. Technical features: - Dynamic driver - Nylon damped diaphragm - CCAW...