1. weissshay

    B&W P7 My personal Review and Impression

    Hello Headphones Forum I wish to start by telling my background short as I can. I conceder myself Audiophile since the 90's when I worked in Hi Fi store that my father owned it made me 'addicted to sound'. Headphones 'addiction' came only in the year 2000 till then I was into...
  2. unagimiyagi

    B&W p7 --anything I can do to increase comfort at the top of my head? If not, Which comfy headphone sounds most similar?

    Hi guys,   I think I have an unusually long head, because the vertex of my head (where people start going bald first) requires that headphone bands be stretched out to max.  Even then it's just a little too short.  I've found this to be the case on every pair of headphones that I own, and...
  3. JMRmat95

    AKG K495 Bowers & Wilkins p7 & Klipsch Status Headphones.

    I recently decided to buy a pair of new headphones as i'm not a student anymore and have a bit of cash to spend.      I had narrowed it down to the Bowers & Wilkins p7's after looking around everywhere for headphones on the internet and i was quite happy with what i heard and the price.  I...
  4. nipponbiki

    Want to upgrade from Shure 535

    Hello,   I would like a full-size set of cans that would be an upgrade from my Shure 535. When I say upgrade, really the only thing I don't like about the Shure 535 is the lack of low, visceral bass.   So, I would like something that retains all the positives of the Shure, plus adds the...
  5. thl70

    looking for the most comfortable over-ear headphone. Suggestions much appreciated.

    Hello everyone.  I am looking for a pair of comfortable headphones and was hoping for some well educated suggestions.  After doing well over half day research, I am giving up to ask this question on the forum at the risk of someone telling to "DO A SEARCH!".  There are simply too many gears out...
  6. mickeynguyen210

    Shure SRH-1840 vs Bowers & Wilkins P7

    Dear guys,   I know Shure SRH-1840 is about 100$ more expensive compare to Bowers & Wilkins P7 but which one do u think should I choose? (the difference 100$ does not matter to me). I like headphones with an impact and well controlled bass and good sound stage. The songs I mainly listen to are...
  7. IaHawkeye

    Why does my gaming headset sound better

    Listening to my Astro A50's connected to my ps4 or PC through the MixAmp, I think my music sounds far far better on them than coming through my P7's, Shure 535's, or even my JH Roxanne's. Even if I'm watching music on YouTube through my Astros, I think it had better sound than my Roxanne's...
  8. vinnievidi

    IEMs that are most similar to B&W P7

    I'm hoping that someone can help me out. I have a pair of B&W P7 that I absolutely love. By and away, they are my favorite closed headphones. Unfortunately, I can't really wear full-sized headphones at work anymore, so what I'm looking for now is a pair of IEMs that have a similar sound...
  9. sarahkho

    Please give me some advice on choosing between some ~500 USD alternatives I researched about

    Hello -   Thank you for opening the thread and looking and my request.   So far I have been using earbuds from Logitech Ultimate Ear and Thinksound and a wireless headphone from Creative, the sound blaster omega 3d. Now I decided to buy a new headphone and possibly a portable small amp. I...
  10. ropeadope

    NAD Viso HP50 Headphones - Initial Impressions

    I got the NAD Viso HP50 headphones recently:   Hehe, "NAD".   edit: it was stupid trying to get impressions on these phones with my ****ty audio setup, I have since upgraded and am really liking these phones.   The cord...
  11. Juandv9307

    Step up reccomendations from my Bowers and Wilkins P7

    Hello, as the thread says, I'm in the search for a complement or step-up headphones from my beloved P7, so far I love it's sound, coming from a sennheiser momentum over ear, amperior and hd25, I just feel I get more of everything, I can feel where the instruments are, it's soundstage is amazing...
  12. portal2poe

    iDevice Lightning charging Dac/Amps

    I've been slowly educating myself about DACs/Amps/Docks since last fall (2013) when I decided my wife was going to give me the B&W P7s for Christmas.  (fantastic btw)   Problem 1: MFI drives up the cost of everything. Problem 2: I like things to look decent on my desk, and don't want the CCK...
  13. squirrelboy1210

    drawing the line for best sound from an ipod/mp3 player

    Hey there headfi! i've been studying up on the forums for the past six months now on what headphones sound best straight out of a portable source. What i'm looking for is a headphone that has low impedence and will make-do with mp3 files- not anything lossless or FLAC. i'd really appreciate it...
  14. kbulder

    Vamp Verza + Bowers & Wilkens P7

    Goodmorning everyone,   I have the option of obtaining a second hand (yet in great condition) vamp verza amp/DAC for 250 euro.   I have a Bowers and Wilkens P7 that I drive either on laptop or iphone 5S.   My question: I cannot find any good info on it, but will the P7 really benefit...
  15. Cleisthenes

    Best Over ear closed cans for £250/$350

    All suggestions welcome guys :)
  16. audioops

    $400 Portable cans vs $400 IEMs

    If you compare the best $400 IEMs to headphones like NAH Viso HP50, B&W P7, B&O H6, Focal Spirit Pro/Classic, Momentum, AKG 545 what do you think comes out on top in terms of sound quality?
  17. SomeRandomDude

    Sennheiser Momentum vs. Bowers & Wilkins P7 vs. Sony MDR-1R vs. Parrot Zik vs. Bose QC15

    Which one is the best for listening songs like A Day in Life, Twist and Shout or Wild Honey.   I am a total headphone noob so excuse anything I said that seems stupid. Thanks
  18. squirrelboy1210

    Best headphones for portable use? No amps, no iems

    Hey there head-fiers! What headphone do you guys think is THE best for portable use? The only restrictions on recommendations are they MUST not be iems, and the MUST be drivable from a portable source(iphone 4s), no amping involved. Obviously iems lack soundstage, texture, and overall...
  19. fernandodeidre

    First AMP/DAC recommendations?

    Hey Head-Fi forums. I have a pair of Bowers & Wilkins P7's and want to get a good amp or dac. I don't really know the difference or what is the best (or both) since im kind of new to this high end audio thing. I have an iMac and a MacBook Pro so I don't really need something portable, and my...
  20. JHC76

    B&W P7s paired with Shiit Magni Modi combo?

    Would this be a good way to go?  I'm still very new to all this, and just want to make sure I'll get my money's worth by adding this combo to my P7s.  I'm willing to go with the Vali instead of there's a good reason to.   I will also be picking up some HD598s this week, so I'll be using them...
  21. ceverson70

    Audio Technica ES10 or B&W P7

    So I have a par of the ES 10s and I love the depth and sound stage, my only complaint is their comfort after about an hour or two of wear. I've been reading mixed reviews about the P7s in comparison in that he ES10s have a much better range especially when paired with an amp. My question...
  22. Bworden17

    Classy looking sound isolating portable headphones

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here on head fi. I have been recently looking for a pair of headphones that have good sound quality, are portable, have a classic more mature look to them, and must have superb sound isolation. I am purchasing these to be able to use at school so they must have...
  23. ptsawyer

    newbie review of the B&W P7, and why I chose them over several others

    Hey everyone, this is my first post.  But I used this forum to research headphones, so thought I would try and contribute to the community a bit.   I wanted a pair of cans for home use/critical listening.  I already have a home theater setup, but it was a little lacking in the pure musical...
  24. neoxfx

    does P7 benefit from E07k?

    Dear all,   please excuse if this is a naive question.   question: will listening in P7 from iphone5s benefit using a E07k?   I recently bought a P7 and amazed by the SQ and comfort playing >320k.files from iphone 5s. I've been reading about the portable Amps and found good reviews about...
  25. jude

    Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier Review

      Written by Jude Mansilla     The name "Meridian" commands the utmost respect with many longtime hi-fi enthusiasts, myself included. It's a storied name, the maker of components that have been on the shelves (and in the dreams) of many an audiophile (again, myself included). If you're not a...