1. WyldRage

    Review of my 5 DIY amplifiers. 2012/03/21: Bottlehead Smack and new analyses

    Edits 2012/03/21: Added new analyses 2012/03/20: Added Bottlehead Smack 2011/02/12: Added Speedball Crack with 5998A tube in audio analyses, modified the headphone analyses to add the new measures. 2011/02/11: EHHA vs Castanet with the Grado HF-2, audio analysis for the k601 and...
  2. ironbut

    Crack;Bottlehead OTL

    Maybe the subject heading is a little confusing for folks that aren't used to Doc Bottlehead's tendency for naming his DIY kits a little differently than the run of the mill audio company. Doc's just announced a new OTL headphone kit called "Crack". If you've ever been interested in...