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Portland - Oregon Head-Fi Meet, May 7th 9:30am - 3:30 pm Mt Scott Community Center

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  1. zach915m
    Mt Scott Community Center and Pool
    5530 SE 72nd Ave
    Saturday May 7th, 2016
    9:00am - 3:00pm (note time change to 3PM end as we need to be out of the room completely by 4)
    We have the room from 9am to 4pm, but we have to be out of the room promptly at 4pm with all the tables put away.  I'll be there at 8:30 am to set up etc.
    $10 P/person to cover room fees.  
    Auction and notes:
    1.  Please bring cash if possible to make the $10 entrance fee payment.  I can take paypal as well.  Once paid you will get a name-tag.
    2.  Instead of a raffle we will do an "auction" for the donated items. The price for each item will start low, and be bid on verbally.  The auction will take place at 2PM.  BE THERE!
    Payment for the auction will be taken in either cash or paypal.  All money above what the costs of the meet will go towards future Portland meets.
    Considerations and Rules for the meet:
    1. Bring power/extension chords/gaff/duck tape.  There are plugs along the walls around the room, but there's gonna be a lot of amps etc.
    2. No booze per CTY center rules, no weed, no drugs...just caffeine and treats!
    3. We gotta be out at 3:30 promptly, so sorry in advance if I'm a jerk about shutting people down around 3:00 and strobing the lights etc ahah!
    4. Please be careful and respect other members properties, ask before you pull a phone out of a plug – some amps if they are not powered down before inserting or pulling out a jack have the potential to blow.
    5. No eating/drinking while listening to gear, just to be safe!!!!
    6. No wet hair, or put anything in their hair at all (e.g. wax, gel, mousse etc)  Also, clean in and around your ears. Nobody wants their cans covered with earwax.
    7. We will have a table with name tags, please take one, and write your name on it, WEAR IT!
    There will be an auction of donated gear to support the meet, list below with Grizzly's post.
    The room accommodates up to 250 ppl, the more the better!
    ZMFheadphones ZMF headphones hand-crafts wood headphones in Chicago, USA with special attention to exceptional sound and craftsmanship. Stay updated on ZMFheadphones at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/ZMFheadphones https://twitter.com/ZMFheadphones https://www.instagram.com/zmfheadphones/?hl=en http://www.zmfheadphones.com/zmf-originals/ contactzmf@gmail.com
  2. grizzlybeast

    1st Annual Portland Head-fi Meet

    Update.. Campfire Audio added also Ibasso will be sending a little something!
    http://bradleyaudio.com/sales.html @srbradley (attending)
    @MezeTeam(sending gear)
    @zach915m (attending)
    @Cayin (sent gear)
    @Todd (sending gear)
    http://echohifi.com/ (attending)
    @KB of Alo audio (attending)
    @TorqueAudio (attending)
    http://www.verisonix.com/ (sending gear)
    http://www.64audio.com/ (attending)
    Bottlehead  (attending)
    http://www.campfireaudio.com/ (attending)
    @bangkokkid Noble audio (attending)
    @Paul - iBasso (sending gear)
    Mee audio (sending gear)
    @Kennerton Team (sending gear)
    Sennheiser Momentum On-ear Wireless headphones $399 retail
    Sennheiser HD-280PROs $99 retail 

    Audeze EL-8  $699 retail
    64 AUDIO:
    Quickie Battery Powered Pre-Amplifier Kit
    some interconnects
    We have decided to leave the Gear list out for now but there will be some awesome gear such as the AUDEZE LCD 4, HD800S, Cavalli stuff, Yggy, all of the personal gear people will be bringing, The CAYIN  iDAC-6 and iHA6, Verisonix N500, MEZE classics, Some stuff from Alo (hopefully the studio six), obviously vendor gear who may not be attending but sending stuff. So please share this event everywhere! Its going to be AWESOME!!!!
    1. Maybe some finger food or something in the morning but we def need that morning commune
    2. Prob some VOO DOO DONUTS!!!!!
    3. An after meet for some beer, food, if you know a place to eat after let me know!!!! The meet ends with plent of time for us to hang out after wards so you can ask questions and get to know some headfiers!
    Gear List:
    Audeze LCD2.2F
    Audeze LCD4 (echo audio)
    ZMF Omni
    ZMF Vibro MKII
    ZMF Blackwood
    Verisonix N501
    Verisonix N500
    Meze 99 Classics
    Hifiman HE 560
    Hifiman HE-400
    Hifiman HE-6 x2
    Hifiman HE1000 (possible)
    Paradox Slant
    MrSpeakers Ether C
    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80
    Pioneer HRM-7 (modded)
    Noble Audio IEM(S)(TBDiscovered)
    Stax and Vinyl (TBDiscovered)
    Koss Porta Pro
    Sennhieser Momentum
    Philips Fidelio X1
    ATH M50X
    64audio gear (TBDiscovered)
    He400 Modded
    Torque Audio Prototypes!
    FLC 8S
    Denon LA7000
    EnigmAcoustics Dharma
    ATH R70X
    Sennhieser HD600
    Sennhieser HD650
    Sennheiser HD800S
    Sennheiser HD800
    Campfire Audio Iems (TBDiscovered)
    Vibro Iems (TBDiscovered)
    Kennerton Vali
    STAX SRS-2170 system (SRM-252S amplifier and SR-207 headphone)
    STAX Rig (not disclosed)
    OPPO PM-3 (possible)
    AKG K701
    Dunu Titan 3 + Titan 5 (maybe something special, too)
    FLC8S + FLC8C
    NuForce HEM lineup
    RHA T20
    Unique Melody Miracle v2 + Maestro
    VE Duke + Earbud lineup
    Mee Audio Pinnacle P1
    Kennerton Vali
    D14 Bushmaster Portable DAC/Amp
    Schiit Gungnir Multibit
    Cayin iDAC 6
    Aune B1
    Calyx PaT
    iBasso D14
    JoLida Glass FX tube DAC
    LH Labs Pulse X Infinity(possible)
    LH Labs Geek Out V2+ (possible)
    OPPO HA-2
    iFi micro iUSB3.0
    Zorloo ZuperDAC
    JDS Element
    Schiit Yggdrasil
    Metrum Musette x2
    D14 Bushmaster Portable DAC/Amp
    Cavalli Liquid Fire
    Cavalli Liquid Carbon
    Cayin iHA-6
    Aune B1
    Calyx PaT
    iBasso D14
    Bryston BHA-1 amplifier
    OPPO HA-2
    Trafomatic Head 2
    Nuprime HPA-9
    Microzotl 2.0
    Cavalli Liquid Gold
    JDS Element
    Sonnare "The ZMF" Amp
    1978 Hitachi SR-804 vintage speaker amp
    iBasso DX80 DAP
    Aune M2
    Cayin N5 + N6 
    FiiO X7
    iBasso DX80
    Lotoo PAW 5000 + PAW Gold
    Shanling M2 + M5
    Soundaware Esther Analog
    Fiio X5ii
    There is quite the sum of gear that has yet to be disclosed ie: Bottlehead, TTVJ audio gear being sent, Echo Audio (although they have mentioned the LCD4 and HD800S, not sure which amps), Big Poppas rig, Alo Audio has not mentioned what they are bringing either. Its okay of they don't fully disclose because its good to have some surprise. 
  3. grizzlybeast
    If you plan on attending please post and I will add your name here. This does not mean you can't show up if you don't post. If you plan on bringing gear that would be cool to know as well!
    I would think the following may be interested. 

    not conclusive
    Sorry guys there are more coming but I will leave the list as it is for now. If you have posted that you are coming I really appreciate it and if you are not listed it def doesn't imply a lack of significance or that you can't get a table. 
  4. nmatheis Contributor
    Nice going, Zach!

    I'm in, and that's close to me. My boys take swim lessons there.
    grizzlybeast likes this.
  5. humzebra
    Thank you for the invite. I will be attending. Will you have cables available for purchase?
  6. Ham Sandwich
    It's been a while since we've had a real Portland area meet.
    I'll be there.
  7. Soundsgoodtome
    How far is this community center from downtown? Particularly the Amtrak station or bolt bus station.
  8. dogwan
    From either....
    About 20 min. by car.
    About 45-60 by bus.
    Unfortunately the community center is not on a light rail line.
    I haven't been to a  HeadFi meet in a couple years. I will plan on being in attendance work schedule permitting. Blocking out on calendar now.
    BTW, I live in SW PDX and and may be able to help with rides (shuttle service) if I have the day free. No promises yet, but am guessing others may be able to help out too.
  9. Soundsgoodtome
    I'm going to try to make this one!
    Possible gear:
    Laptop for source
    MHDT Labs Pagoda R2R
    Audio-GD SA31SE or Project Horizon 3 Hybrid, not sure yet - maybe both?
    HE560 modded
    THX00 (if no one else brings one)
    Misc cables and power stuff
  10. Barra
    As much as I would like to be there, the chances are small for me with two young kids and a tired wife. However, I will add it to my calendar in case miracles happen as I have a couple planned trips to Portland that could accidentally sync. [​IMG]
  11. Oregonian
    Count me in!  Great work getting this going! 
  12. grizzlybeast
    If we can list what we will bring that'd be great... No need really but cool to get a little hopeful of what we get to put our ears under. I will be bringing:
    AUDEZE LCD2.2 
    JVCDX1000 (hopefully)
    iMAC 27 inch
    Numprime HPA-9
    Trafomatic HEAD 2
    Ill bring my Omni anyway even though I don't need to. 
    Modded Pioneer HRM-7
  13. labrown
    Will try and make it to this.
  14. Muziqboy
    Count me in. I'll also try to make it.

    Gear I'll bring in my sig. below.
  15. sheldonkreger
    I will plan to stop by near the end of the day. Thanks for the invite @grizzlybeast !
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