1. zach915m

    Portland - Oregon Head-Fi Meet, May 7th 9:30am - 3:30 pm Mt Scott Community Center

    Location:   Mt Scott Community Center and Pool 5530 SE 72nd Ave   Map:,-122.5907121,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x5495a019ed7dc449:0xa0c6796651370431   Time:   Saturday May 7th, 2016   9:00am -...
  2. TorqueAudio

    Cyber Monday Deals on Torque Headphones! - For Head-Fi members only, take an additional 5% off the sale price!

      Monday 11/30/15, we're offering a 1 day sale on all Torque Headphones!  Don't miss out! Free shipping available. See on Monday for more details!    For Head-Fi members only, use coupon code: headfi and save an additional 5% !!!          For headphone impressions...
  3. TorqueAudio

    Torque t402v headphone pre-order event going on now! ****

      Here's your chance to save $80 on the upcoming Torque t402v Supra/Circumaural acoustically customize-able headphones! [MSRP $399.95]    Until November, 3rd 2015, use coupon code: t402v_preorder during checkout to subtract 20% off your order. [Expected...
  4. TorqueAudio

    Torque t402v supra/circumaural headphone tour - Reviewers wanted!

      Hi guys!   Now that we have our t096z tour underway, let's begin a tour for the t402v. What you get to review is our upcoming 40mm bio-cell headphones with on ear and over ear pads. Each ear pad comes with 4 color coded filter levels we've named the modi:fi system. We're expecting to...
  5. TorqueAudio

    Torque t096z IEM tour - Reviewers wanted!

    Hi Folks!   We’re looking for a few experienced reviewers for our new t096z IEM’s. For now, we’re looking for 3 testers based in the US. We’ll expand the tour to Asia/EU once we start shipping internationally.       Product -        t096z premium customizable in-ear headphones -       ...
  6. TorqueAudio

    Torque's introduction to the Head-Fi community

      Hello Everyone!   Torque is finally a proud sponsor of Head-Fi. So this is our first official post.   If you’ve not heard of us, we’re the new kid on the block -but not really. Over 2 years ago, we introduced our initial model t103z IEM’s featuring the acoustic customization to test...