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Torque t096z IEM tour - Reviewers wanted!

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  1. TorqueAudio
    Hi Folks!
    We’re looking for a few experienced reviewers for our new t096z IEM’s. For now, we’re looking for 3 testers based in the US. We’ll expand the tour to Asia/EU once we start shipping internationally.
    -        t096z premium customizable in-ear headphones
    -        Info: http://torque.audio/product/t096z/
    -        Media review: http://torque.audio/reviews/
    Application – Post application in this thread – please do not send a PM
    -        User name
    -        City/State (USA only)
    -        Link of review on Head-Fi or any other sites (anything audio related)
    -        Chosen applicant announcement on Sept. 25, 2015
    -        First review unit to be shipped out on Sept. 28, 2015
    Shipping details
    -        Torque will be responsible for the initial shipment to the first reviewer.
    -        Each reviewer is responsible for shipping to the next reviewer.
    -        Each reviewer must provide tracking number via PM to user: TorqueAudio
    -        Torque will notify each participant of where to ship next.
    The review
    -        We ask that each participant take good care of the contents.
    -        Each reviewer to have up to 5 days of audition.
    -        After the audition period, the participant is required to send to the next reviewer.
    -        Torque will provide each participant separate ear tips for use for sanitary reasons.
    -        Let us know if you run in to any issues and we’ll resolve your concerns.
    The terms
    -        By entering the application, you are authorizing Torque to use the content of your t096z review for use in other publications, promotional items, and social media.
    -        It is Torque’s sole discretion when choosing reviewers. This will not be a random draw.
    -        Each participant must be comfortable with your name and address being provided to the other chosen participants.
    -        Each applicant must be in good standing with Head-Fi.org and has ability and access to post reviews on Head-Fi.org.
    -        Though a review is NOT required, we do very much appreciate it if you do!
    -        And if you do write a review, please post the link on this thread.
    The bonus!
    -        Torque will let one of the participant keep the headphones based on the review.
    -        Choosing the winner will be Torque’s sole discretion.
        I would like to thank everyone in advance for taking the time to participate. Please stay "tuned" to this thread for more info to come!
  2. TorqueAudio
  3. Deviltooth
    I currently have the t096z in my possession and am preparing an in depth review.  I'll tip my hand a little by saying that so far I'm really, really enjoying the hell out of these!
    Some of the highlights include a luxurious build quality, a (mostly) microphonics free cable (that delivers the bling) and a very complete and varied accessory package (6 different pairs of tips including one set of comply).  Then there are the six sets of filters that dramatically change the IEM's sound signature.  I do have a few favourites but what I like might not appeal to you.  That's why I look forward to exchanging opinions of the t096z with others.
    It's not hype to say this earphone is definitely worth your time and attention.
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  4. money4me247 Contributor
    User name: money4me247
    City/State (USA only): Fort Worth, Texas
    Link of review on Head-Fi or any other sites (anything audio related):
    ~~~ Headphones ~~~
    MrSpeakers Ether: http://www.head-fi.org/products/mrspeakers-ether-planar-magnetic-headphones/reviews/13783
    Hifiman HE-1000 beta: http://www.head-fi.org/t/767883/official-hifiman-he1000-impressions-thread/105#post_11633299
    AKG K7xx: http://www.head-fi.org/products/akg-k7xx/reviews/13116
    Oppo PM-3: http://www.head-fi.org/products/oppo-pm-3/reviews/12713
    ~~~ IEMs ~~~
    Alpha & Delta AD01: http://www.head-fi.org/products/alpha-delta-ad01/reviews/13730
    Final Audio Heaven VII: http://www.head-fi.org/products/final-audio-design-heaven-vii/reviews/13631
    ~~~ External Components ~~~
    Aune X1S: http://www.head-fi.org/products/aune-x1s-32bit-384khz-dsd-dac-headphone-amplifier-black/reviews/14013
    Cayin C5Dac: http://www.head-fi.org/products/cayin-spark-c5-dac-portable-usb-dac-headphone-amplifier/reviews/13603
    Cozoy Astrapi: http://www.head-fi.org/products/cozoy-astrapi/reviews/13393
    Aune B1: http://www.head-fi.org/products/aune-b1/reviews/13281
    Stoner Acoustics UD110v2: http://www.head-fi.org/products/stoner-acoustics-ud110-v2/reviews/12785
    Thank you for your consideration.
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  5. jant71
    I'll throw my info in [​IMG] :
    Ozone Park, New York
    As Deviltooth can attest, I have had a keen interest in these and hope to get a chance to try them out!
    Thanks to Torque for organizing the tour and good luck to all!!
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  6. Army-Firedawg
    You decided to go through with a reviewers tour! That's awesome guys it's greatly appreciated, definitely putting my name in to have a chance at reviewing these!
    -User name:
    -City/State (USA only):
       -Charlotte, N.C.
    -Link to reviews on Head-Fi or any other site
       -Video/YouTube reviews
       -Full written reviews
         -*Featured* Oppo PM-1 http://www.head-fi.org/products/oppo-pm-1/reviews/13750
         -Harman/Kardon AE http://www.head-fi.org/products/harman-kardon-ae1-in-ear-headphones/reviews/13694
         -Klipsch X7i http://www.head-fi.org/products/klipsch-image-x7i-in-ear-headphones/reviews/13611
         -Oppo PM-3 http://www.head-fi.org/products/oppo-pm-3/reviews/13577
         -Garage1217 Project Horizon 3 http://www.head-fi.org/products/project-horizon-3/reviews/13857
       -Short Summaries
          ([Shure: SE: 846, 535, 425, 315],[Sennheiser: Momentum 2, Momentum on-ear], [Beyerdynamic: T70p, T50p], [Denon: AH D600])
       -In progress/other
          -Sennheiser HD700 review awaiting post approval from Moon-Audio
          -Beyerdynamic T70p review awaiting post approval from Moon-Audio
          -Moon Audio HD700 Black Dragon Cable review awaiting post approval from Moon-Audio
    I greatly appreciate your consideration, and thank you for giving the audio community the opportunity to review such amazing new products, and I of course agree to your terms and conditions.
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  7. nmatheis Contributor
    Nice! May I suggest reviewers be given 7 days?

    User name: nmatheis
    City/State (USA only): Portland, OR
    Link of review on Head-Fi or any other sites (anything audio related): LINK
    A good mix of Amps, DAC/Amps, DAPs, HP, & IEM

    Thanks for your consideration :L3000:
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  8. TorqueAudio
    Hey @nmatheis
    The 5 days, let's just consider it an approximate time. We know that, with the 6 filters included, the time to audition will take longer than the usual headphone to test. But in most cases, I'd say you'll favor 2 or 3 filters and spend most of your time on them. 
  9. nmatheis Contributor

  10. Deviltooth
    To whomever gets their hands on the t096z: Even if they're not something you normally use, don't ignore the bi or tri-flange tips.  They provide a deeper insertion and the brain/earphone link becomes profound!  I just listened to Little Boot's 'Stuck on Repeat' (blue smooth valve) both the original and then the acoustic mix.  The vocal textures and even the breath of the singer become aurally visible.  Everything is tight and refined.  This earphone is shaking up my pro-balanced armature bias.
  11. TorqueAudio
    While I agree with @Deviltooth in that finding the right ear tip is best for sound quality, I want to share a bit of info on our double injected ear tips. We don't do it just for looks. The inner and outer silicone used is slightly different in hardness. The outer is soft for comfort but the inner is harder to reduce the shaft from absorbing the low frequency energy. With the double and triple flange, you might experience a bit lower volume of bass.
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  12. Deviltooth

    Absolutely try tip rolling.  I've done 90% of my listening to the t096z with the small double injected tips and the included Complys.  I like both for comfort (though I prefer the silicone).  I've since moved to the bi-flanges which are less comfortable but work for me because (as my audiologist told me) I have narrow but straight ear canals.  The deeper insertion I'm achieving has given a bump to clarity.  With the blue/smooth valves bass is both clean and sufficient (even in movies containing large explosions and solid sub bass content).  If your ears/canals are bigger than mine you might have an easier time getting that brain/IEM connection.
  13. Sound Eq
    i am surprised that you do not sell your own tip on your site
  14. Whitigir
    Username: Whitigir
    City/location: Massillon, Ohio
    Link review of Sony MDR-Z7 headphones: http://www.head-fi.org/products/sony-mdr-z7/reviews/13744

    Very interested in reviewing your products. Thanks for any considerations you may have.

    Bio-cell diaphragm ! That is excellent. It would be even better with a picture.
  15. Brendan Lynch
    Any review produced in hopes of being the final "winner" of the earphones based on Torque's discretion will be inherently biased toward favoring the headphones — so what's the point? The reviews will be unreliable. 
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