1. iso

    Headphone w/ more bass imapct than AKG q460?

    Hi, could someone recommend me a headphone w/ more bass impact than the AKG Quincy Jones Q460. I really like the bass impact on the q460 and I also like that the treble is really soft/ the complete opposite of harsh. What I dislike about the Q460 is the mids, they sound boxy/congested.    So...
  2. Husq2100

    AKG Qs

    Hey all, bit of a newb here.   I have a pair of K701, Q460 and some older 240's. I have recently pre ordered a Pico Power for them.   I have been doing a little reading and looking around the net and have found out that AKG have shifted alot of their manufacturing to China. I was...
  3. JupiterM

    [Help] A portable headphone/IEM recommendation

    I'm thinking about buying a on-the-way headphone/IEM. So far the best headphone I've owned is a AKG Q460, but I'm thinking about taking a step forward. Either a portable headphone (and it has to be NOT bulky, thus "portable") or an in-ear is fine, what I'm more interested in is music quality. I...
  4. GiladKz

    Looking for On-Ear portable headphones

    Hey, I'm looking for a new headphones and I'm kinds new in this. I have a lot of travels in buss and trains so it's importent that the headphones will be "closed", small as possible and have folding option, also, spare cable will be nice.. My budget is somewhere near 100$ so I thought about...
  5. Titan89

    Second headphone

    Hello head-fi,   My first headphone is an AKG Q460, which to be honest is pretty good choice for a first headphone.  Now I would like to buy a better one and my requirements are the following: I'd use it mostly at home and during travelling so it shouldn't be super portable. Music: techno...
  6. overhead

    Ask for a recommendation! over ear headphone under $200

    Hey, guys. Im new  here. Ive got a AKG k420 (I know it barely means nothin' for some guys here ), but Im going to upgrade my rig a little bit. Is AKG Q460 (quincy jones signiture edtion) a good choice to go? I usually listen to britpop, pop, some jazz. I would prefer a pair  with obvious bassy...
  7. tisumner

    marley rebels vs monster ntune vs kicker 402hb vs akg q460

    So I want to upgrade from my pioneer steez and was looking at getting on of the sets I mention in the title. I know I like clear sharp sound but great bass too....sot which should I get?
  8. acud1985

    New Iem for jazz and rock around 250-320$

    Hi all, I would to upgrade my Akg q460 with a higher level can or iem. I listen much music and i prefer jazz, vocal jazz, a little bit of rock 70's/80's and a little bit of pop music. I like so much Akg k702/702 annie, but i don't know if it' sa Good choice for me.. I Also prefer a iem setup...
  9. deka-fi

    Best portable Headphone under 100 $ for HipHop

    Hello everyone, I have to buy the portable headphones. Here are the requirements: 1) price under $ 100 2) comfortable and closeable 3) closed with good insulation 4) music hiphop, rap and electropop   Will use the headphones with the residue cip zip + FiiO e6   I've already...
  10. h8uthemost

    AKG Q46 Quincy Jones

    How are these? I'm looking for another pair of full size cans(although these would be considered portable cans) and these look pretty good. They're at about a $99 price.   The only other pair of cans I have is the Grados SR60i, and I freakin' LOVE these headphones. From day one I fell in...
  11. armyowalgreens

    AKG Q460 vs B&W P5: Ignoring build quality, which one has better overall sound quality?

    I picked up a pair of P5s and I have to say that I'm disappointed in their lack of clarity in comparison to my K550s. I realize that it's stupid to compare the P5s to the 550s. Nonetheless, I want as much clarity out of portable headphones that I can get for under 300 dollars.    I ask about...
  12. 007noob007

    need to choose between a few headphones

    long story short, I can only buy one of these (I can't buy from a different store... long story)   akg q460 ot akg k181 dj or Skullcandy Aviato, (only one of these! they will be free for me, so that is my only option)   i was thinking about one of  the akg   music-  I listen to all...
  13. 007noob007

    akg k181 dj vs akg k460q

    i have to choose one of these ! (they will be free.... so there are my only choise) which one is better?   i will use if for portable use (buss and trip) i listen to all kind of music’s (rock, pop, western, Irish music, Japanese music and classical)    i love good sound stage (good...
  14. 007noob007

    Choose between a few head phones

    i live in israel, so we dont have that many headphones... here are my option-   Shure SRH-750-DJ akg q460 akg k181 akg K450 skullcandy aviator akg K451 (what is the difference from akg k450) Shure SRH440-A       music-  I listen to all kinds of music: rock, Irish music...
  15. 007noob007

    need to choose between a few headphones

    long story short, I can only buy one of these (I can't buy from a different store... long story) I will write them all, and then write the one i think are the best:   akg q460, akg k181 dj,Skullcandy Aviato, Philips SHD8600 (realy over the budget, but...)    i was thinking about one of...
  16. Gabrielist

    Hi, Looking for new headphones\earphones.

    Hi guys , new here. im realy glad i found this site so i can finally, hoplefully get an answer.   So im looking for portable headphones\ earphones. the main purpose of them is listening to music and ofcourse portability since i am taking them to work( physical work) which is why i am...
  17. inline79

    Use your K450/Q460 short cord!

    After much head scratching I finally found a <$2 solution to the useless 0.5m cord that came with my AKG K450:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-5mm-Earphone-Adapter-Cable-with-mic-for-iPhone-/370290546211?pt=PDA_Accessories&hash=item5637095623   Firstly, it's useful as an extension so the...
  18. ale29

    Headphones for a Bass player (home use only)

    Greetings from Italy, here's the situation. I always use headhpones while at home and using my computer. I plug them in the headphone out of an M-Audio Fast Track USB external audio card. . I use them for listening to music and more importantly to monitor myself while playing along songs/...
  19. JupiterM

    [Help]A hi-fi headphone recommendation

    So I was a music lover for several years but never an audiophile due to both time and financial reasons. The best headphone I've owned by now is my AKG Q460. However, now that I've saved some money, I'm considering taking a step forward and purchase a hi-fi headphone. I've done some research...
  20. steinle

    Headphones for work with no amp

    Hi,   So I see a bunch of these posts but nothing exactly specific to what I'm looking for.  I will be using these for work 5+ hours a day for sure.  Comfort is key!!  I know this is the portable headphones forum but that's not totally key, just need to be able to throw them in my bag when I...
  21. mrlolftw

    Help deciding a good pair of ultra portable on ear headphones?

    I need a good pair of ultra portable on ear headphones since my M50's are a bit too large for everyday carrying around. I took a look around, and all the ones i have listed seem to be in my price range, but the PX-200II's seem to be the ones that are the most ultra portable, my only problem with...
  22. rfcg

    V-Moda Crossfade M80 vs AKG K518 value for money

    Hi, new here but I would like your opinion on which of these headphones offers greatest value for money at the moment. I have been looking at the V-Moda Crossfade M80, available at Amazon for £112...
  23. phptomer

    Compare Cup of headphones

    hello im new here so if the thread should be in another forum so plz move it. i want to buy a headphones and i dont know what best sounding: beats solo hd AKG K450 AKG K451 AKG Q460 AKG K518 V-MODA LP   the types of music that i hear are: Oriental and dance
  24. petervii

    Ridiculous needs for portable headphone!!!

    Hello to you all! I hate starting new threads ,but i thought it would be nice to give you a laugh at what i'm becoming through this forum. I started out 15 years ago searching for a decent sounding headphone. Look at what i need this month and understand why i want to punch myself:   I want...
  25. shadowsstory

    Help buying Portable Headphones? >200$?

    Hello, I wanted help to buy some portable headphones under 200$. To be precise, I want the following   -best sound quality -wire to be not too long since I'm using these for traveling -overhead and no in-ears or clip-ons since I have them -possible to put around neck so it won't choke...