1. lp026713389

    Need help choosing monitoring headphones, CANNOT try them in the store I need help! Buying them VERY soon need all the feedback I can get!

    Hey everyone, I need some urgent feedback and help on choosing between 5 headphone monitors, and since the local vendors don't actually have these models, I'm having it shipped and so I can't try any of them till I actually buy them.  I HAVE done quite a bit of research, and I have narrowed...
  2. geraldsmallbear

    Can I use the Pre-Out on my integrated to drive my phones?

    I have an ME-240 Integrated amp which I'm using to drive a pair of AKG 141's with the Aux-out at the moment. I'd like to know if it's safe to use the Pre-out instead. The reasons are: the Aux-out volume is too high and not adjustable on the unit.  
  3. bvan37

    AKG K121

    Didn't see much on these when I searched but L&M has them on for half price right now and I was wondering if it's worth it, anyone heard these cans?  Any impressions would be good as I don't have a great set of full-sized cans.  Don't have an amp as of right now so would I also need to purchase...
  4. altanner

    Is it just me or does the Fiio E5

    make virtually no difference to the maximum volume?  When driving some HD555s or AKG k141-2s, (or even some earbuds), when it is on maximum volume, the difference is very small.  This is with a Sansa Clip as the player... if I sit in a quiet room and attempt to tell the difference, the amp on...
  5. tas236

    Vintage K141 Recable?

    I accidentally posted this in the portables forum:     Is it possible/feasible to recable the vintage AKG K141? The cord is really crappy, and I was also looking to upgrade the connector to a 1/8" with a screw-on 1/4" adapter. Thoughts? Anyone who can actually do this? I was thinking of...
  6. tas236

    Vintage K141 Recable?

    Is it possible/feasible to recable the vintage AKG K141? The cord is really crappy, and I was also looking to upgrade the connector to a 1/8" with a screw-on 1/4" adapter. Thoughts? Anyone who can actually do this? I was thinking of Canare Star Quad. Bad choice?
  7. ishtob

    Silver AKG k141 ?! (pictures included)

    I got these off ebay, and loving the sound so far. I've already replaced the jack with a gold-plated 3.5mm neutrik plug... didn't make much difference on the SQ though. Some folks at the Head-wize forum has given me the AKG service parts # to fix up these headphones Just want to...
  8. modskwod

    Alessandro MS1 Review

    A couple of weeks ago I received mritt400's Alessandro MS1 headphones and have been meaning to make a review thread since then, but have been busy with school (it was the end of the semester, and I had a failing grade or two). But, I have finally found some time for the review, so here goes...
  9. Hanni

    Which headphones are these? Need experts on AKG.

    It says AKG K141 from the 90s. 
  10. melas300

    Cheap headphones

    I wanted to find some cheap headphones, 100 euro or less for use with my ps3, so all I need is to connect a headphone to the TV, right?   Someone told me about the AKG K141 studio while I was looking to the Razer Orca.. Which one is best or do u know a better to suggest? (although there is a...
  11. jecklc80

    New user with a question

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and had a question for you all. I am looking for a decent pair of headphones but don't really know too much what to look for. My price range is $100 - $150. I'm looking for a full size set of headphones. I have looked at the Grado SR80i's and the AKG K141 MkII...
  12. modskwod

    First time listening to an amped pair of phones...

    How did I miss all of this detail before?  This is insane!  I finished my first Cmoy tonight and just now plugged it into my headphones. I'm using some Sennheiser 202's now and plan to switch to the AKG k141 in a couple of songs.  Crazy!
  13. kloan

    AKG K141 replacement pads?

    I have the newer style, that twist locks/unlocks. The fake leather is total crap and wearing out quickly. I'd like to get some replacement pads, but the only supplier I've been able to find so far is thomann.de and they have a min 50 euro order.   Anyone know where I can get some velour...
  14. rhythmdevils

    Pictures - Revenge of the Silver AKG's

    Whenever I have these 3 out together, they make me pause for a moment, they are truly beautiful together, and represent what I think was a special time for AKG. So I thought I would share some pictures. K140 K141 K240 Sextett
  15. tas236

    non-ANC isolation headphone recommendations?

    Friends,   I'm new here, and I love the site. I'm interested in a non-ANC noise-canceling headphone, i.e. a closed headphone with really good isolation. Price: Under $150. Current equipment: Vintage AKG K141, Bose Triport (barf), Fiio E5, and Yamaha CA-810. These headphones will be plugged...
  16. non-entity

    Strange Silver AKG K 141 - Who knows these?

    Hi folks!   I just bought these from a local guy for 30 bucks, and read a little about them. It seems like they share the same drivers with the K 240 Sextett phones. Right after I got them I compared them with my K 240 Sextett and I was pleasantly surprised, because these cans do it better...
  17. amartignano

    [REVIEW]: AKG K141 Studio is home, and that's GOOD!

    AKG K141 Studio REVIEW! Hi everyone! There's a new entry in my headphone collection... I've bought a "legendary" Akg K141, the Studio version, which is 55 ohm version of the classic K141 Monitor. In the past I've read very good things about this cans in magazines, so I've bought them for...
  18. JeckyllAndHyde

    Just got my N.O.S. AKG K340! - now pics added

    And there is actually nice history behind them:   I bought them from a man, whose father was working for AKG at the time when the K340 and K240 were produced. He (father) was given few pairs of headphones (k340, K141, K240)  to test them at home. They were used only for few hours and are in...
  19. kloan

    Need recommendation for Studio headphones with excellent sub-bass

    Looking for recommendations for a nice studio quality can that has excellent sub-bass response. I currently have some AKG.... umm... don't remember the model.. they cost somewhere around $80 if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, I work with electronic music and I like to hear sub-bass. Nice, deep...
  20. syro

    Hi, thinking of getting the uDac-2 with headphones, what do you recommend?

    Hi, I'm new here and I'm new to Dacs. I'm interested in getting the uDac-2 as my first. I listen to a wide range of music from classical, progressive rock, jazz, electronic, metal, folk, etc. What headphones (range from $100-200) do you recommend that I get with the uDac-2?
  21. koppsach

    akg k141, 15 years old, dropped on the floor ...

    Hey, As you already know I dropped my 15 year old akg k 141 on the floor. After 2 minutes of listening, the right earcup broke or better resisted to play music anymore. I was very angry and I would be glad if anybody knows a way to repair them...
  22. TheKisho

    FS: AKG K141 Studio (Canada & US)

    Up for sale is my AKG K141 Studio headphones that I bought on Head-Fi few years ago for $90 shipped.  I've recently upgrade my secondary pair of headphones to an AKG K271 Mk.II so I these (K141S) have to go!  They sound great, the ear pads are in great shape, the straight cable has a bit of the...
  23. AKG K141 (Silver)

    AKG K141 (Silver)

    These need no introduction. If you have listened to the venerable AKG Sextett line-up, then you know what the silver AKG K141 sounds like. Excluding the passive radiators and the "styling", the silver AKG K141 shares the same drivers as the AKG K240 Sextett. However, instead of being completely...