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akg k141, 15 years old, dropped on the floor ...

  1. koppsach
    As you already know I dropped my 15 year old akg k 141 on the floor.
    After 2 minutes of listening, the right earcup broke or better resisted to play music anymore.
    I was very angry and I would be glad if anybody knows a way to repair them...
  2. lin0003
    It sounds as if your driver is broken and I don't think that you can repair them. You can get drivers from AKG I think but they may have updated them so you'll have to get 2.
  3. koppsach
    I thought so too. Sad i really liked them. Anyway I want to buy new headphones with similar quality for traveling. Any suggestions?
  4. lin0003
    If you liked these why not just to get them again?
    There is a MKII version now. 
  5. koppsach
    Actually I would go a step further... better.
    I am looking since a few months and I thought about the soundmagic hp100.
  6. Mshenay Contributor
    I love mine, the sound is so clean and crisp. The mids are nice and smooth and the bass is very well controlled. In addition you can get some w1000x pads that help increase the sound stage and 3D image as well
    I highly recommend them :D 
  7. GREQ
    The other MORE LIKELY CAUSE is that one of the cables has snapped off from one of the solder joints in the right ear-cup.
    For someone who knows AKG K141 anatomy, this is a 5 minute repair job.
    - First you need to remove the shiny 'AKG' logo using a toothpick or tiny needle to initially pry it up a tiny bit, and THEN slip in something like a guitar pick or credit card to get it all the way off - this prevents you bending or denting it, which is ridiculously easy to do.
    - Then you unscrew the tiny screw in the middle of black plastic cover; remove it revealing TWO solder joints connecting a red wire and a white wire from the headband wires to the right driver (which is you can't see yet).
    - If these two wires are secure, proceed to unscrew the BIG BRASS screw that the small plastic-cover screw was threaded into.
    - Now the whole cup should be loose and fall off the headband - the ONLY CONNECTION to the headband now is those two wires.
    - If one of those wires is loose, it should be REALLY obvious, and should be re-soldered. 
    - Now test the headphone BEFORE reassembly (because it takes a long time to disassemble again if something went wrong).
    - If this didn't work, the next most likely cause is that the connection to the right channel is broken in the left side where the cable enters the headphone - which is less likely and more difficult to fix because there are more wires to get confused with.
    If you can't be bothered then I'll be happy to nurse it back to health. [​IMG]
  8. lin0003
    Try the above first though, since you have nothing to lose really.
  9. Mshenay Contributor
    Whoa you really know your stuff there, Yea let us no what you do and how it turns out! Honestly I might be selling my HP 100 depending on my modded ShurEY 840 sounds, either way we hope you can get to a point where your happy with either your old pair of HPs [In which greq I'm sure would be happy to fix and we'd be happy to see how he fixes it :3] or a new pair of HP 100s :D and best of all, you might make a friend along the way 
  10. GREQ
    After my first love (Grado SR60i) was stolen a few years back my dad gave me his vintage AKG K141, which was probably the catalyst for my curiosity and obsession. 
    Today it's my least listened headphone, but I just can't get rid of it - still it has one of the best mid-ranges ever. EVER. Female vocals just turn to light liquid silk chocolate... but needs a half decent amp to make it sing well.
  11. Mshenay Contributor
    yea I'm hearing that alot, the HE 4 apprently sounds glorious, but needs a crazy powerful amp... 
  12. koppsach
    Ok, thanks for The help, tomorrow I'll try out my options.
    Thanks a lot
  13. koppsach
    Hey guys, I am back with a perfect "new" pair of agks :)
    Indeed the soldering joint from the red wire broke. It was easy to fix and I am glad to have a good support in the forum. only problem was the small 15 year old screw, you should have seen this In combination with the old glue for the logo. But therefor, when I put in the pin it directly popped off. If the operation would be too complex I am sure GREQ would have managed this anyway.
    Now I can go to my next project, getting some hp100 from the forum, especially because Mshenay likes them too.
    Thanks a lot, buying new ones wouldn't have made me so happy
  14. Mshenay Contributor
    Indeed! I likes em, although not to many pop up on the FS thread... 
  15. GREQ
    Vintage stuff doesn't show up very often FS. 
    And the really good stuff gets snapped up very quickly.

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