1. SephX


    Hi guys, new here on Head-Fi, but I have read around here before, and found that the advice given is quite useful, so today I was hoping you guys could help me with a question.   I've been thinking about getting a better set of cans but I can't decide between these headphones; Focal Spirit...
  2. KRANE


    So I was stupid listened to some peoples advice on this forum few years ago and bought these (Shure SE215) IN EAR CANAL EARPHONES or IEM or whatever, for music listening.   Lots of time has passed since I purchased those horrible earphones, I took up music professionally and get to work with...
  3. vavo900

    Hey everyone! Need help deciding between AIAIAI tma-1 and audio technica ATHESW9A

    Hi everyone,   I'm trying to decide between the aiai TMA-1 headphones ($167 on amazon) and the audio technica ATHESW9A right now ($220 on amazon). Anyone know if the ATHESW9A worth the extra ~60 bucks? Also I care about comfort as much as if not more than I do about sound quality. I will...
  4. cumonureds

    AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio – Young Guru Edition

    AIAIAI recently announced their latest collaboration:   AIAIAI TMA-1 - Young Guru Edition.   The new york based sound engineer has manned the boards for many Roc-A-Fella Records albums, most notably Jay-Z He's worked with everyone from Kanye to Beyonce, as well. They took the time to...
  5. xPro_MetheuSx

    AIAIAI Tma-1 or V-Moda Crossfade M-80 for Trance Music?

    Hello my dear friends;    I'm listening trance and electronic genres mostly. My previous headphone was AKG K-181 Dj. I've just sold it cause I couldn't listen it anymore due to it's too agressive highes. I was really afraid that they could make me deaf!!!   And now I'm looking for a new...
  6. DrGonzo

    AIAIAI TMA-1 - Amp Needed?

    Hello Head-Fi Community,   I have been browsing these forums for about 3 weeks now searching for some good headphones.  I am a long-time music lover, but new to music gear.  For years I have been listening to my music from my 80gb iPod Classic through crappy earbuds or through computer...
  7. AyeVeeN

    HD25-1 ii / Adidas vs TMA-1 vs others?

    So.. Hi :). I'm currently looking for an upgrade cause I'm selling my M50s (honestly, I don't know why really, but one reason is because I'm selling it for $5 more than I bought it for, and then it's insanely huge still to be portable even with its swivel features..). Been looking for rugged...
  8. Wholelottalove

    Aiaiai tma-1 vs Audio Technica ESW9

    Hi! I'm torn between these two, which one is the better one? I'm looking for fun portable headphones that are comfortable with a smooth sound. I mostly listen to metal and rock (alice in chains etc) and some pop.   Which one is better?    Regards
  9. h4ppidais

    Noise on aiaiai TMA-1

    So I connected my TMA-1 into the headphone jack in my macbook air. For whatever reason, I'm hearing a very noticeable buzzing sound. is this normal? Is there anything wrong with the jack?   I was hoping to use it to listen to music clearly on my computer but it won't work if there is a...
  10. joker190

    Needing help finding the AIAIAI TMA-1 in Miami

    First of all I have to say hi to all to you, this is my first post here, I am a 18 years old venezuelan student. Nice to meet u all   I'm starting at this of high fidelity audio because the music is the thing what I love the most in my life, and I really enjoy listening to good music. I...
  11. chewjya

    USB/ DAC Combo (AIAIAI TMA-1)

    Hi,   I'm looking for a USB/DAC combo for my laptop and iPod. It'll pair up with the AIAIAI TMA-1. Any recommendations? I listen to mostly Trance, House, Electro.... basically all kinds of electronic music. And my budget is below 150 USD Thanks in advance!
  12. macaroo

    Does the Aiaiai TMA-1 need an amp?

    So, I bought a DT770 pro a while ago but want something more portable and I like the TMA-1. I bought a CmoyBB amp for the DT770's. Should I keep this for the TMA-1 or will it be unnecessary? I will be listening mainly on my G2 phone and J3.
  13. joker190

    Time for new cans: AIAIAI TMA-1 or Sennheiser HD 25 SP

    I need help choosing the best one for me. I'm new at this of high fidelity audio :)   The headphones are going to be used in home (on my laptop) and also on the go (with my ipod nano 5th gen.)   What I listen the most is to rock music.   Which one should I buy, I like those 2  ...
  14. Rymf

    Are HD 25-1 ii / Aiaiai TMA-1 a mistake for (among other things) beat/bass/dance music production monitors?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, I've finally registered and posted here tonight after lurking for some time, as I'm closing in on a decision and now have questions specific enough that searches of previous discussions leave me wanting.   I'll soon be purchasing a pair of headphones...
  15. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] AiAiAi TMA-1 – Dark Side of the Moon

    First, I’ll like to thank AiAiAi for the sample and the local AiAiAi dealer David @ Event One for the arrangement. Back before the release of TMA-1 just over a year ago, the Danish based AiAiAi was generally recognized as yet-another-life-style-headphone-brand.  We have seen companies that offer...
  16. WakiDabeast

    How would the TMA-1 compare to the ATH-M50

    Just curious how would they compare in a few categories- Isolation? Sound Quality?       treble?       mids?       bass? Also will the TMAs easily slip off your head because it need to be able to stay on my head better than my M50's  Also how hard does the bass hit? can you like...
  17. Clockmaker

    AiAiAi TMA-1 Studio

    I just stumbled across this while browsing the internet. I think they look quite nice, perhaps even enough to accompany my LP2. Thoughts?      
  18. jake7778

    What do you guys think is better for electronic music? TMA-1, Vmoda m80, Beyerdynamic DT990,or Hifiman HE-300.

    I am looking into investing some money into one of those for electronic music (dubstep, house, electro house etc..) Which one do you guys like, and think I will like based on my music? Also which amps would work well with them, because I am going to buy an amp for whichever ones I buy unless I...
  19. dknguy

    M50 from TMA-1?

    hey guys, I currently have the AiAiAi TMA-1's and have been contemplating if I should get the M50's for months now. I was also thinking if I should keep both or sell my TMA-1's if I do get them. I really need help. I've been losing sleep and its been affecting my health and school trying...
  20. joev789

    Upgrading from ath-es7's to TMA-1?

    Recently i broke my ES7's stupidly but felt it would be a good time to upgrade think the tma-1 is a good choice but any other recommendations or comment let us know.
  21. WasabiMethod

    V-Moda M-80 vs AI AI AI TMA-1

    Hi, I'm new here to head-fi so please excuse me.   I've been recently looking for a pair of headphones around the $150-$200 area. I was juggling between the Beyerdynamic DT-770, Audio-Technica ath m50 and the V-Moda M80. I eventually settled for the V-Moda's and was sure I was going to get...
  22. kepal5

    TMA-1 Clicking noise

    Hey I got a problem with my TMA-1 when i wear it and walk around you can hear a clicking this isn't due to music cause i've tried it without music connected and it still clicks. Can anyone provide me with a answer on why and how to fix it? Many thanks Kepal5
  23. jcdgriever

    Alternative to Superlux 668b: Sennheiser HD 598? ATH-M50? Brainwavz HM3? HM5? AIAIAI-TMA1? AKG242? AKG550?

    Hey you audiophiles! I'm new here in this forum and the audiophile world. Heard a lot of amazing things about the Superlux 668b so i gave it a shot. It definitely sounds amazing, precise, and perfect. But ...thats my problem with it. Sometimes, it gets a bit boring from being too precise, too...
  24. horiizonn

    aiaiai tma-1 studio headphones.

    all i see is everyone with sneak preview of the aiaiai tma-1 studio headphones. well i have them. my local best buy had them. not shure is a mistake that they had them out. but i bought them. :)   heres a quick unboxing. not a good one. but still.

    aiaiai tma1 studio VS audio technica ath m50s

    read edited version here: and thanks too BRSxLgnition for doing the editing work