1. session76

    Silicone Custom In ear monitors for 339$ from ACS

    I may get one of these as a backup pair for working out.  I love my ACS T1 and these are apparently similar in sound.  Great deal.  I've enjoyed my T1, they are comfortable,  seal well, and have incredible sound quality    ...
  2. Boombastic88

    In Ear Monitor Filters/ Dampers

    I thought I'd do a write-up on this since there's not much else on it on the internet. First off, here's a little something for the people who do not yet know: IEM's from the brands Etymotic, Westone, and Shure all use a small device referred to as a filter or damper inside of the canal that...
  3. Musicdiddy

    Closed back headphones for Solo/RX MK3

    I know there are loads of threads asking which headphone but........... I have a CLAS -db>ALO RX Mk3>Ipod Classic which I use mainly with my B & W P5's. I also have a pair of ACS T1 Lives which have gone back for adjustment a couple of times because I am not happy with sound - the soundstage is...
  4. Somnambulist

    Ultimate Hearing Protection Systems UK - SoundEar Pro 3 – new UK custom IEMs!

      Intro: As many of us in the UK are all too aware, our options are pretty limited when it comes to custom IEMs designed, manufactured and sold in our own country.  There’s ACS and Minerva (if there’s any others I’m not aware), and from there it’s a case of dealing with shipping impressions...
  5. HalfBakedPotato

    cIEMs for onstage monitoring for a bass player

    Hi - I am currently using some ACS T1 lives with a Shure PSM900 system... and like many others, I'm getting a bit annoyed with the delay in the pack that will enable the ambient mics to work. The whole reason for me choosing that system in the first place was that ambient system and it's non...
  6. fryzie

    What's most important - AMP, Subwoofer or Speakers?

    I want to create a good system and all I have right now is T1 headphones. I currently have the opportunity to buy the Velodyne 10" SPL-Ultra for $937 which is a bargain - but bit more than I would have ever wanted to spend. Because I don't know much, out of the AMP, subwoofer and speakers, which...
  7. wasily

    What is the best SILICONE ciem on the market

    I have tralucent 1p2 which I love but want something silicon and custom with great isolation and good bass (most of my listening is electronica). I've heard great things about the spiral ear 5 way but was wondering if there was anything else in the market that was comparable? Any suggestions...
  8. Nemesis001

    Just got my brand new ACS T1 customs. They sound wrong to me (incl. graphs)

    Hi,   Normally I have a pair of ATH-M50 both at home and work paired with a basic FIIO E7. I reasonably like it, but I planned on getting a pair of Alcalair Reference's based on their reviews and cost. While taking ear measurements, the audiologist which is also selling custom ACS IEMs...
  9. jerrynomenon

    ultrasone pro 900: how's noise canceling?

    I'm getting ultrasone pro 900 for its bass (I love bass - I usually listen to hip hop or edm) and I have a question. How's noise canceling ability? I used to own Bose qc 15 and ONLY thing I liked on that can was its ANC capability. I know that pro 900 is not ANC ones but how are they perform on...
  10. mark_h

    REVIEW: UE11 vs ACS T1, In Recovery.

    UE11 vs ACS T1, in recovery. Thanks for a certain level of anonymity. Peace!
  11. kryten123

    Any ACS T1 owners had problems with theirs?

    Hi All,   I was wondering if any other ACS T1 owners have had any issue with their earphones? I have had mine for about a year now and the right earpiece has died twice so far. Luckily they are still in warranty and to give them their due, ACS are quick and efficient in fixing them and...
  12. kryten123

    Any owners of both ACS T1 and JH16 Pro here?

    Hi All,   I own the ACS T1s which I love, but for a number of reasons I am also considering buying the JH16Pro. I'd like to know from anyone that owns both, what you think the differences are and whether you think I should go for it? Which do you use\favour more often?   Thanks
  13. Martinjay

    ColorFly C4 - ACS T1 With Portable Amp FiiO E17? Views Please

    Hello,   I've decided to upgrade my listening experience for classical music to a ColorFly C4 and my preferred pairing will be the ACS T1's, but should I use a portable amplifier with this set up and if so what do more experienced people here think of the FiiO E17 as an appropriate choice...
  14. witherx

    ACS T1 VS ACS T1 Live!

    Am gonna get a pay for customs after must deliberation. However, i am quite confused between the above stated 2 CIEMs. Can anybody enlighten me on the difference between the 2 besides the inbuilt microphone?
  15. unterwegs1989

    The inside of ACS T1 (old vision) shocked me when I opened it..And now I'm confused.....

    Firstly I must be honest to say that I've got no good impressions of ACS T1(old vision)...the bass quality is even worth then  some $50-IEMs. So I try my best to avoid to review it in this thread...   My ACS T1 was found broken for weeks. And I contacted the Scheinhardt Lab(where I had my T1...
  16. gomincha

    High-end headphones for mixing and mastering?

    Hi all,   I want a set of headphones as flat, realistic, accurate and detailed as possible for mixing and mastering applications. I was thinking something in the lines of HD800, T1, LCD2, SR-007 and 4070. Any suggestions?
  17. ballcall2

    Acs t1 or t2?

    Is the improvment of the ACS T1 over the T2 worth the extra money? My music is mainly classical (mainly), jazz, rock and vocal music. And another question: which is better- hard acrylic of soft silicon? 
  18. shoeblade

    New ACS T1, no acoustic dampers?

    I recently got the ACS T1 IEM. Although all the pictures I found of it have acoustic dampers in the tubes, mine don't. Does anyone else with recent models also have the dampers missing? I know this affects the shaping of the sound on the high end.
  19. HalfBakedPotato

    cIEMS for onstage monitoring for a singing bass player. move from ACS T1s?

    Hi - I am currently using some ACS T1 lives with a Shure PSM900 system... and like many others, I'm getting a bit annoyed with the delay in the pack that will enable the ambient mics to work. The whole reason for me choosing that system in the first place was that ambient system and it's non...
  20. Supreme-Magnum

    The best headphones i can buy! ( money is no issue)

    as the tile says, i listen a lot to (dubstep+DnB-40%-+Trance+House+Glitch+Bass+Classical music 50%) and i game 50% of the time + listen to music 50% !
  21. Jacky1028041

    Westone ES5 in UK

    Hi there   I am interested in getting the ES5.  However I live in the UK and there is a huge difference in the price of ES5 in UK retail stores and from the westone website. The price on the Westone website for ES5 is $950, which comes to about £620. However the price of the ES5 in UK retail...
  22. average_joe

    Custom IEM Review: Heir Audio 8.A – Long live the king

    Custom IEM Review: Heir Audio 8.A – Long live the king     Heir Audio was started by Dr. John Moulton, who has been involved in the hearing industry since childhood.  Before starting Heir Audio, Dr. Moulton would post images of custom IEMs he created, all with amazing artwork and became...
  23. average_joe

    Multi-Custom In-Ear Monitor Review, Resource, Mfg List & Discussion (Check first post for review links & information)

    This is the custom in-ear monitor (CIEM) resource thread with a collection of review summaries for many of many CIEMs with links to full reviews as well as quite a bit of information.  I complied this resource since CIEMs have poor resale value and I could not find a resource that compared more...
  24. twelvebears

    Why aren't portable amp makers more open about output impedance?

    Is it just me, or are amp makers that officially state the output impedance for their products in the minority?   I know it's not the be-all, end-all, but making sure the output/load impedance ratio is at least 1/8 is quite important to make sure that the frequency response of the 'phones...
  25. Warwick Hunt

    Shure SE846 or ACS T1, or ???

    Ok so I am looking for some new IEM's. I have looked at various posts on here and I'm more confused than ever! Originally I was going to go for ACS T1's, but after reading some reviews on here my horizons have been widened! Audio source is just direct out of iPhone / iPad, no amps or anything...