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  • Sony Qualia's IEM, a redesigned EX71SL for the Qualia 017 - MD1 MiniDisc Walkman.

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  1. the wizard of oz
    The Qualia IEM
    Written by the wizard of oz
    Published Nov 3, 2010
    Pros - Design, SQ & fit.
    Cons - Poor quality cable, SQ expected to be better for the price = poor performance / price value
    Qualia design & price tag but poor quality cable, & SQ should be better at that price range.
    Another explanation could be that I didn't receive the real thing, since I didn't get all the accessories, box & documentation with them, just the actual EXQ1 set of in-ear earphones. They would be very well imitated fakes since cosmetically they look the same, AFAIK.


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