the wizard of oz
Jan 13, 2007
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Antiques, cont art; trans&interp; el&com netw; com maint; masonry, plumbing, carpentry; gardening

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    Antiques, cont art; trans&interp; el&com netw; com maint; masonry, plumbing, carpentry; gardening
    See non-headphone interests below, since character limit here is a little restrictive...
    Nature, history, geopolitics, macro-economy, sociology, ethnology, holistic medicine, psychiatry and psychology, cuisine & wine, cigarros, re-f-use, recycling, graphic arts, design, architecture, archaeology, astrophysics, literature, cinema, journalism, cycling, hiking, gardening, travelling, chess, billiards, poker, grass, canasta, tarot, belote, my friends & family, and last but not least, music, to play, to listen to.
    Flute, piano, turntables, computer, I play.
    All other & aforementioned instruments + voice I listen to, in a very wide variety of genres.
    Headphone Inventory:
    ATH-W5000 - WTB ATH-CK100PRO - To Go! 334 - Oriolus - ATH-L3000 - MDR-R10 (Dream on)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    DX100 - A-9010 - WTB AT-HA5000 - AT-HA5050H
    Source Inventory:
    DX100 - MZ-EH1 - MZ-RH1 - WTB DX200
    X-B7 & 8 - MD-105FX - DV-SP205FX - K-505FX -T-405FX - SL-1200 MK4 > A-905FX
    Mac Mini > A-9010 WTB A-9050
    WTB 300PCIE LTD - HDC-1.0 - another SL-1200 MK4 - AT-HA5050H - BDP-105D Aria MZR
    Cable Inventory:
    1.5m OFC shielded gold-plated stereo RCA to stereo mini Neutrik
    10m S/PDIF optical Toslink to Toslink with mini adapter
    1.5m AT610A RCA Phono
    Power-Related Components:
    WTB Mains conditioner
    Other Audio Equipment:
    PE-155 - D-152E - D-055 - ECM-MS957- WTB DF-01i
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    WTB Shielded Mains Cables - Better Speaker Cables
    Music Preferences:
    ECO058 Abilis - K200D - Mini-Maglite - H1000 - Ratcheting screwdriver with standard tips + LED - Bottle opener/cork screw ;) - Cinema Displays - PowerMac G5 cased PC - Mac Mini - W123 200D (W) 240TD (L) 280TE (W) - WTB Leatherman Wave - more Cinema Displays, 20, 23 & 30" - Lepus Comfort - W123 230/280CE - W123 300TD Turbo - VW T2 Danbury - Quattroporte V (Ivory W or Bordeaux R) ;) - Citroën SM & DS
    Eudæmonist maharishi


    RYMeBay •                Mini > A-9010 > D-055    SL-1200 MK4 > Intec 205 > D-152E               DX100 > W5000
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