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NiceHCK Oalloy and C4-1 iem cables


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  1. Dsnuts
    NiceHCK Oalloy and C4-1 cables.
    Written by Dsnuts
    Published Nov 16, 2019
    Pros - Higher end cables, Sonic improvements are easily heard, Solid construction and connectors, soft non stiff cables, Both can be bought cheaper when on sale on aliexpress
    Cons - A bit spendy for cables. You might end up having no use for your stock cables after using these.
    UPOCC stands for Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Casting. While all copper is continuously cast, OCC copper is cast using a heated mold for casting and extruding, which results in much greater crystal size across single strands of copper, increasing purity to 99.9998%.

    First I would like to give a shout out to Jim at NiceHCK for providing me a sample of their newest higher end cables for review. These cables can be purchased on their web site. Here. This review will be covering their newest higher end cables the Oalloy and the C4-1 cables. The Oalloy is a 6N UPOCC Copper and Copper-Silver Alloy mixed cable Litz. And the C4-1 is a 4 core single crystal copper structure UPOCC Litz covered with PVC and an outer core of black weaved cloth material.

    Both cables have similar excellent build quality connectors and are soft with no stiffness. Both were used in balanced in mmcx connectors.

    Being an owner of more cables for my earphones than I am willing to admit. Sometimes I ask myself when is enough is enough. Much like the collector of things that are good in this hobby. I refuse to give up on my cables. This being said. I am of the opinion that you don’t need to spend a kings ransom to get good quality cables for your favorite earphones. These new cables are a shining example of just this.

    Cables that push the $100 mark and over are not really for folks that are new to cable rolling and in all honesty there is a huge variety of cables that fall under the magic $60 mark that will give you what your looking for.. But for the enthusiast that want every bit of sonic goodness that can be squeezed out of your favorite earphones and don't mind spending a bit to get there. These are for you.

    I am gonna let everyone know a bit of an industry secret. These are rebranded cables. Thats right. Rebranded meaning they are the exact same cable that another vendor sells for much more. So what does that mean? There is a reason why these cost like they do. Cables are the one accessory you can’t judge by the way they look. I have in my possession cables that look stunning, shiny, expensive looking that really dont do much but just look pretty. Then I have cables that are thinner, brittle looking and quite frankly cheap looking that ends up being much better for sonic enhancements for my phones. So looks aren’t everything. Cables have everything to do with the quality of the materials they are made from. And quality is what you get with these cables.


    1. Product Name:NICEHCK 6N Cable
    2. Brand and Model: NICEHCK Oalloy
    3. Material: 6N UPOCC Copper and Copper-Silver Alloy Mixed
    4. Purity: 99.9997%
    5. Conductor core: 25AWG
    6. Number of cores: 44*4
    7. Outer diameter of internal single core: 0.06mm
    8. Single Outer skin diameter:1.5mm
    9. Internal core structure: Litz structure
    10.Outer skin material: PVC
    11.Color: Copper
    12.Plug type: 3.5 /2.5 /4.4mm straight plug
    1. Product Name:NICEHCK 6N UPOCC copper silver plated cable
    2. Brand and Model: NICEHCK C4-1
    3. Material: 6N UPOCC copper silver plated
    4. Purity: 99.9998%
    5. Conductor core: 26AWG
    6. Number of cores: 60*4 {(28*0.08mm+32*0.05mm)*4}
    7. Outer diameter of internal single core: 0.08mm/ 0.05mm
    8. Single Outer skin diameter:1.5mm
    9. Internal core structure: Litz structure
    10.Outer skin material: PVC
    11.Color: Black
    12.Plug type: 3.5 /2.5 /4.4mm straight plug
    13.Interface: MMCX/ 0.78mm 2Pin/ NX7 2Pin/ qdc 2Pin connector

    A quick shout out to the cable guru himself @hakuzen. The Oalloy is numbered 210 on his cable list which can be found here among other cables. Also my own thread with many impressions of cables found here.

    Oalloy and the C4-1 are both made of a higher grade of copper at its core, Alloy copper mixed a higher end pure copper for the Oalloy and the C-41 having a single grade of crystal copper with a silver plating both in litz structure. There is no way of distinguishing what the materials are really without an alchemy lab but whatever they are using for the cores on these cables. These cables adds sonic character to the base foundation of your earphones they are attached to and they are absolutely magical on my earphones.


    As soon as I got the cables. I threw them right away on my AndromedaS. I was left a bit perplexed. It sounded so good I have yet to hear my AndroS sound quite this nice. It was actually approaching my Soliars in fullness and detail from bass to treble. Connected to the stock SPC litz cables does no such thing.

    In fact I ended up listening to the AndroS for 3 hours first time I connected it to the Oalloy.. You know the cable is good when you get lost in your music without knowing it. Astounding. The sound production was at a new level vs my other cables. What can I say. My brain was telling me there is something good going on here. The synergy of my Andro S with these cables and my Shanling M5s was one for the ages.

    The AndromedaS is a special edition 5BA earphone from Campfire Audio which need no introduction. The Andro S houses some incredible sonics and a sound I know very well. Cables does have an influence on the Andro S due to their high sensitivity and revealing character. So this being said it has become my test bed for all things cable related.

    Sonic flavoring is the result of cables. Some hear the sonic flavoring some don’t. If you are in the camp that don’t believe in cables and can’t hear any sonic changes. I envy you since you don’t have to go out and spend on cables. Stick with the stock litz cable they are excellent cables. No need to upgrade for you..But for the rest who need and want a slight flavoring of the sonics on your great sounding earphones. These were the observations on both cables.


    Oalloy: Cable number 210 on Hakuzen's list. This cable is a bit flimsy looking to be honest. A bit thin with a thicker PVC. Wires look a bit thin compared to other 4 core cables. But none of that really matters cus what looks a bit thin has nothing to do with the bold clarity, detail and bass these things produce. Adding a flavor of dynamism that cheaper cabes can’t touch. The Andro comes alive with better dynamics over their own stock litz cable which are worth $150 by the way.

    Due to the better dynamic perception, bass comes alive with greater authority. Mids detail become slightly more vivid. Treble become cleaner and more precision. With the best bass production I have yet to hear on my AndroS. I knew right away this cable belongs on my beloved Andromeda S.


    C4-1. With this cable connected. First I want to say looks absolutely stunning on my all chrome Andromeda S. It brings a different flavor of sound vs the Oalloy. Detail is at the forefront of this cable. Bringing an added touch of resolution to the Andro S sound. I have yet to hear musical detail quite like what I hear using this cable. Treble has a bit more shimmer a touch more air, mids have a clarity that I have yet to hear on the Andro S tuning. Clean clear crisp.Imaging jumps out with better black space. The bass end seemed a bit punchier tighter yet just as deep using the Oalloy. Gives my andro S a more neutral revealing character. After using the C-41 for a while I now have no idea which cable I actually like better on my Andro S. Both sound terrific on the phones. It is a good problem to have. I suppose I can change them up when the mood hits me.

    In conclusion. I look at these cables like this. They are a lot like your girlfriend/ boyfriend. You love them for everything they are. They are always there for you but on occasions they will make themselves up using some makeup and a nice outfit for them dates. Nights to remember them and love them more.

    Before and after make up.

    [​IMG] upload_2019-11-16_12-18-54.jpeg [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    What this is in fact what these cables can do for your earphones. At the core of the earphones sound is the same. No graph is gonna really show what these cables do but why would you not like the after. As always. Happy listening.
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