Big Raw impactful and spacious...

NiceHCK DIY MX760 Graphene (10-22000Hz)

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    • Brand Name: NICEHCK
    • Frequency Response Range: 10-22000Hz
    • Active Noise-Cancellation: No
    • Connectors: 3.5mm
    • Function: HiFi Headphone,Common Headphone
    • Wireless Type: None
    • Volume Control: No
    • Waterproof: No
    • Line Length: 1.2m
    • Resistance: 16Ω
    • Communication: Wired
    • Vocalism Principle: Dynamic
    • Model Number: DIY MX760
    • Control Button: No
    • Sensitivity: 108dB
    • Style: In-Ear
    • Plug Type: Line Type

Recent Reviews

  1. SweetEars
    Spacious , big cinematic with some flaws .....
    Written by SweetEars
    Published Dec 3, 2017
    Pros - Soundstage, Ambience Depth and Airiness
    Big sound and Fun Factor...
    Excellent smooth treble
    Cons - Not for audiophile listening...
    Dependent on source quality sound to shine
    Here is a review of the new NICEHCKDIY MX760 Graphene-Earbud ( 10- 22000Hz version) which is different from the older ones (15-30000hz). First of all, I will use the following words from this list to describe these new graphenes in the overall sound signature. Equipment used are everyday devices iPhone and laptop with source sound of varying qualities.

    Ambience - Impression of an acoustic space, such as the performing hall in which a recording was made.
    Transparent/ holographic - Easy to hear the music, detailed, clear, not muddy. Wide flat frequency response, sharp time response, very low distortion and noise. A hear through quality that is akin to clarity and reveals all aspects of detail.
    Gentle - Opposite of edgy. The harmonics (of the highs and upper mids) are not exaggerated, or may even be weak.
    Headstage - The perception of the Soundstage while listening to headphones.
    Depth - A sense of distance (near to far) of different instruments.
    Lush - A "lush" sound has a sense of warmth and fullness. Notes are more authoritative and have a sense of life about them. It is a sound free of any sibilance or brightness. It does not mean colored, however. It is an open and inviting sound enveloping the listener into its soundstage.
    Smooth - Easy on the ears, not harsh. Flat frequency response, especially in the midrange. Lack of peaks and dips in the response.
    Spacious - Conveying a sense of space, ambiance, or room around the instruments; stereo reverb; early reflections.
    Wet - A reverberant sound, something with decay. Opposite of Dry.
    Nasal - Honky, a bump in the response around 600 Hz.

    So what do they sound like? This is where things get a bit interesting. If u are used to budget earbud typical sound signatures, these can sound pretty loud hefty, heavy and wide in the presentation with a "brutish" cinema hall sound signature.

    Articulation: Raw, impactful, rounded and powerful and holographic transparency are the best ways to describe these earbuds. Comes with as one whole sound as part of the soundstage rather than being nuanced or specific, not in the way of showing the obvious treble, mids and lows but the articulation of these earbuds seem to be more suited for adoption to different hardware sources like amps and DACs for some type of articulation that may differ from equipment to equipment synergy .These graphenes seem to be more concentrated on forward- back articulation (depth related) rather than top-down articulation, the stuff which audiophiles always refer to in terms of "high" and lows". well, this itself is not a bad thing and may suit certain tastes. Treble, mids bass exist as in synergy as part of the soundstage being conveyed though it is not a flat sound signature and more about the "depth articulation"; if u prefer instruments floating in a large 3D psuedo sound space with some body then these are for u.

    Tonality: A cool tone FMish radio tone. At times a sudden sparkle comes along to brighten the signature. Sound feels like its going some reprocessing .

    Treble: Sweet signature, a good amount of sparkle with some detail with high-quality sources. No sibilance present but rather weighty and airy. but have a rather weighty well-rounded presence with a roll off that is not obviously detectable. The breaking of glass sounds seem to be more natural, rounded , weighty and natural .i will describe them as full glass oriented heavy sound ( the type when u hear glass breaking, it has a tremendous impact with depth), or a bubbly effect but raw. Treble isn't very detailed on nuances or articulation but come off as a whole sound from low-quality sources. However at this point I need to emphasize that these earbuds are highly dependent on the type of foams and equipment used despite not having a high impedance.

    Mids: Noticeably present and heavy, neither forward nor recessed and sense of presence that is forward with good quality sources. Not detailed or articulated. Vocals can be hollow with some poor sources. The mids rather come off as part of the soundstage depth, being distant and forward at different times. Sometimes harsh with processed sources or the type of foams used. Depending on the foams used, those who are used to a textured or colored sound may find the presentation harsh with some tinge of muddiness at times especially in movies where the volume normalizer function is not enabled.The biggest drawback of the mids is that they have a hollow dull presentation with poor sources.

    Bass: A general weight fast bass attack with a " flat thump" and slight "boomy" sound that extends sideways than top to below. Bass is ample and wont disappoint but, the bass presence takes a backseat in definition and detail. A little audible sub bass boom is present as part of the lower mid. Lacks some detail but comes across as pretty adequate. Bass creeps up to to the mids with a just tinge of sub bass.The bass rather comes off as a bodied sound in synergy with the mids and treble with a tinge of a boom with ambience. Most of it present as part of the lower mids. The bass here is not audiophile quality, certainly will not win awards but adequate for casual listener .

    Soundstage: One of the biggest soundstage u will ever hear in an earbud.Much better than other earbuds in the same price range.A more deep than wide presentation. A decent amount of air is present depending on the source. Transparency and holographic qualities are present in good amount, a bit too much in some instances where the source sound is reverberant in nature, some distortion or unnatural characteristics in reverb may be present due to over emphasis. The forward back depth articulation is something that the casual listener will love. Imaging and positioning are decent but not fantastic. Clarity is decent at the expense of some details.Overall good surround capabilities.

    Overall: These earbuds are highly dependent on the source sound in their reproduction. They do everything well but excel in none. All-rounder performers that are good enough to go into your collection if u do not pay attention to articulation or being an audiophile. The better the quality of the source, the better these perform.The differences can be rather pronounced in their presentation. Can be best described in doing everything reasonably well but excels in none except in air and soundstage. Excellent value for money.

    In my opinion. these new graphenes resemble the Monks VE but none of the drawbacks of the monks. After testing for 2 days in comparison with the EMX500 and this new graphenes (10hz-22000hz), seem to be tuned for a big sound with emphasis on the soundstage, very much like the monks plus, but of course they are better than the monks in every way and they likely seem to perform better with audiophile sources and more expensive hardware or dedicated amps. The emx500 is suited for a wide variety of common sources ( youtube, movies, and mp3) probably because of their texture or colored sound. I will describe the new graphenes as trying to reproduce the source sound in a big way but as close to the natural source as possible. . The sound signature is generally appealing to the casual listener.However, u need good quality sources for them to really shine.
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