Revonext NEX202

General Information



1. Product Name: Original Revonext NEX202 In-ear Earphone
2. Brand:Revonext
3. Model: NEX202
4. Earphone type: In-ear
5. Impedance: 18Ω
6. Earphone sensitivity: 105dB/mW
7. Frequency range: 20-20000Hz
8. Interface: 3.5mm Gilded
9. Plug Type: Straight
10.Cable Length: 1.2m±3cm
11.Color: GUN,Black
12.Whether with cable: YES
13.Earphone interface: 2Pin Interface
14.Whether with mic: Optional
15.Whether can replacement cable: Yes
16.Driver unit: 1DD+1BA hybrid driver unit

Latest reviews

RevoNext NEX202 sleeper iem 😀
Pros: Great 1dd 1ba for the money
Deep bass and Sharp crisp non harsh highs
Cons: Cable tangles a lot but sounds good
Revonext NEX202 👍🏼😀👏🏼😎

Crisp sharp treble , non fatiguing but on the bright side , not harsh

Clean mids, better than average vocals

Neutral bass but larger presence with big 12mm driver, deeper rumble the other dual hybrids. 1dd 1ba inside

Equal to kb04, slightly cleaner treble and mids, cost is 40% more.

Under rated iem, beats form 1.1 imo.

Not as good as tri i4 but also 2/3 price.

Handles eq well , bass easily boosted to clean deep levels.

Drums are detailed and accurate.

Treble has air and sparkle

Great build quality, tips and cable

Stock cable sounds good but tangles easily

Recommend 👍🏼 another 2019 sleeper


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