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  • HTB1iKFsajvuK1Rjy0Faq6x2aVXaU.jpg

    4BA+1DD Hybrid In Ear Earphone

    Brand: CCA

    Model: C10

    Earphone type: In-ear

    Impedance: 32Ω

    Earphone sensitivity: 108dB/mW

    Frequency range: 7-40000Hz

    Pin Type:0.75mm

    Line Length: 120±5cm

    Color: Black,Cyan,Purple

    Whether with cable: Yes

    Whether can replacement cable: Yes

    Whether with mic: can choose

Recent Reviews

  1. DallaPo
    CCA C10 | 1*DD & 4*BA | Rating: 8.9
    Written by DallaPo
    Published Jan 16, 2019 at 12:01 PM
    Pros - stage
    balanced V-signature
    strong bass
    haptics and appearance
    wearing comfort
    Cons - bass sometimes exaggerates
    slight emphasis on the sibilants
    CCA seems to be a daughter company of Knowledge Zenith, because it uses partially, in modified form, the cases of already existing KZ In-Ears (C10 - ZSN | C16 - AS10), as well as drivers in different configurations (BAs of the ZS10 - BAs of the C10), but also brings in own elements, like the cable connector, design of the housing plate, or concerning the drivers and their tuning. It will be interesting to see which way the two companies take. With the C16 (8 BAs) CCA breaks the 100 € mark for the first time, which KZ has so far successfully undercut, but has not yet come up with such a configuration.

    The housing of the C10 is basically the same as that of the KZ ZSN. Only the metal housing plate is different and will probably serve the recognition feature of CCA in the future, since the same is also found in the C16. In addition, the version numbers of CCA seem plausible at the moment (C04 - 2 drivers per side, C10 - 5 drivers, C16 - 8 drivers), which doesn't always seem very logical for KZ. However, this will probably change as soon as more 5 drivers in-Ears from CCA come onto the market, unless you consistently open a new series such as CCA K10 or similar, in a new, but within the series similar design.

    Like the KZ ZSN, the C10 is more than comfortable to wear and the isolation is above average. In contrast to many other in-ears from KZ, you also have the feeling of holding a premium product in your hands, within the price category.

    Here I would like to consult the comparison to the KZ ZS10, because they share not only the same number of drivers with the same setup (1*DD & 4*BA), but also exactly the same BA drivers.

    The bass doesn't differ too much from the ZS10. They both deliver nearly the same depth and have a dry mid-bass punch. However, the bass of the C10 is rounder and more dynamic. The bass of the ZS10, on the other hand, is more sterile. Here you quickly realize that the dynamic driver of the C10 is different from that of its brother.
    It can give any genre the impact it needs. Whether Rock, Jazz, Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, or Electro. In the rarest cases he can easily exaggerate it, because the bass of the C10 is by far not a child of sadness. But it doesn't rob the mids and highs their place, it just knocks from below on the basement door of the ground floor from time to time. I would describe it as fun, dynamic and textured, although the latter is not its main focus. It provides a warm but natural sound.

    The mids are surprisingly present for the V-signature. In any case, they are much more musical than those of the ZS10 and the voices are more in the foreground and have a considerable body. If you like, the mids are exactly between the ZS10 and the ZS7, as they are a bit more "In Your Face" with the ZS7, as well as more playful and spacious.
    So if you don't like it so direct, but don't want to search for the mids while listening to a song, the C10 is the right choice for you. Everything sounds very natural and well separated. Especially guitar-heavy music is fun, like for example "All of it" by Cole Swindell, or "Moving On" by Paul Weller. Here you also become aware of what the C10 can do on stage. We have vertically observed the voice behind the forehead, the guitars at eye level and the strings already above the head. Coldplay's "Fix You (Live in Buenos Aires)" gives you an insight into what is possible in width and depth. The audience is felt everywhere in the head and outside.

    However, the song, as well as True Colours (Chlara), has a small point of criticism and these are the sibilants. They aren't overly accentuated, but pop up from time to time. But that's all in the framework!
    The trebles are generally quite crisp, but without getting too sharp or sounding metallic. The metallic sound we get with the ZS10 is more pronounced, but the treble is more relaxed. Nevertheless, the high frequencies of the C10 do almost everything right. Clear and detailed, they buzz around in your head and provide a great 3D experience. And it never gets unpleasant or too sharp.

    It's impressive what CCA does with the C10, because although they share the drivers of the KZ ZS10 except for the dynamic ones, they are much better tuned, placed and adjusted. In addition there is the entry price of almost 33 € which is more than justified for these in-ears. The C10 doesn't disregard the mids within the V-signature and gives us a fun and balanced sound.

    BUY HERE:CCA Headphone Store

    Used Songs:
    Fix You (Live in Buenos Aires) – Coldplay
    Algorithm – Muse
    True Colours – Chlara
    Jumpsuit – twenty one pilot
    Prayers – Good Charlotte
    Moving On – Paul Weller
    All of it – Cole Swindell
    Get Your Shirt – Underworld

    More reviews: https://david-hahn.wixsite.com/chi-fiear
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CHIFIEAR/
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    2. SweetEars
      Agree with most points int he review CCA C10 has a nice tuning but due to its naturalness, poor quality sound quality sources tend come off as poor...
      SweetEars, Jan 16, 2019 at 7:58 PM
    3. BadReligionPunk
      I am pretty blown away by these things. They are fantastic all rounders. Them mids are so clean and snappy. I've definitely got my eye on CCA now.
      BadReligionPunk, Jan 18, 2019 at 10:00 PM
    4. sareer007
      How does the clarity, seperation and stage of cca c10 compare to tin t2s?
      sareer007, Jan 19, 2019 at 5:14 AM
  2. SweetEars
    Perfect as the musical budget Champ....
    Written by SweetEars
    Published Jan 3, 2019
    Pros - Open soundstage, very musical... clarity with excellent layering and big value for money....
    Cons - None at this price point....


    *The CCA C10 can be purchased form the official CCA Headphone Store*

    Overall impressions
    : With 20 hours of Burn in process . The overall sound signature is V-shaped without Doubt with more forward sound. There is a big Impact being conveyed with these IEMS but not overdone.There is a good balance between the highs mids and lows which is the main draw factor of this IEM. The layering is very good and the articulation is premium. There is some scientific type of sound articulation going on where one gets the impression of being in premium quality studio. A good impactful factor is present. Overall in between a audiophile and fun factor IEM.Overall these IEMs present the aspect of aliveness :- quality of sound reproduction which gives an impression that the performers are present, in person, in the listening room with body , bearing a quality of roundness and robustness in reproduced sound. "Gutsiness." and best described as a "lively sound without coloration" is present.Overall very musical IEM with the right amount of body oriented sound , articulation and coherence without overdoing or excess in any part of the sound

    Treble: Tricky to describe the treble characteristics of the C10. They are best described as nowhere here nor there but in no way lacking.Better than average details and clarity. No harshness or sibilance present here but at the same time not smooth or not having a roll off early. They are of a slight grainy nature in some instances with hard hitting "tin sound" impact.The treble is open and transparent with some body . There is a well rounded form to the treble with airyness. Note that the airiness here is not present as sparkle which most people relate to the notion of "air" but more of a different variety where there is a well rounded sound with hard crispy edge floating in a soundstage. The treble is part of the soundstage and there is some sparkle like reverb present depending on if the source material calls for it .Crisp is more present than sparkle.Treble overall is not too clumsy, thin or flimsy. Just the right body and shape.Those who are used to sparkly IEMS will not miss anything here..

    Mids: Perfectly placed. Neither recessed nor too forward. There is a good "shape and form " present with a bright tonality and transparency in the mids.They are not too steely or not too harsh but just right. There is some crisp present that articulates similar to the treble characteristics.They are right in their place without creeping up to the treble.Both male and female vocals come across extremely well with body and shape form.No graininess or grittiness is present.A smooth body and sufficient transparent charactistic is present.One of the best mids heard in a a budget IEM.

    Bass:Without doubt, the classic V-shaped bass just in the right amount. There is no excessive mid bass present to cloud the soundstage or early roll off bass. The sub bass digs deep enough without being overly dominant and spreads widely in the lower spectrum of the soundstage. The bass is kept in its place without creeping up to the mids. the overall bass is more sub bass or lower mid bass oriented than mid bass dominant in line with a deep V shaped signature . Regarding details , they sound smooth and coherent without obscuring details or clarity coming through the soundstage.

    Soundstage: Open with ample depth, height and width containing a "live" sound. Lots of background acoustical space present here. There is very good separation , some micro details with clarity and instrumentation. The same amount of depth and width present. Not too wide or narrow. The instumentation comes across as floating in 3D space togther with clarity, decent transpareny and instrumentatio without coming off as too thin or flimsy but with the right body. There is a good amount of ambience. One good characteristic of the soundstage is the cocktail-party effect , controllable ability to separate-out, on the basis of direction alone, one sound source from many coming from different directions. It allows you to follow one voice among the others at a noisy cocktail party.as when a sound has the timbre of a close listening seat but the perspective of a distant one.Overall a very musical soundstage is present.

    Tonality: A mixture of warm and cold sound tonality.Bright, brilliant but also dark whch relates well to the energy content found in reproduced music.Quite apt for musicality.


    Select comparison with KZ ZSN: I have both these IEMs and have used them extensively The C10 has same V -shaped sound signature. With the stock cable and eartips. my first impressions have the sound signature very close to ZSN but with a difference. The frequencies and layering are kept in their place without the mid/vocal harshness or the overly steely sound signature of ZSN. The vocals are not overly forward like the ZSN. the musical qualities are better than the RSN. the stage is more holographic than RSN. There is more depth articulation in the stage. overall the C10 manages to sound better in all aspects.
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    2. 1clearhead
      No worries, I'll give some impressions on the differences once I receive my second pair sometime next week.
      1clearhead, Jan 4, 2019
      SweetEars likes this.
    3. DallaPo
      Why should there be any differences? I'm listening to the C10 right now and will have my review finished by the week.
      DallaPo, Jan 15, 2019 at 11:01 AM
      1clearhead likes this.
    4. 1clearhead
      I'm sure what he meant was if their were any differences in a new pair when compared to one that's been used well over a certain amount of time, say over 100 hours plus, which I already answered at either the chi-fi or KZ thread several pages back.
      1clearhead, Jan 15, 2019 at 11:23 AM


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