Edifier GM360

General Information

  • Product Name: EDIFIER / Wanderer GM360
  • Brand: EDIFIER / walker
  • Edifier Headphone Model: GM360
  • Headphone material: plastic
  • Plug diameter: 3.5mm
  • Package type: Package one Package three Package two Official standard
  • Cable length: 1.3m
  • Production enterprises: Dongguan City Rambler Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Headphone category: gaming headset
  • With or without microphone: Yes
  • Wearing method: in-ear
  • Headphone type: wired
  • Headphone plug type: L curved
  • Applicable music type: General
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Sensitivity: 100dB / mW
  • Frequency response range: 20-20000Hz

Latest reviews

Pros: Excellent Layering
well bodied and rounded sound
Non shouty smooth vocals
Accurate well controlled bass and rumble
Clear and clean notes
Great articulation
Tight well controlled bass and rumble
Exquisite cold icy type tonality
Smooth and Non fatiguing
transparency and holographic
Midrange and soundstage
Incredible Value for money
Cons: slightly Processed and colored sound
Timbre accuracy
Bass can be more detailed.

Finally got my hands on this hecate 360 and i must say i was quite underwhelmed at first listen as the treble sounded shrill and tinny and thin sound signature . But however after changing the stock tips to wide bore ones they totally changed the sound signature to bassy and smooth rounded but transparent vocals. These are pretty sensitive to the type of ear tips used and they can drastically change their sound signature.

Product link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=599203601848

Have been testing them for a few hours with familiar songs ( AR Rahman music). I must say these are pretty brilliant on some technical aspects and gives an exquisite type of dynamic and digitally processed sound rather than BA sound common in Chifi IEMs.

Sound signature is dynamic and resembles a mix between JBL processed sound signature bass ,transparency of the BCD hifi Drivers and the mids, treble, tonality and soundstage of the Revonext QT2. Overall signature is smooth and crisp (when needed with treble) with detailed clean notes . They are not really 100% neutral , but have an organic smooth, richer, warmer sound that focuses more on the texture and tone of the music and with good clear pass through micro details. When i played my usual songs which i am familiar with , the layering and background details , acoustics come off as audible smooth clean and effortless. I was able to pick up details in percussion , and synthesizer sounds really well. The sound signature is also of an exquisite cold icy type tonality than the shrill and overly shiny or shimmering tonality of the KZ IEMS.

Treble is mostly well bodied and round with some transparency.There is little of airy sparkle and crisp present but nothing overly excessive. In fact the treble i is quite balanced and smooth. There is slight roll off but nothing too major. Compared to the Revonext QT2 , the sparkle is present but not as much as the Revonext Qt2

Bass mostly comes through as a middling range between lower mid bass and sub bass. It is a combination of grippy and tight extended into a slight V- shaped sub-bass, but remains composed - and not gets mudy or creep into the midrange, not very detailed either). However there is sufficient accuracy of bass when the music calls for it.Very well controlled bass and rumble

Midrange is right in place on the sweet spot. Not recessed nor overly forward , doesn't smudge with the top or bass , there is some incredible depth added by the bass and mid range , and the resolution is better than the the BCD or QT2). Vocals are well rounded and transparent. there is some crisp at the expense of airy sparkle in the top. Good transparency and holographic at the same time excellent roundess and body in the midrange and smooth non shouty vocals. One of the best midranges i ever heard.However there is some lack of energy in the vocals in certain types of music

Soundstage is one of the best i have heard. Presentation is 360 degrees in all directions very well and present depth and width . Height is moderate . Most of the action goes on in the middle part of the stage and at the back of the head. There is very good amount of depth and expansiveness present throughout.However their instrumentation and separation is much better than KZ IEMS in the same price range.

Acoustics and articulation especially on EDM and is quite good and unique and in most of the music accoustics or surround/ depth action mostly seems to happen on the mid- back half of the sound stage instead of frontal.. There is certain elasticity and space between instruments that is noticeable.Decent coherence and excellent Layering which can be heard very clearly Timbre is is natural but at the expense of some accuracy but nothing overly bad here.

These are are responsive to the source material played , instead of linearly and artificially emphasizing some sound aspects ( like the KZ ones) they convey the the feel of the source sound through some processing of the tonality ( with a cold icy tinge) ,except that their timbre isnt so organic or natural like the BCD Hifi microdrivers. the whole sound signature is rather colored.

Build quality and comfort is rather on the better side with a solid feel , light and sturdy with strong wires. These have a in ear insertion method but feel like on ears and comfort is one of the best is any IEM to date.

Overall i am quite pleased with the purchase.
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