General Information

• Large Mobile Coil :The earphones feature a large mobile coil that delivers high-fidelity sound and ensures a stable connection.

• Volume Control :With the volume control feature, you can easily adjust the volume of your music or calls without having to reach for your phone.

• With Microphone :The earphones come with a built-in microphone that allows you to take calls hands-free, making them perfect for on-the-go use.

• Wired Communication :The earphones use wired communication, ensuring a stable and reliable connection that won't be affected by interference from other devices.

Product features
● Hifi 16mm flat headphones, badge quality
● High-performance central dynamic unit
● Resistive Mechanical Technology Appearance
● Comfortable to wear and skin-friendly
● Future Core Motion Technology
● Polymer PET Crystal Diaphragm of 16mm
● High quality wire, flexible and durable
● Control one key HD MIC
● Sound presentation, passive noise reduction
● High resolution, dual power release
● HD sound field interprets the power of music.
● Widely compatible 3.5mm gold plated connector

Product Description:
As an entry-level HiFi flat headphones, the MDR model features low impedance and high sensitivity. It is well suited for listeners looking to improve their listening experience without the need for expensive output front-ends. Even when used with mobile phones or MP3 players, it can produce delicate low and medium frequencies.

Product Specifications:
Name: headphones with flat cable
Color: White, Black, Blue, Purple, Brown
Plug diameter: 3.5mm gold plated
Microphone: Yes
Length: 120 ± 5cm
Impedance: 32(Ω)± 10%
Sensitivity: 110 ± 3dB
Drive unit: 16mm large moving coil

Latest reviews


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Affordable
Carrying case
Cons: Ear sponges could be thicker
Only Comes with one Pair of Sponges
Cable not Removable
QKZ MDR Flat is an interesting IEM for me I saw it one day while looking at other iem’s to try out. I got curious and decided to give them a try. On receiving them, getting them out of the white plastic carrying case was hard, til I realize I had to pull the opening flip forward and not up.

Upon opening the case up you will see sponge covers, ear hooks and a clip for attaching them to your shirt. The Sponge covers was a tiny bit difficult for me to get them on the MDR, but that was due to me never owning a Flat earbud before. I did get it on evidently and was able to get the second one on quicker.


I found these to be comfortable, I didn’t know what to expect at first. It something I gotta get used to, since I’m used to Iems that goes directly into the ear canal and not sit outside your canal in n your earlobe. But after using them more I only feel them slightly to the point I barely know they’re there.

The plastic ear hooks took some effort to get them on to where they stay on the cable and not slip off but I didn’t really like using them. As I couldn’t get the MDR to stay in place while using them. So the using the MDR the normal way didn’t bother me, as I hardly feel them.


The included carry case that I mention before is cheap made, it feels OK to use if you need something to carry the mdr’s around. While at the same time small enough to not take up much space in your pocket. But I doubt it would last long as it flimsy at best. But I wasn’t expecting a good carry case at this price.

The cable on the other hand is isn't that good, I don’t know hot to explain it, its different then any other iem’s cables or removable cables that I used. Reminds me of a tiny thin lamp power cable. It feel like it might last long. Sadly enough the cable isn’t removable from the earbud and instead attached directly to it. They do have a mic build in onto the cable, but I don’t have any devices I can use to test the mic quality.

Also to make this quick, there are no sound isolation with these, due to the way they sit in your ear, so you will hear all of the background noises, as well any person that is talking around you or in the same room.

For the last part of the review, I will be using the QKZ MDR Flat with my Fiio K11 Desktop Dac/amp.


The bass is there, it isn’t over powering, and it isn’t thin. It just there. There is no brightness any where and over all every thing sounds good as it isn’t bright at all. The bass is not thin at all, it just there, it isn’t muddy. I can hear all of the instruments without a problem as there separated from each other.

Sound image wise it feels like the sound its outside my left and right ears, with it being directly in front of me. It isn’t inside my head feeling or any thing like that. Vocal is directly in front of me as if the person is in front of me, with the backups on either side of them. Sound stage wise it feels small, just outside my head.

Over all I enjoyed them a lot, better then I thought I would. I did try these with a few movies and some games, they worked alright with them. While I wish the cable was removable and better quality, maybe thicker ear sponges but other then that, There's no major issues.


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