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  1. Aibo
    Rising star
    Written by Aibo
    Published Oct 22, 2019
    Pros - - Great sound quality
    - 3 types of inputs
    - Sturdy build
    Cons - - I would appreciate some more traditional color options
    Loxjie D10 is an oddly shaped box with nice specs and input/output selection.


    At first look I didn't like it at all. And color choices (red or blue) didn't help with that either. Few weeks later I got used to it somewhat. I think I kind of got biased after hearing its great sound quality. On the build front I have nothing to complain about. Aluminium chassis is as sturdy as it gets. Buttons are nice and clicky. On the other hand LED notifications are mess, they double for some functions and writings around them are very small. Again, you get used to this after some time but the thing I still miss is that there's no way to see exact volume level at any moment.


    As a DAC

    I've listened and liked multiple devices with same ESS 9038Q2M chip but this is definitely the best implementation I heard so far. First of all, it offers very detailed but nicely balanced sound. Bass is punchy yet very well controlled, mids are great and makes vocals sound full and realistic, while high-frequency range is very resolving without being harsh or too edgy. It easily outperforms similarly priced Topping D30 or Khadas Tone Board. Compared to my favorite so far - Schiit Modi 3, it was a good fight but D10 triumphed with its slightly better resolution and more textured tones across the frequency range.

    As a headphone amp

    With all the headphones I tried it with (AKG K92, Takstar Pro 82, Tin Audio T2...) it performed really well. The overall sound signature and qualities are same as for the DAC part. It outperformed Dragonfly Black without troubles. I have yet to try it with more demanding headphones of higher impedance, but with these 32 Ohms cans it performed splendidly.


    For the asking price of $129 I can't do nothing but recommend it. Great little device.

    - - -

    You can check out my website for more reviews - iiwireviews.com
    I also made a video review if anyone's interested:

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