The KM 92s are very bass-heavy IEMs and are capable of producing some of the deepest bass notes...

Kanen KM-92 Wooden In-Ear

  • The KM 92s are very bass-heavy IEMs and are capable of producing some of the deepest bass notes I’ve ever heard. The bass is big and bloated but surprisingly well defined. It doesn’t quite have the refinement or tightness of my M9Ps or the extension of my RE0s but bass is handled surprisingly well. These can produce some teeth-rattling, earth-shaking bass the lower into the low end you go, peaking at around 40 Hz before rolling off quite heavily as you go lower.

Recent Reviews

  1. thatnewguy15
    Great for the price
    Written by thatnewguy15
    Published Apr 19, 2013
    Pros - Very cheap, good quality, not like those little 9$ pair that break an hour after you got them.
    Cons - If you want bass for headphones, then just spend 40$ more.Depth is a bit iffy.
    Was generally attracted to these headphones by the wooden look and the odd buds at the end. Fifteen minutes later I was fairly shocked at the big package I got in such a small one. While these are great for portability, they are annoying when they get tangles (but that happens to all of them unless they are self retractable). All in all, great earbuds.
  2. Acreo Aeneas
    Good Deep Bass...Little Else
    Written by Acreo Aeneas
    Published Jul 25, 2011
    Pros - Bass, Price, Real Wood Shells
    Cons - Everything Else
    I bought these from for all of $3.51.  A lot of head-fiers here love these for their bass richness and I bought them just to experience the bass.  Man, I have to say, these little suckers, put out some pretty nice bass.  That was pretty surprising.  Unfortunately, everything else sound quality wise is pretty crappy.  They have a hollow sound, mids are recessed, basically not much more than glorified bass cannons.
    The included tips make me cringe.  All but the blue ones are basically the same exact size: small.  They are literally the thinest tips I have ever felt.  Even the blue ones are too small to isolate much.  The shells may be real wood, but that's about where the finer side of things end.  Strain reliefs are good, cabling's a bit thin for my tastes.  The open air port in the back of the shells don't help the hollow sound and lead to some rather bad leakage in my opinion. 
    Besides bass novelty, I rarely reach for these.  I've been meaning to epoxy those air ports, but never did get around to it.  Just don't think it's even worth it.


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