1. Pruikki

    Options for Good in ear buds? List.

    So PLease tell me what to get?   I Like Kanen KM92, Bass is good, Watching movies with it is Sweet! Reggae music if pleasant coz of the good bass.     Nu force 770X, i have this one too. DOnt like it at all, No bass, All my reggae is now just treble because theres no bass.... Weak...
  2. moleface

    Weirdest IEM problem ever - static electricity??

    Ok, so -   I bought some Nuforce NE-6s a couple months ago for use with my Sansa Fuze. The first pair developed a serious short in the cord after a few weeks, so I returned them.   The second pair had a different problem out of the box - they made a continuous popping/crackling sound...
  3. TheGame21x

    Kanen KM 92 Impressions

    About a month ago, I bought the Kanen KM 92 IEMs for about $6 with free shipping out of sheer curiosity. When I placed my order, I was quite wary of them, half expecting to want to throw them out the instant I placed them in my ears and started listening to music. Surprisingly, when I did just...
  4. robjrock

    Kanen KM 92 Review (Budget woody IEM)

    A few weeks ago I was hunting around for a budget IEM when my SoundMAGIC PL12s gave up the ghost. A little thread caught my interest, where supposedly the Kanen KM52 sounded almost exactly the same as the much touted SoundMAGIC PL30. So when searching for the KM52, I also found the KM92, which...
  5. Kanen KM-92 Wooden In-Ear

    Kanen KM-92 Wooden In-Ear

    The KM 92s are very bass-heavy IEMs and are capable of producing some of the deepest bass notes I’ve ever heard. The bass is big and bloated but surprisingly well defined. It doesn’t quite have the refinement or tightness of my M9Ps or the extension of my RE0s but bass is handled surprisingly...