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FENER NINE | 1*DD<br /> <br /> Brand Name: FENDER<br /> Model Number: NINE<br /> Time to market: n.a.<br /> <br /> Vocalism Principle: Dynamic<br /> Sensitivity: 106±3dB<br /> Frequency Response Range: 11-20000Hz<br /> Resistance: 16 Ohm<br />...



    Brand Name: FENDER
    Model Number: NINE
    Time to market: n.a.

    Vocalism Principle: Dynamic
    Sensitivity: 106±3dB
    Frequency Response Range: 11-20000Hz
    Resistance: 16 Ohm
    Style: In-Ear
    Connection: MMCX
    Connectors: 3.5mm
    Line Length: 1.2m
    Active Noise-Cancellation: No


Recent Reviews

  1. DallaPo
    FENDER NINE | 1*DD | Rating: 8.6
    Written by DallaPo
    Published Apr 1, 2019
    Pros - powerful, clean bass
    good fit
    natural voice reproduction
    suitable for the stage
    Cons - bright highs
    sometimes unpleasant peaks at high volumes
    Bass not everyone's cup of tea
    HEADTEK is a small, well-stocked headphone store in Berlin that not only has its own showroom and excellent customer service, but also sells its in-ears online from renowned manufacturers such as CAMPIRE, WESTONE, or FENDER. The entry-level model into the world of in-ear monitoring from FENDER, was kindly made available to me for review. The FENDER NINE is suitable for stage use due to its sound characteristics and insulation and should therefore appeal to musicians, but it also cuts a fine figure in everyday life. However, the fact that you still have to put some money on it for the name cannot be denied. Let's Rock!


    The NINE is extremely lightweight due to its compact construction and the use of plastic. It is very comfortable to wear due to its ergonomic design and allows a secure fit even during fast movements.
    This is due not only to the in-ear shape but also to the memory wire reinforcement on the cable. Actually, I'm not a big fan of the memory wire reinforcement, because the Knowledge Zenith cables at that time always bent it and ended up lying too loosely over the ear. However, this is not the case here, as the wire seems to be much harder and stronger. This means that once the wire has been formed, it basically remains that way. This makes the insertion a bit fiddly, but in the end the in-ear sits tight and conveys a safe feeling, which is indispensable for the stage use.

    The cable is also double-stranded, as was last seen with the YINYOO D2B4, with a coloured marking of the channels. It is a bit stiff because of the sheathing, but it doesn't tend to knot very much and falls straight down. They also have a 2-pin connector and are therefore interchangeable.

    Also included are foam tips in 3 sizes, silicone tips (transparent, clear) in 4 sizes, an adapter from 3.5mm jack to 6.3mm jack, a robust carrying bag and a cleaning set.
    As already mentioned, the isolation is extraordinarily good, which shields you from the environment, but also from your band colleagues. Of course, this also depends a bit on the volume, but even at a moderate level you are in your own world.

    The FENDER NINE has a typical V-signature, which is reflected in an above-average bass accentuation, subdued mid-range (which, however, stays within the range and rather concerns the lower mid-frequencies) and slightly raised crystal clear, but also comparatively bright trebles.

    The bass is emphasized, but also qualitatively very appealing and above all level stable. I like this kind of bass reproduction, which can be a bit more as long as it doesn't get muddy or booming. Here the bass is clean, doesn't roll over even with fast successive bass passages and has a powerful punch. It is roughly on the level of a KZ ZS7, or PAI AUDIO DR2/HILL AUDIO ALTAIR in terms of impact, although not quite as full and powerful, which makes the bass of the NINE less dominant in comparison. Bass lovers will definitely appreciate its direct response and joy of playing right down to the lowest frequencies. But also the normal consumer will appreciate the bass, because it doesn't exaggerate and overshadows the complete signature.

    The mids are more reserved in the lower ranges than in the higher regions. Nevertheless, voices are well positioned and don't fall behind. Also they don't lack body.
    They sound very natural, but could be more energetic. That's what guitars do, which mean a bit too good in rare cases because of the brighter highs and come along a bit shrill. However, the volume is the keyword here and if a musician is worth his hearing, one should not necessarily test out these regions. At least not permanently. Otherwise we get very detailed mids that dissolve cleanly and don't obscure anything, or falsify grossly negligent, which is a must for the stage!

    The highs, like the bass, have been given a boost that makes them a little brighter, but they are still within the range and do not drift into unnaturalness. They are crystal clear, crisp and don't tend to distort, even at higher volumes. In addition, there is a fine resolution, where you can also follow the attack of the cymbals exactly, even in hectic passages. The expansion is also respectable, as the NINE doesn't roll off too fast even in the high range. Sibilants are not an issue for the NINE, only the highs could be too bright for some and at higher levels also cause one or the other peak, which could be perceived as unpleasant. I am normally quite insensitive and persistent, but of course I also hear such things.

    The stage is neither too intimate nor a 5000m² hall. It's just right and lets you follow single instruments precisely, in width as well as in depth. I also see this as a plus point for stage use, because the singer/musician should always know exactly what his colleagues are playing or singing and not necessarily get lost in his own mix. This can be great at home on the couch, but not during live performances.

    The FENDER NINE is a very pleasing IEM, which can cover a wide frequency spectrum with its single dynamic driver. It convinces with a fun tuning in the bass range, clear and detailed midrange with good voice reproduction and good resolution highs, which appear a bit too bright, but also bring brilliance.
    For musicians and singers who associate FENDER with an attitude to life and are therefore willing to dig a little deeper into their pockets than may be necessary, can' t do much wrong with the NINE. It's an honest IEM, who doesn't want to fool you, within the bounds of his possibilities and turns out to be a high quality all-rounder. Let's Rock again!

    More reviews: https://david-hahn.wixsite.com/chi-fiear
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CHIFIEAR/
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