Audiosense AQ7

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Driver type: 6BA + 1DD
Sensitivity: 110 dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 22kHz
Impedance: 13 Ohm
Isolation: 30dB
Cable type: MMCX

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Audiosense AQ7 - vocals first
Pros: Forward, smooth and detailed mids, tight and deep bass with lightning fast decay, smooth and detailed treble without sounding peaky and rough, soundstage with good width and height, black background with precise imaging, good isolation and comfort, build and quality packaging
Cons: dip in the upper bass that is reducing the overall density to the lower voices , treble can come out as tame for some, not a bass monster that many people expected from 3 woofers per side setup

source - Sabaj DA3 (from the balanced out)

Amber Rubarth (2012) Sessions From The 17th Ward (Binaural) (24-96)
Anthony Wilson Trio - Jack of Hearts (2009) [DSD64]
Beck - Sea Change (MOFI) (2009) [FLAC]
Diana Krall - Live In Paris [2002]
Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms - 1985[24-48]
Eric Clapton - Unplugged (2013, Deluxe, 2 CD) [flac]
Head-Fi And HDtracks - 2010 - Open Your Ears [FLAC]
Muddy Waters - Folk Singer (24-192 HDTracks) [2013] {FLAC}
Norah Jones - Feels Like Home (24-192 HDtracks)

Pact Infernal - Infernality [HOROEX10] [2017]
Aphex Twin - 2001 - Drukqs [Vinyl Rip 24bit-96kHz]
Enduser - Even Weight - FLAC
Alva Noto - 2018 - Unieqav (FLAC)
Venetian Snares - Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett [CD rip]

Driver type: 6BA + 1DD - one 10mm titanium plated DD for sub bass, double Knowles HODVTEC-31618 for bass, 2 Knowles custom drivers for mids, double Knowles SWFK-31736 for treble
Sensitivity: 110 dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 22kHz
Impedance: 13 Ohm
Isolation: 30dB
Cable type: MMCX

Before purchasing the AQ7 i expected the so called "fun" tuning similar to the T800.
I was like - "ok you have Moondrop Blessing 2 that is overall neutral get the Aq7 for fun".
Now i am not a big fan of V shaped response, i like U shaped but overly boosted treble and bass i don't.
For that reason i had a little chat with Audiosense rep about the tuning and they told me that the prototype was more of a fun sounding but after consultation with reviewers they decided to add a bit more mids.
More mids are always welcome in my book if done right, without sounding sharp like some budged hybrids , also i was hopping that the treble is not peaky like in T800.


The packaging is very good but i don't care to be honest, for those who care they have 3 pairs of silicone tips that look like spinfit, 3 pairs that look like Sony hybrid tips, 3 pairs of silicone tips that came with T800 and 3 pairs foam tips that i never use
also massive hard case, cleaning tool, soft bag and 8 core copper cable, the cable is very nice, soft and light but i use them balanced with aftermarket cable

Build, fit and comfort
Very solid build quality, filled resin shell with stainless steel nozzle, the fit is very good for me, they are smaller than T800, the comfort is also very good and i can use them for long sessions without problems

the isolation is good but less than advertised 30db

Overall tonality.
The overall FR shape is with boosted sub bass (about 8-9db under 80hz), dip in the upper bass/lower mids area that is not large but noticeable, rise in the center core of the midrange plus upper mids, the treble sound very neutral to my ears

Bass response sound boosted in the very low bass, mid bass has small to no elevation to my ears and with music that has no sub bass it sounds like it is flat. The upper bass sound like it is dipped a bit but not much, they give the feeling of slightly reduced thickness there. For example Eric Clapton Unplugged was one of the first albums that i tried and was like reference type of bass, flat and tonally correct with proper timber of the instruments. When i started to listen some electronic tracks the sub bass came out strong but isolated in the very low octave. For that reason on some songs they are neutral in the bass on other boosted, depending on the recording if it is with sub bass or not. That is a different approach compared to the T800 that have more bass overall, sub and mid bass. What is really impressive in the AQ7 bass is not the quantity but the quality.
They use the same BA woofers like in T800 plus DD but the bass is much faster and snappier, however is not sounding like it is overdamped or with compressed dynamics, the dynamic range is there and rumbles hard when the song calls for it. I think the reason why they have powerful sub bass and such amazing control is because they use 3 woofers. If you have 3 woofers for the same SPL instead of one they will move much less, that will lead to shorter recovery time and therefor better control at the end. Sharing the load will lead to lower THD as well. The bass is very well textured and with proper timber of the instruments there.
Overall great bass quality with sub bass focus and slight dip in the upper bass.

The whole midrange sound like it is boosted except the very low mids. The rise starts at around 700-800hz and it is lifted over wide range after that, it sounds different compared to harman or DF target tuned earphones, it is fuller and more organic but because of the dip in the upper bass it is not thick, probably intentional tuning that works great. Male vocals sound clean and with good timber but the density in the deeper voices is reduced a bit. The biggest surprise for me was the reproduction of female vocals like Norah Jones for example - forward, creamy and addictive. It is very resolving and detailed with a light feeling and great separation. Midrange is smooth but detailed without sounding sharp, for some they can lack a bit of bite in the upper mids. Overall a welcome difference from DF or Harman tuned mids that have more narrow pina gain and can sound a bit thin there.

Highs are the most neutral sounding part of the whole FR.
Treble sound sweet with good timber but it is just there.
Extension is about average, they don't have a lot of air but the tone is very clean and natural, some sparkle in the upper treble is present but it is not large.
Sometimes you can get a bit thin sounding treble from BAs, a bit rough sounding but with AQ7 that is not the case, tuned for smoothness but i can see some people wanting more extension and energy in the upper treble.

Soundstage and imaging.
Soundstage have good width but is not the widest, the height is very good, dept is average.
Imaging is very good, the background is very dark so the instruments pop clearly from the black background.

Detail retrieval
Great details from top to bottom but in a smooth delivery, resolving without even trying hard.
With bad recording because of the overall smooth sound they never sound rough, you just gonna notice that the recording is bad.

Compared to Blessing 2

Blessing 2 have less sub bass, similar mid bass, AQ7 is with sharper attack and shorter decay, AQ7 have better texture in the mid bass, it sounds cleaner there.
Lower mids sound similar, center midrange at around 1k is more on AQ7, B2 sound like the upper mids are more. The overall midrange tonality is fuller and smoother on AQ7 and sharper and cleaner on Blessing 2.
B2 have more treble and air because of the rise after 15khz but AQ7 have better timber in the treble, it has sweeter tone but it is less compared to the B2.
B2 have wider stage but the AQ7 is taller, the imaging is very similar between the two.

I love the overall smooth sound, amazing bass and forward mids, high rating in my book same as the Blessing 2.

have a good one

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I need to try an Audiosense IEM soon..I've heard way too many good things since the T800


Thanks! Its an quite interesting IEM! So u know for sure that they did tweak the V-shaped sound signature?
Just got mine, initial impressions VERY much a sequal to the AQ3 with more and faster bass and better extension and fuller mids, which for me is great, happy bunny