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AUDIOSENSE in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

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  1. FastAndClean
    AUDIOSENSE is a company that i saw a couple of weeks ago in the Asian thread, they make in ear monitors with Knowles drivers.
    The interesting thing about them is that they are purchasing custom drivers from them for some of their models.
    I am waiting for the flagship T800 and the impressions are very positive, a real contender to the Fearless audio, BGVP BA models, and Moondrop A8.
    They have great pricing and very affordable models, all with 5 out of 5 ratings.
    Post your impressions here.

    HTB19YvJV9zqK1RjSZFjq6zlCFXa4.jpg HTB1T.6XV9zqK1RjSZPcq6zTepXa0.jpg HTB1tsM8c2c3T1VjSZLeq6zZsVXaf.jpg UTB8qxFfvXfJXKJkSamHq6zLyVXaY.jpg
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  2. Cevisi
    Looks very interesting
  3. FastAndClean
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  4. FastAndClean
    0914_7MF2ZF_U2DJQEL.jpg!r800x0.jpg 0915_10FMBc_U2DJQEL.jpg!r800x0.jpg
  5. DynamicEars
    How many models have been released so far? T100, T260, T300 and T800? I'm interested since I've heard they have good tuning and using all knowles BAs
  6. gourab1995
    Any t180 impressions?
  7. zazaboy
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
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  8. SilverEars
    So many Chi-fi, so little money. :triportsad:

    So, is this a 8BA that's going for around $200? Is this the actual price? If so, that's the lowest 8BA price I've seen.

    I welcome Chi-fi to bring competition and thus better value for us consumers.
  9. blomman77
    It's more like 298usd (saw it a little cheaper on Ali today). But there are quite a number of iems that has 8 BAs for even cheaper prices. What makes T800 great value is that it has 8 Knowles drivers.
    Most of the others might use a couple of knowles drivers and then use chinese made drivers for the rest. But as always,it's not the number of drivers used that are important,but how they are tuned is what matters...
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  10. FastAndClean
    i am listening now
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  11. blomman77
    What do dou think about the case?
    Quite massive, but i actually like it.
    Waterproof and big enough to hold a pretty big dap+ iems
  12. FastAndClean
    yeah, big and heavy case, i was like - did they put some DAP or something in there hah
  13. Cevisi
    And how it is
  14. FastAndClean
    it is very neutral with some sparkle up top, with wide stage and accurate imaging, will listen more but they are bargain for that price for sure
  15. SilverEars
    Ok, I saw on (Mass)Drop page regarding $200 price. I wonder if there will be a Drop at that price?

    Looking how it's grouped into sets of 3, 3-way crossover I presume.

    Putting in more driver per frequency range seems a bit redundant, but perhaps there is a reason for it in terms of tuning. For raising sensitivity? Why not just 3 drivers, 3-way? I could understand more drivers for low-end if using BA. Is it an attempt to increase driver count or real practical purpose?

    Still need to see a frequency response.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
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