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  1. Electric_Mofo

    New Grado GR8 In-Ear Earphones!

    So they can be driven well without an amp?
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    In defense of Skullcandy headphones!

    Quote: Originally Posted by jinx20001 fair pointthey still suck tho. then again i wouldnt call bose rubbish. id call them overpriced, but average sounding. wheras the skullcandy's are overpriced, rubbish and ugly to boot. Me personally I would never be caught dead wearing...
  3. Electric_Mofo

    In defense of Skullcandy headphones!

    When you understand the audience that these phone are aimed at, you get the appeal. I can definately understand why snowboarders and skaters prefer them. And watching a video that was posted last week in the headphone section, the same kind of people who make these phones are the same who buy...
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    The Monster.... Turbine... thinggy

    Anybody know a place where I can get them in the UK?
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    Lol Its not me, Just some crazy pic I found somewhere
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    Quote: Originally Posted by LurkerCraft There is my Ear Monitors,a dynamic CM.After 100h run-in,power overwhelming I was so tempted to purchase these but I was afraid of the isolation. How well do these isolate for you?
  7. Electric_Mofo

    New ACS T1 Customs

    Yes please tell more about this "updated" T2
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    Sennheiser IE8 Impressions Thread

    I really want to make a move for these but I'm a little bit concerned about the isolation. Is it quite bad? I will be mainly using these on the London underground and on the buses and I don't think it'll be worth it if I can't even hear the great sound quality. How much more leakage do these...
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    Best rock IEM....SE530 or W3?

    Who knows! But I tell you what, If they come out with a quad driver that has rolled off highs, I'm gonna hang myself
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by cn11 They're JAYS silicon tips... and they're wonderful with the Atrios for some reason, after not working so hot on the Westone 3. Look for JAYS accessories on Headroom. Thanks!
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by cn11 My rig, becoming less portable with the addition of an amp. Sony NWZ-A829 | RSA P-51 Mustang | Atrio v.2 Hi there! mind telling me what tips your using there for your atrio's
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    Westone 3 Impressions Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by CMasten I prefer a bit of treble boost on my 3's to get them to shine like an Ety ER4 without boost. My hearing is a bit rolled off so this may play into that as well, but with the IPODs treble boost they are very clean and I might add Un-congested... the...
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    Westone 3 Impressions Thread

    Hows the clarity and resolution of the Westone 3's? Do they compete with the etymotic ER4's in this area?
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    Sennheiser IE8 Impressions Thread

    So is there anybody in here who doesn't have any isolation problems? I mean its pretty shady for Sennheiser to state the IE8's isolation as 26db when people aren't getting that. Or is it more an issue of finding the right tips?
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    Denon AH-D7000

    There's a small video review on cnet uk If anybody's interested Denon AH-D7000 headphones - videos at
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    sensaphonics: then and now

    The last I heard, They weren't so keen on supplying products to people who weren't in the professional music business so they changed the drivers. I'm not completely sure though.
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    Best Custom IEM That Replicates Etymotic Er-4p/s

    The ACS custom line offer the same drivers as the Ety's. And dont let the lack of ACS ownership on headfi put you off. Andy's probably been around longer than all of the manufacturer's mentioned in this thread. He's helped train the folks at Etymotic and sensaphonics so he knows a thing or two...
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    T2 IEMs

    Wow! what an unlikely place to see a review for the T2's. I was going to wait for the sennheiser IE8's to drop but I think I've just been convinced to drop the big bucks for the T1's.
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    Sennheiser IEM's

    They've got this cool 360 view on the sennheiser page aswell. Its quite large, thats quite some dynamic driver in there compared to my M5's. Sennheiser Electronic - IE 8
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    Sennheiser IEM's

    Just visited the sennheiser website and it appears that they have undergone some re-design changes. They now have a removable cable attachment for the IE8
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    SE530 with unamped ipod...worth it?

    Of course there worth it without an amp! aren't they aimed at portable audio anyway?
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    Best IEMS for Radiohead

    Do you only listen to radiohead or something? When I had my shure E4's they sounded great when listening to OK computer and the bends. I don't see why the Shure E530 wouldn't be better. You could also try looking into the ultimate ears triple 10 pro, there very well rounded across the whole...
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    how is the UK?

    Its not bad once you get over the fear of being stabbed by a yoooot! also try not to make eye contact for more than a split second, because that might get you stabbed. Oh yeah! and there's those bloody cctv cameras everywhere. I'm a cctv operative and people have no idea of how bad it actually...
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    Any real competitors to the iPod anymore?

    Quote: Originally Posted by andare I "attacked" Android because for me it's just the most recent example of how not to take on Apple (if that's what Google is trying to do with Android) Android will never surpass the iPhone on the sole point of design just as Sony daps can't win the...