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  1. hiddenninja

    Fiio X3 Nightmare

    So it's been a couple of months. Were the issues mentioned before resolved, or not yet but it's getting close? Because I'm also curious about buying a portable hi-res audio player on the cheap and am hoping this one works out well.
  2. hiddenninja

    Best audiophile metal and rock albums

    Dunno how much that says about their sound quality, considering the albums they made that suffered from the Loudness Wars.
  3. hiddenninja

    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

    Billy Idol - Vital Idol (original US CD issue) Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain (1997 remaster w/ bonus tracks) Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms (1996 remaster) Ys SILVER ANNIVERSARY EDITION -Music From the History of Ys-, a compilation OST that came with the Playstation Vita game Ys Memories...
  4. hiddenninja A website (and forum) devoted to fighting the loudness war

    " This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact "   Care to explain this?
  5. hiddenninja

    The AKG K550 Impressions and Discussion Thread!

    I was gifted a pair of these for my birthday by my bro last year, and for the time I had them, they were great. However, I ended up having an issue trying to adjust the left earcup, which simply wasn't able to move after a while. So one day, I tried to tug it really hard to make it move, but I...
  6. hiddenninja

    The PS2 Grand Hit is Coming Back, Kingdom Hearts

    Quote: It's actually Kingdom Hearts 1, Re: Chains of Memories, and the HD cutscenes from 358/2 Days. 2 games + cutscenes, not just one.
  7. hiddenninja

    Parrot's Zik blyetooth headphones.

    I've seen an ad for these on Youtube today, and though these look pretty impressive, I'm not sure I could afford these. Ah well, maybe if I get a job and earn enough money to spend on stuff, I'll get one.
  8. hiddenninja

    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

    Jethro Tull - Aqualung 40th Anniversary Special Edition Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger Peter Gabriel - So Anthrax - Among the Living Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - The Sky is Crying   I've honestly been spending more time downloading vinyl rips than getting CDs, but the ones...
  9. hiddenninja

    Anyone have experience with ATH-T400?

    My mom received a rewards certificate worth $84 at an RC Willey's shop nearby (furniture/electronics store in Las Vegas). I found a pair of these headphones for $80 and needed a closed headphone to replace my HD 280's quick, so I used the rewards to get that pair. So far, it's pretty good. I...
  10. hiddenninja

    Remastered Pink Floyd (James Guthrie)albums to be released on Sept. 27th:

    Quote: Care to elaborate how the 2011 remaster sounds like that?
  11. hiddenninja

    Steven Wilson's 2nd solo two album project - Grace For Drowning

    Bought both 2CD and Blu Ray together from Amazon, just arrived. Now I'm listening and giving it a try.
  12. hiddenninja

    Opeth - Heritage

    I really like this new album. I really do. Even if they did flub a few things here and there.   Also, top-notch sound quality/little brickwalling FTW.
  13. hiddenninja

    Sorry PSN/PS3 Users. If you are a ps3 user you must check this out, this has important information.

    Quote: Now now. Don't be so hasty. I wouldn't go out of my way to support a different console just because of something like this. Unless I actually am affected by this (i.e. someone actually is using my credit cards and it shows up in my statements and/or someone is using my ID to do...
  14. hiddenninja

    HM-601 reliability concern ... E7+E9 a better choice?

    You have to admit...all these reports of build quality issues do seem to be things to really keep in mind when buying a product as relatively high in price as the hm-601. Because as much as I have sound quality as a top priority, so too does build quality and reliability. Last thing I bought...
  15. hiddenninja

    Is the HD555 still 'alive and well' in Sennheiser's catalog?

    Quote: I can attest to that. My head is quite big, yet the AD700s feel VEEERRRRY comfy when I were them.   BTW while we're in the subject of HD555s and 558s, how much of an upgrade are the latter compared to the former?
  16. hiddenninja

    What Are Some of Your Favorite Sad Songs

    "Fiction" by Avenged Sevenfold "Nutshell" by Alice in Chains "Good Riddance (Time of your Life)" by Green Day
  17. hiddenninja

    Best Video Game Soundtracks

    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time soundtracks
  18. hiddenninja

    Who's your least favorite musical artist?

    Quote: At least Linkin Park knew and decided to move on and away from their nu-metal beginnings into something else entirely, which I personally like a lot. Korn is just a has-been band.
  19. hiddenninja


    My Bluray player is pretty much a PS3 Slim. Used to have the original PS3 Fat 60GB for over 2 years before it YLOD'd on me. Stuck with a 250GB Slim ever since.
  20. hiddenninja

    Who's your least favorite musical artist?

    Quote: At least with her, I can tell that she's just messing around for the hell of it, not because that's who she really is.
  21. hiddenninja


    Off the top of my head, I really liked A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park and Year of the Black Rainbow - Coheed and Cambria
  22. hiddenninja

    Steven Wilson - the hypocrite....

      Quote: Maybe it's due to a possible misplacement of priorities toward the King Crimson remasters as opposed to his own band's newest album (which, IIRC, was released the same year as the remasters he made for Crimson)?
  23. hiddenninja

    Who's your least favorite musical artist?

    Quote: i c wat u did thar.   I don't like "her" music either, and "she" seems to be quite bitchy in real life as well.   Also, Broke-N-Cyde
  24. hiddenninja

    2010 - Your Favorite New Releases So Far?

    Quote: Adding on to this list:   Ludo's Prepare the Preparations Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns, oddly enough. It's been growing on me for a while. The Social Network movie soundtrack, composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
  25. hiddenninja

    Worst recorded/Mastered Albums

    Quote: It's definitely a large step up from the disaster that was "Vapor Trails"