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  1. tresenddrums

    Durable IEM Cable?

    Can anyone recommend a durable IEM cable or a cable that has a lifetime warranty?   I have a pair of JH16s and I love them; too much maybe because they are rarely out of my ears (on my commute, at my desk, at home, traveling, the gym, etc.). As a result, my cables have been lasting at most two...
  2. tresenddrums

    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    I'm having serious problems with my HE-400s and I'm wondering if anybody has any advice!   Since I purchased mine about a year ago new from Moon Audio, they have never seemed loud/impactful enough. Using either straight from iPod/iPhone or through FiiO E17, the volume never seemed to get loud...
  3. tresenddrums

    The JH16 Pro Impressions Thread

      That test is great and my seal passed the test, so I guess it's just going to take time to adjust to the acrylic feel. Thanks for providing that link!   I am using the Comply Wraps JH provided in my package and they seem to work really well securing a tighter fit/seal. Does anybody use...
  4. tresenddrums

    The JH16 Pro Impressions Thread

    I just got my JH16s this morning! These are my first CIEMs. I've been wearing Shure SE-535s w/ triple flange almost daily for over 4 years, so I'm sure the hard acrylic shell will take some getting used to. But I have noticed that the left ear fits a bit more snugly than the right ear, and I may...
  5. tresenddrums

    JH Audio JH16 Pro First Impressions

    Quote:   I've been rocking SE530/535s for about 4 years and have been wanting to upgrade to my first CIEMs but couldn't decide which ones.   After all the research, your comment was the last thing I needed to hear. Just pulled the trigger on JH16fp! Thanks!  
  6. tresenddrums

    Is Anyone Interested in a Meet for New England in Boston early this Fall?

    Definitely interested! I went to a meet in DC area last year and it was a good time.    Gear I can bring:   - Shure SE-535 + DHC Symbiote Cable (w/ every kind of tip) - Hifiman HE-400 (w/ jergpad mod)  - FiiO: e7, e17, e09k - Mac + Amarra + tons of 24/96 files
  7. tresenddrums

    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    This may be a totally newb question but: Last week I got a new pair of HE-400s and paired with my E17 they just don't seem loud enough. I push the E17 to near max volume (55/60) at 0dB gain and it still leaves volume to be desired. Should I push the gain to +6dB? Will that degrade the sound...
  8. tresenddrums

    = Hifiman HE500 & HE400 Jergpad Mod v2.5 =

    Just finished all four parts of the mod. Took around 3 hours to complete and absolutely not a minute wasted; it sounds great! Bass is much more impactful and high trebles are less harsh (particularly cymbals and vocal "s's").    Thanks Jerg for this post!
  9. tresenddrums

    My meticulously tweaked EQ settings for Shure SE535, Westone 3, Westone 4

    WOW! Your EQ settings make a dramatic difference with the triple flange sleeves. Thanks for posting the specifics. I appreciate it!
  10. tresenddrums

    My meticulously tweaked EQ settings for Shure SE535, Westone 3, Westone 4

    Great post! Do you mind sharing your exact EQ settings for the Shure SE-535 visual? (i.e. frequency, gain, q....). I want to try to recreate this using the parametric EQ on Amarra. Thanks!
  11. tresenddrums

    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals from Head-Fi Sponsors!

    What Sennheiser?! The discount code now says its invalid. I want those HD650s. 
  12. tresenddrums

    VA / MD / DC meet on Saturday, December 15, 2012

    This sounds great so far. I'm a long-time lurker on these boards, but relatively new in the audiophile game.   I hope to be able to make it. If I can, this is what I have to offer:    Headphones: Shure SE-535 (w/ DHC Symbiote Cable) + plenty of extra new/unused tips of all kinds ...
  13. tresenddrums

    Shure Triple Flange Expand & Soften Over Time?

    I have had Shure SE-530 for almost two years, using almost exclusively triple flange sleeves (shortened stem but triple flanges). I had been using one set of triple flange sleeves for about a year and a half and noticed that my SE-530s were sounding better and better as time went on. I ordered a...
  14. tresenddrums

    How To Get The Most Out Of My Shure SE-535s?

    I'm somewhat of a novice with higher end audio setup, so I'm looking for some advice. My setup right now consists simply of an iPod Classic + Shure SE-535. I am looking any advice on how to get the most out of my SE-535s. After doing some research on these forums, I know I have a few options...