Durable IEM Cable?
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Mar 6, 2011
Can anyone recommend a durable IEM cable or a cable that has a lifetime warranty?
I have a pair of JH16s and I love them; too much maybe because they are rarely out of my ears (on my commute, at my desk, at home, traveling, the gym, etc.). As a result, my cables have been lasting at most two months before one of the ears goes static or loses sound completely. I've tried everything in terms of cable orientation to minimize any movement when I am walking, but nothing seems to work. I'm on my second Silver Dragon cable and I love the sound, but it's now succumb to static on the right channel too. Is there anything I can do to prolong the life of my cables (aside from using them less) or is there a more durable cable out there?
Thanks for your advice! 
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Hi there,
I have the same problem. I am using fitear 334 to go and the stock cable started losing the sound in one ear. Then I purchased some custom cable from one of the reseller on this forum, they lasted longer but now I am starting to lose sound when I move my head too much.
It seems to come from the part closest to the ear, when you unbend the cable near the ear it is usually better. Obviously you need to bend them a little to make them go round your ear...
I fold them back gently after use once a day in a pelican box without tightening them too much.
I would like to know as well where I could find a cable that would be more durable than one year !!!
Maybe a thicker cable would do the trick ? I do not know !
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks to  anyone kind enough to help.

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