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  1. batpig

    Can't decide between NuForce NE-700 and Munitio nine millimeters

    I am very happy with the Munitio's for all those types of music.... rap, dubstep, etc. sound wicked because of the huge bass and warm, smooth sound signature.   I also think jazz is nice because you really feel the upright bass... in general, I am a fan of warm, bassy sound with acoustic...
  2. batpig

    Review: Munitio Teknine SITi 9mm – Locked & Loaded

    Quote: I missed the part where bullet-shaped earphones need to sound the same!   From everything I have read they are very different sound signatures so not really comparable beyond the bullet-shaped housing....
  3. batpig

    DBA-02 Vs. Munitio Teknines

    Well, they definitely have a unique sound!  If you keep hoping they will turn into something they are not, you might be disappointed!  If you want them to sound like some of the other favorite IEM's on this board they won't.... and if you try to A/B them to one of those it will always sound...
  4. batpig

    Fischer Silver bullet vs Munitio Teknine

      Quote:   why would it be "odd" when it's obviously a brand-new product?  I think it's natural that people would start appearing on Head-Fi and asking questions when a new IEM starts generating a bit of buzz.  Honestly, not many of those posters struck me as "advertisers".  People were...
  5. batpig

    Review: Munitio Teknine SITi 9mm – Locked & Loaded

    joker -- thank you for this review!  I pretty much agree with everything you wrote and it's good to know that while our preferences differ (I personally love the smooth, warm, non-fatiguing sound) your overall assessment of the strengths/weaknesses pretty much mirrors mine.   
  6. batpig

    The bassist IEM's you have ever heard Put Them Here!!!

    Quote: I think this is the wrong thread to complain about too much bass!
  7. batpig

    Coaxial or Optical?

      Quote:   and yet people buy $5000 speaker cables?    the old "why would people buy it if it wasn't true??" argument is pretty low on the "evidence" scale....       Quote:   ain't that the truth!    good day to you sir!  we can let this dead horse rest....
  8. batpig

    Coaxial or Optical?

    I'm familiar with jitter and there is no evidence it makes an AUDIBLE difference.  It's basically the ONLY thing that the "digital can sound different" people have to latch their feeble hopes onto so I was expecting someone to bring it up.     Quote:   well that's YOUR problem  ...
  9. batpig

    Speakers on $100

    how many speakers?  if you need a full 5.1 go on craigslist and buy somebody's used HTIB.   if you want a nice quality pair of stereo speakers, try these:
  10. batpig

    Coaxial or Optical?

    digital is digital, the results will be IDENTICAL.  The exact same data gets transmitted to the processor either way.  How can ones and zeros be "muffled"????  It's nonsensical.   the only differences are physical as JerryLove noted above. 
  11. batpig

    The bassist IEM's you have ever heard Put Them Here!!!

    Munitio 9mm's no doubt!  They have much more sub-bass than the Turbines which were my previous "bass king".   I think I have to hear the Radius DDM and Hippos because they keep getting mentioned in these discussions!
  12. batpig

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Just remember that is one man's opinion... joker would probably admit a preference towards an IEM with up-front clarity and tight, crisp bass, and the Munitios definitely lean towards a big bass / smooth treble (at the expense of "crisp" sound)... Like I said I actually preferred the Munitios to...
  13. batpig

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    I have A/B'd the Munitios to the Turbines.  That was actually one of the first comparos I did because they are of similar cost and have similar reputations (great bass).    The Turbines have a "thinner" sound sound signature that some may prefer, the treble is a bit more forward so it has a...
  14. batpig

    Radius DDM vs Fischer Silver Bullet vs ie7 vs Victor FX-500?? IEM PROS GTFIH

    consider the Munitio 9mm if you want awesome bass performance and smooth (non sibilant) highs.   the isolation is awesome and they are very comfortable (three different tip sizes included).  Much smaller than many IEM's too which I find more comfortable (e.g. I...
  15. batpig

    Gasp! A thread where sound quality is not of concern! Need suggestions for isolation, durability, and convenience.

    steep learning curve?   just stick it in your ear and enjoy!  not every IEM requires some complicated cranial gyrations to listen to!   an IEM is absolutely the correct solution here, that is the only way you will get any decent isolation in a comfortable and compact package for under...
  16. batpig

    10 Biggest Lies in Audio (accidental repost - sorry!)

    that a doozy of an intro to the forum!  this should be fun
  17. batpig

    Getting New Speakers, Help Please!

    sorry, I'm primarily a multichannel / home theater guy so I don't know about high end 2ch gear   but I'm pretty sure you won't need to spend another $2500 to get nice performance.   I still think you could benefit from a good, sealed musical sub to reinforce that bottom octave (and below). ...
  18. batpig

    First Impressions: Munitio SITi Nine Millimeter

    wow -- way to resurrect an old thread!   if you want more info there have been more recent threads discussing these, here's a couple of links to the longest ones with the most info and reviews:
  19. batpig

    Getting New Speakers, Help Please!

    I think those OMD's are beautiful, I have always lusted after them!  I hear the 28's require beefy amplification to really sing though....   at the closeout sale prices (normally $7500/pair MSRP!) it's really worth considering.
  20. batpig

    Getting New Speakers, Help Please!

    what exactly do you not like about the MMG's?  if it's just the lack of low end, have you considered adding a nice musical subwoofer (e.g. something from Rythmik) instead of upgrading the speakers themselves?   lots of great speakers in that price range so in general you should try to get...
  21. batpig

    College Student Headphones

      Quote:   I disagree, I used to have some active cancelling over-ears and after hearing the "natural" isolation provided by good IEM's I think it's a superior option.  And more portable for traveling... just IMHO.
  22. batpig

    Home Audio, TV - Receiver - Other?

    that Onkyo receiver would be great for a bedroom setup, so would similar entry-level Denons (1610/590 from last year or 1611/591 among current models).   for a bedroom setup you will enjoy the Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume features on these receivers.    if you are just looking...
  23. batpig

    DBA-02 Vs. Munitio Teknines

    the Turbines sound more "forward" or "bright" because the sound is a bit thinner and the treble a little harsher.  I've A/B'd with the Turbines and agree with what kujo said above.  The Turbines have decent bass (it sounds loud but boomy) but the Munitios have REAL sub bass, deep and extended...
  24. batpig

    best ipod headphones?

    what type of sound do you like?   warm or bright?  big bass or tighter/leaner?  ultra clear, sparkly highs or smooth and non-fatiguing?  and so forth....
  25. batpig

    Just ordered Munitio 9mm

    Quote: remember to give them a few hours of play to "burn in" before passing judgment, they tend to clear up a bit after a while.      Quote: the mic works great, it passes the "wife test" with flying colors