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  1. icebear

    Properly amped headphones are not the same as loud headphones

    Just my unscientific $0.02 from personal experience: If you have a really good amp you will actually listen at a lower loudness level (if "you" are not stupid or deaf already). You will be able to hear all details of the music already at a lower SPL and don't have to crank up the volume knob to...
  2. icebear

    Properly amped headphones are not the same as loud headphones

    If what I hear in my set up with the HD800 and GSX-Mk2 is called placebo, then I like placebo:L3000:. Everybody should have some. :beerchug:
  3. icebear


    Discussing sound differences based on a you tube video recorded with a cell phone ?? <facepalm>
  4. icebear

    MQA: Revolutionary British streaming technology

    Another link in the MQA chain which doesn't make any sense to me ... They claim to correct any errors of the original ADC and the final DA conversion is following the MQA algorithms and the blue light comes on yeah! now it sounds good! All the processing of the original recording, the mixing and...
  5. icebear

    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    If they don't work it's obviously not a huge loss, let us know how you get them attached to the HD800.   I know forking out the dough for the orig. Sennheiser pads needs a tough grab of the wallet, as it might be trying to hide somewhere but honestly getting a 1.5k $ headphone, possibly...
  6. icebear


    The particular recording that gave me the impressions that they literally move the air, not just that the air transport the music was this one: And the format is the lowly red book CD. People complain about digital music being harsh. How does a piano sound if your are right next to it...
  7. icebear


      ...yeah great, yet another new music format     There you go: it involves a different MASTERING.   And the yes, the few K2HD CD's (indeed red book format !) that I own, do sound fantastic. But the K2HD editions generally start with excellent quality recordings to begin with. What has...
  8. icebear

    The HeadAmp GS-X and GS-X MK2 Thread

    Might have been me
  9. icebear

    Chord Electronics - Blu Mk. 2 - The Official Thread

    I think you are confusing digital input sample frequency (up to 768 khz) with analog output (20hz to 20khz +/- 0.1dB)
  10. icebear

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    LOL, a great recording for sure but I take it you are aware that it has been recorded Dec. 6-7, 1976 on a Nagra IV 1/4" 2 track? Not really DSD So this is a prime example of the capabilities of analog tape recordings when the technician knew how to capture live sounds at it's best.
  11. icebear

    New Jecklin Float QA !!!

    LOL, respect for thinker to post the selfie and the chutzpah to radically modify the major comfort design shortcomings out of the "new float". If it is wearable for you now and sounds good, then congratulations.   On the other hand it clearly shows that this design is not a headphone, at...
  12. icebear


    a = analog d = digital c = converter  
  13. icebear

    Classical music discussion, what do you like?

    B-flat Major, Op.18 No.6 F Minor, Op. 95 "Serioso" E-flat Major, Op.127   I didn't have much experience with these works and I got drenched by the rain on the way from the parking garage 4 blocks away to Carnegie...
  14. icebear

    Classical music discussion, what do you like?

    I'm gonna listen to Quatuor Ebene playing Beethoven string quartets in about 3hrs, live that is.
  15. icebear

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    The parts that I used are listed under the pictures, e.g. cables: Carol 3x 10AWG, 3C SJOOW / Belden 83803,3x12AWG, plugs : Wattgate. No idea where to source equivalent stuff down under, the web is your friend I guess. 
  16. icebear

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    How about DIY if you are handy? 2 different routes here: I added some heat shrink over the plugs and adjacent cord sections, looks like $250 (sprinkle in some cryo treatment and triple that figure) and cost was probably $50, mainly the plugs...
  17. icebear

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    If you have a little bit of aesthetic perception, you wouldn't use a computer power cord on the BHSE's psu but yes, technically it will work OK.
  18. icebear

    Some interesting measurements about FLAC VS WAV

    The cat is dead ... or alive but you can't tell for certain.
  19. icebear

    Stax 009 - best amps

    You have these from your sign. : [TW Acustic Raven AC, Raven 10.5, Ortofon A90] and you worry about which DAC to choose?
  20. icebear

    Classical music discussion, what do you like?

    I have heard Gidon Kremer live playing Schnittke's "A Pagannini" from this disc:   Live it was absolutely mesmerizing, solo violin, highly virtuosic, the audience holding their breath for like 10 minutes in awe. You could have heard a needle drop. I think I have only listened once to the...
  21. icebear

    Classical music discussion, what do you like?

    Especially for you :   Not too bad for a cell phone shot ... I usually don't do this but as everybody else was snapping away even with cameras and people walking in front of the stage to take a better shot, I thought ok, I grab a shot too.
  22. icebear

    On a mission to like jazz

    Last night I listened to a new arrival the first time: Acoustic bass and Piano Greatmusic and SQ.
  23. icebear

    The Sennheiser Orpheus 2? A First Look At The Sennheiser HE-1 (The New Orpheus)

    To avoid unfavorable pairings like a bright DAC/amp combo with the HD800 and then people complain about the headphone being too agressive in the high frequency range? Just a wild guess of course. 
  24. icebear

    KGSShv Carbon - hows it sound with the 009s?

      That looks like an "interesting" socket solution to plug the Stax in
  25. icebear

    Classical music discussion, what do you like?

    I heard Elina Garanca live at Carnegie Hall yesterday afternoon. Kevin Murphy piano. Program of Brahms, Duparc & Rachmaninoff Certainly this vocal recital of Lieder is quite a bit artsy, usually not my preferred genre but she is great.   I got my copy of her new CD signed afterwards.