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  1. tangsta

    Abyss AB-1266 Mini-XLR Pins

    I was wondering if anyone knows the definitive pin-outs for the mini-XLR connectors (don't have my multimeter with me). Thanks in advance!
  2. tangsta

    Stax 009 in Japan?

    Anybody know where would be a place to pick one up in Toyko? Is the price set at 350,000 yen? Thanks in advance :)
  3. tangsta

    Need headphones under 250$....please suggest.

    I would choose the AKG K701/K702/Q702s. They are fantastic for the price, and I've heard a lot of other headphones and I'd say they are among the best by far for the money.
  4. tangsta

    Best Tube Amps?

    What are some of the best tube amps available? Of course since tubes are important, any combos you particularly like?
  5. tangsta

    Cavalli Liquid Fire + HD800?

    For those of you that have heard the Liquid Fire with the HD800s how did you like it? I have both a LCD-2 and a HD800 and am considering whether the HD800s should be paired with another amp.
  6. tangsta

    Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

    Ah, will look into that. Is it worth spending an extra grand to get a Cavalli Liquid Fire?
  7. tangsta

    Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

    Sorry to diverge from the discussion a bit, but what are your top choices for an amp with the LCD-2's for $1k-$2k?
  8. tangsta

    Irvine Area RS2i + HD650s!?

    Anyone in the Irvine area have Grado RS2i's and the Sennheiser HD650s? One of my friends is interested in trying out both of them. I have a HD800s for you to try out! Let me know
  9. tangsta

    Clean HD 800 Earpads?

    Any clue how to clean earpads on the HD800s removing the particles and lint? I need to keep them nice and spotless
  10. tangsta

    HD 800 L/R Balance?

    How would I test the balance of the left and right drivers? It must be just an instinct but I really want to make sure that both sides are balanced in their outputs.
  11. tangsta

    HD 800 AMP? Maybe DAC?

    Yeah, I really couldn't resist. The HD800s were just magical, I honestly preferred them over many other headphones like the Qualias etc. It was definitely special to me. Can any of you guys give me a ranking about what amps you thought worked with the HD800s and which amps you liked more?
  12. tangsta

    HD 800 AMP? Maybe DAC?

    I really don't know how you would describe "short term". I was thinking maybe 3 years or somewhere around there. I could stretch the price limit a little if i deemed that it will absolutely be worth it. Any other tube/ss ideas?
  13. tangsta

    HD 800 AMP? Maybe DAC?

    Let me start off by saying canjam 09 was really a nice place and allowed me to really fall in love wit the HD 800s. Now that I have ordered the headphones, I will surely need a great amp! I know my current WA3 + DAC-AM won't do the headphones justice. Now here's the question, with a budget under...
  14. tangsta

    Headphone suggestions.

    I definitely like the SA5000. It has great sound stage and is very enjoyable to listen for rock & pop. : K701s are very nice too.
  15. tangsta

    Vietnam War interviews, short

    Thanks to all the people who already gave interviews so far. I just need one more.
  16. tangsta

    Vietnam War interviews, short

    Yes, that would be a good point. PM me to avoid any conflicts. I really appreciate the help thanks.
  17. tangsta

    Vietnam War interviews, short

    I'm doing a project in school and I have to get some ten Vietnam interviews. The only requirement for this interview is that you were old enough to have some memory of the war. I need three more interviews but more would be great. Thanks . just leave your name try to be thorough and answer the...
  18. tangsta

    Microphone for speech recording

    hmm looks pretty good. any other suggestions?
  19. tangsta

    Microphone for speech recording

    I have a 1212m sound card and I would like to record a voice for a documentary. I would also like to use the microphone for communicating online. i want some suggestions to a decent mic that can record with decent sound quality. any suggestions? the mic doesnt have to be a computer mic or...
  20. tangsta

    New cans, jobless budget. Novice knowledge. Keen ears. Not a good mix.

    if you are looking for a very wide soundstage the sr series isnt the way to go. unless you really like the grado sound, i'd suggest choosing another headphone for the soundstage quality
  21. tangsta

    hd555 $75 upgrades?

    oh haha sorry for not being clear. like just upgrades, not like buying a new headphone. hes using a computer setup
  22. tangsta

    hd555 $75 upgrades?

    my friend has the hd555 and he asked me about upgrades and i dont really know what to recommend because i've never had that kind of budget before. any ideas?
  23. tangsta

    zune 30GB on windows xp 64?

    the zune hack for xp 64 worked when the zune software was in the 1s. now in version 2.1 i can't get my zune to install on 64 bit xp. any ideas?
  24. tangsta

    Recommend me headphones based on my needs

    HD595s are nice for $150.