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    Review by 'marleyfan' on item 'The House of Marley Liberate XL BT'

    I was looking for a pair of BT headphones on a budget and saw these on sail on Cyber Monday.  While waiting for them to arrive I read a lot and liked what I read about the Jabra Move, which were about $50 cheaper. So I grabbed a pair of those and when HOM's arrived and I was able to compare the...
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    Reply to review by 'marleyfan' on item 'The House of Marley Liberate XL BT'

    I was looking for a pair of BT headphones on a budget and saw these on sail on Cyber Monday.  While waiting for them to arrive I read a lot and liked what I read about the Jabra Move, which were about $30 cheaper. So the HOM's arrived and I was able to compare the two.     Look's wise the HOM's...
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    Music Game IX

    My My Hey Hey - Neil Young
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    The Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350 Impressions thread

    I ordered the larger pads here:
  5. marleyfan

    The Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350 Impressions thread

    So my Shure SRH 840's bit the dust and I was in the market for new cans. I purchased and compared the AT M50's, Sure 750DJ's and the Beyerdynamic DT1350's.  The AT's were by far the most comfortable of the three and I liked the sound.  The 750DJ's went back right away.  I just didn't like them...
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    Bowers & Wilkins in-ear headphones = C5

    I picked a pair of these up today.  Here's my initial impressions, although I really don't have a great deal to add.  First a bit about me. It should be noted that I am no audiophile, but I know what I like and I rarely find it.  I am 50 yrs old so my ears are not what they used to be (too much...
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    Headphones you regretted buying the most

    This thread highlights how different peoples tastes and opinions are. Several posts for Shure 840's as regrettable choice; I love mine. Posts both for, and against MS1's. I regret ever buying mine. Other regrets: Shure e2c (muddy bass), JVC Air Cushion (or whatever they are called-terrible)
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    SRH840 impression

    Some people have all the luck.
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    SRH840 impression

    Quote: Originally Posted by RayofPain Hi, I recently got my 840s from future shop, for about $95 + 10% + Tax = 120 bucks. Ummm...I don't think you meant $95. Futurshop sells them for $250 and they were on after Christmas for $199. If you got them for $95 the you got a STEAL...
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    Got'em for the Dad's turn...

    Quote: Originally Posted by shake If you invest now, you won't be compelled as much to upgrade sooner in the future. Just saying . I agree. The 840's were a bit higher than I was going to pay but I find if you throw another $50 at whatever you're looking at you will be more than...
  11. marleyfan

    Got'em for the Dad's turn...

    Sorry, I actually meant the ATH-M50. I haven't heard the M40. But I liked what I heard from the 50's. I think they can be had for just over $100 in the US.
  12. marleyfan

    Got'em for the Dad's turn...

    I can't speak for the SR60 but I do own a pair of MS1's, which I've had for a couple of years. I like their clarity but I find them too harsh for my taste which, by the way, is the same as the OP. They are also missing that bass kick that I like. And make no mistake, they leak. I found myself...
  13. marleyfan

    Shure SRH840/440 vs Audio Technica ATH-AD700

    I paid 199CAN for mine. I find it hard to believe you got the 840's for that price.
  14. marleyfan

    SRH840 impression

    Thanks Kees and Frank for pointing me to the burn in program
  15. marleyfan

    SRH840 impression

    Just got my 840's today. Futureshop (yes, Futureshop of all places) had them on for $199, down from $250. I wish we could get US prices here in Canada. Everything is more expensive here dammit. Anyway they sound pretty awesome out of the box. I already like them way more than my MS1's. I am...
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    Shure vs. Audio-Technica vs. AKG vs. Sony vs. Sennheiser

    I too am debating between the Shure srh840 and the AT ath-m40. I have listened to the AT's at Long and McQuade and I like them a lot. I have not yet heard the Shure's. I can pick up the AT's for 175.00 and the shure for 199.00. Both Canadian prices. Any recommendations?
  17. marleyfan

    ath-esw9 vs ath-m50

    Thanks again. I pretty much hate coiled cables. I'd rather have a cable that's that's too long than coiled. Thanks to all for helping me make my decision. Now I just need to find a good deal.
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    No appreciation thread for Audio-Technica ATH-M50?

    I posted this question in another thread but it seems more appropriate here. I currently have MS1's, I realize they are open and the M50 is closed but am I likely to be disappointed with the sound of the m50 compared with the ms1? The MS1's have amazing clarity but I am underwhelmed with the...
  19. marleyfan

    ath-esw9 vs ath-m50

    Thanks for everyone's input. After looking at the link provided by Lefty I think I'm not gonna take a chance. Was looking at these: Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 Studio/Luxury Headphones on (item 250549080127 end time 22-Dec-09 21:00:10 EST) But after seeing the plethora of fakes I don't...
  20. marleyfan

    ath-esw9 vs ath-m50

    How does one make sure they are not fake? It is an ebay purchase I'm looking at. I know that some sennheiser fakes flooded the market (cx-300) but is this a problem with Audio Technica?
  21. marleyfan

    ath-esw9 vs ath-m50

    Hey all, sorry to start yet another this vs that thread but I really want some input before I purchase. I'm looking at the two mentioned headphones. I will mostly be playing out of my zune through an XM4 amp. I play mix of music but mostly in the rock/alternative rock genre with lots of acoustic...
  22. marleyfan

    Sennheiser HD238 Precision review: PX100 on Steroids?

    How would the HD238 compare with the Alessandro MS1? I currently have the MS1 and am not particularly happy with the bass. I find them somewhat harsh in the trebles. I am running out of a zune into a Practical Devices xm4. Would the HD238's be a step in the right direction?
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    Has anyone heard of Metawerks headphones? Tom Lee music has a pair of METAWERKS AUDIO MH57 Professional Studio Headphones. They have a list price of $149 but they are blowing them out at 29.99. Anyone have any experience with these? The pic looks like they are AR phones. Could these be a low...
  24. marleyfan

    Zune battery life

    My son's Zune 120 is getting about the same battery time. His files are all mp3's and he has screens set to low and listens at about 10 or so. My Zune 16 on the other hand is lastting about 20 hrs with wma lossless and volume at 20 (mostly listen through my amp or through aux in the car)...
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    Anyone Know Much about an IRIVER PMP 120 I Bought 1 Today for $25

    Here's a review. It is dated 2004 so it is new to you maybe. Not exactly a glowing review. But for 25 bucks.....meh. iRiver PMP-120 (20GB) Portable Video Players (PVPs) reviews - CNET Reviews