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  1. leveller1642

    Sony WH-1000XM4 discussion and reviews

    I dislike them intensely. I have a pair of $50 Sony WH-CH510 that IMO sound better than the WH-1000XM4. I thought the $350 pair would be a massive upgrade from the $50 pair. Never again will I take notice of the hype.
  2. leveller1642

    New Apple M1 Macbook Air, M1 Macbook Pro, and M1 Mac Mini - Audio

    The power output seems a bit weak to me on my 2020 MacBook Air M1. I’m trying to run a 48 ohm Audio Technica ATH-ADG1X headset (based on ATH-AD900 supposedly) and the SQ sounds a bit hollow. I remember my old 2011 MBP powering my ATH-AD1000 fine. I have to drag out my old 2016 MBP and try it...
  3. leveller1642

    Sony WH-1000XM4 discussion and reviews

    It’s been a while since I cared about sound quality. I remember my old set up- lossless > Apogee Duet FireWire > Burson HA-160 > Sennheiser HD-600. This was utter bliss. I bought these Sony’s a couple of weeks ago after reading about all the hype. Tried with AAC 256 from old iPhone SE and Apple...
  4. leveller1642

    Chord Mojo(1) DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

    It’s been a while since I’ve considered anything audio related. Is the Mojo a worthwhile upgrade from a Headamp Pico? Is it brighter than the somewhat dark (to me) Pico? I used to love the sound signature of the 1st gen Apogee Duet.
  5. leveller1642

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    Hi. It has been years since I posted. I'm more into speakers these days except for when out and about. I'm currently using HF5, but will need a new pair of canal phones soon as I'm down to my last pair. I'm in Vietnam and Etymotics are impossible to get here and I don't want to get expensive...
  6. leveller1642

    USB or Optical output? which way to go on iMac ?

    I personally think coaxial sounds better than optical and the latter sounds better than USB on the same DAC. Optical sounds less smoother and more digital to me. Its all a matter of preference of course. The closer it sounds to vinyl the better for me.    I'd recommend an asynchronous USB...
  7. leveller1642

    Are (High-end) Custom IEMs Overrated?

    I don't about customs, but i have a very strong suspicion multi driver iems are very overated. My only experience is with UE super fi 5 pros. I could see why some might think they like them, but I thought they were just a gimmick. I couldn't stand the bigger dynamic range within my ear.   ...
  8. leveller1642

    Marantz PM-75 (DAC TDA1541A) Opinions about this dac)

    Thread bump.    I've had a PM-75 for a couple of years. I didn't think much of it at first, but after listening to it and the accompanying CD-80 CD player recently, I've changed my mind. My tastes have certainly changed in that time, going from very bright to much less bright.   I used...
  9. leveller1642

    Not so Famous Yet Good

    I quite like this Canadian band. They broke up after 2 albums unfortunately.   I always buy albums from Canadian bands when I find them. 
  10. leveller1642

    Has anyone actually got ER6is to work properly?

    It's you. Sorry. You're doing it wrong.   You are clearly not getting a proper seal. Some people just don't like sticking thing in their ears too far and i suppose there's not a lot you can do about it, unless you can overcome that aversion.    Why not try the over ear Audio Technica...
  11. leveller1642

    'Can Con' Sydney meet 10/07 Unique Melody,, Jaben Australia, Twisted Cables & Krispy Kables to join us~ Major prize giveaway by Jaben Aus~

    I can't understand why some are so paranoid about security. Have there been precedents in the past that necessitate these actions?    I don't think i will be able to make it. I am caring for an elderly father and I had planned to bring him along, but it is a long drive and it won't be fair...
  12. leveller1642

    I have been insulted by someone of great intellect and i feel like trash. How should i react to this?

    If this fellow is arguing from a position of faith, I'd say he's playing you. He trying to manipulate you into his way of thinking, when he should accept and love you with any conditions whatsoever.    I don't know your connection with this person, but i'd tell him to go jump. This sort of...
  13. leveller1642

    Tablets to external USB DAC

    If Apple continues on its relentless juggernaut towards world domination, there will not be any options. You are to commended for  choosing the less travelled road. Damn you apple and your sexy designs, friendly user interface and innovative technology.     Where are you located? 
  14. leveller1642

    About choosing a good SQ DAP

    What format is your music currently in? ie, CDs MP3, AAC, FLAC etc.   You said you own a iphone 3Gs? 
  15. leveller1642

    Flawless albums

    Pardon me for being contrary, but I take exception to the term filler. I prefer to term those songs that are a little bit more challenging and take longer to appreciate, but when you do- wow. My dislike is when listening to an new album i find familiar songs on it.    As for otherwise...
  16. leveller1642

    Mac OS X Music Players - alternatives to iTunes

    I been using PureMusic 1.8 for the last week or so. I think i prefer its SQ to iTunes. The only downside is the very slight interference when i am using a browser. I have both a USB to coaxial converter and a USB drive with my ALAC files on it so will be changing it over to FW800 soon, in line...
  17. leveller1642

    Eastern Electric Minimax Tube Dac (32-bit dac)

    Is it worth waiting for the MkII version? I ask because a local eBay seller has some of the MKI available. They are selling for $AU825.00 which converts to around $US876. I am so tempted, although there is no way I can afford it at the moment, but you guys know how it is- everything is secondary...
  18. leveller1642

    Most boring movie of ALL TIME

    Try John Huston's The Dead for sheer brain numbing boredom when all you want is a few car chases and explosions. Damm you culturally correct ex girlfriend for making me endure that. 
  19. leveller1642

    how many people on head fi are female?

    Quote: It would be interesting to find out the ratio of those studying humanities to engineering and science on these types of forums. I'd agree there would be a disproportionate  amount of those studying the sciences or vocations.    I'd also be curious as to how many men are...
  20. leveller1642

    Help! What cables/setup would i need for this amp?

      Most of us won't have a clue either. This will bump it for you anyway.     You look like you'll need some 6.5MM male to RCA female adapters;    Here is a link to a high resolution so somebody more knowledgeable can see the connection on the XF7 better. It could be a good idea...
  21. leveller1642

    REVIEW: ACS custom tips + SENNHEISER IE8

    I had some ACS sleeves made last year for the ER-4P. I have never used them because;   They protrude from my ears too far. The mounds hardly seem to enter my ear canal and sit on my outer ear.  The isolation is less than the triple flanges. The sleeve separates from the er-4 when pulling...
  22. leveller1642

    Where To Download Lossless Music

    It would probably be helpful to those living outside the US to state if downloads are available in other counties. I just checked Rhino and HDtracks and they don't sell outside the US. Didn't bother checking the others. 
  23. leveller1642

    Why Sansa?

    Quote: Graphs? I used my ears. How the hell do you tell how it sounds from graphs? 
  24. leveller1642

    Why Sansa?

    Quote:   I bought a Sansa Fuse, after hearing all the hype. Compared to an ipod it has a very hot and overdone treble. I didn't like the sound or the interface. 
  25. leveller1642

    Onkyo ND-S1 iPod dock

    I've had one of these for a few weeks now and loving it. Its output through coaxial sounds far better to me than the optical from a Mac. It just sounds smoother and more musical- more like the sound from a TDA 1541 Marantz chipped CD player that I have slowly come to appreciate. It seemed to...