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  1. AlexinExile

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Quote: Unfortunately, it's the best position they can be in at the moment. They are angled so they create a triangle between me and them when I am on the computer. The ADAM A3Xs are great monitors and they sound even better if have they room to breath.
  2. AlexinExile

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    My current setup:   MBP -> Pico DAC -> GS-1 -> LCD-2s or ADAM A3Xs Project Debut III -> TC-260LC -> GS-1 -> LCD-2s or ADAM A3Xs
  3. AlexinExile

    IC: Pittsburgh

    Sure I can. From what time to what time?
  4. AlexinExile

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    Hey guys I'm thinking about getting my first real watch. I want something that is fairly water resistant that can fair well in water.   What do you think of this Seiko...
  5. AlexinExile

    IC: Pittsburgh

    August 21 sounds good to me.
  6. AlexinExile

    IC: Pittsburgh

    I can't even make July and I won't be in town until August 20th.. So yeah...
  7. AlexinExile

    IC: Pittsburgh

    Like I said before my library has meeting rooms that I can reserve. I guess it all depends on how many people we are planning on.
  8. AlexinExile

    Which amp is better? The GS-1, the Concerto or the Auditor?

    Quote: I just bought a GS-1 to compare to my Amphora when my LCD-2 arrives. I will keep you updated 
  9. AlexinExile

    IC: Pittsburgh

    August works better for me as well.   It seems like CMU is trying really hard to attract woman to its grounds. Everything the school sends out has a plethora of woman on it.
  10. AlexinExile

    IC: Pittsburgh

    By August I should have the following to bring:   Pico DAC Amphora Amp/Pre-Amp LCD-2s 
  11. AlexinExile

    IC: Pittsburgh

    Hey! Don't generalize!   I'm a business major 
  12. AlexinExile

    IC: Pittsburgh

    How about we do the meet in late August so I can attend? :P   If there only 10-15 of us, the library at my university (Carnegie Mellon University) has free meeting rooms that we could reserve.
  13. AlexinExile

    Fans of Trentemoller look here! CRAZY!

    Pssttt.    The album is amazing 
  14. AlexinExile

    Your Favorite Living Jazz Pianist

    Matthew Shipp?
  15. AlexinExile

    ALO Panda Bookshelf Speakers

    These look great! Can you do a comparison to the AudioEngine A2s? And would the Amphora be good at preamping these guys or do they need a dedicated amp?
  16. AlexinExile

    Squeezebox Duet Deal

    Get a brand new Squeezebox Duet for only $186.99... CHECK IT OUT
  17. AlexinExile

    Have people forgotten what the '-fi' in Hi-fi means?

    So who knows what the "i" in the original "iMac" stood for?
  18. AlexinExile

    IC: Pittsburgh

    Are you guys down for a mini-meet? I can reserve a room at my university so there would be no costs involved. Let me know.
  19. AlexinExile

    Sub $1K Amp for SA5000

    So I did some searching on the forum on the subject, but it seems the jury is still out on what is the preferred amp for these fabulous headphones. Currently, I run them through an Audio-GD Compass, which I am fairly satisfied with, but alas I am urging for more. I am fairly settled on the...
  20. AlexinExile

    IC: Pittsburgh

    Is anyone interested in a Pittsburgh meet sometime in January or February? I was thinking I could use my student status at Carnegie Mellon University to get us a free room. Please let me know if you interested.
  21. AlexinExile

    MDR-SA5000... Can they be bettered?

    What about the HE-5? I also have the SA5000s and am looking for an upgrade...
  22. AlexinExile

    The Best audiophile tracks to test equipment

    Quote: Originally Posted by suba3333 Royskopp "what else is there" (trentemoller remix) Awesome track
  23. AlexinExile

    HiFiMAN HE-5 Full Size Headphones (Cans)

    How does the detail compare with the SA5000?
  24. AlexinExile

    IC: Pittsburgh meetup

    So is anything happening with this? I am definitely interested..