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  1. lucky_star

    Grado PS-1 on eBay!

    Quote: Originally Posted by waddragon I agree the money will be used to help poor children. I asked the ebay seller whether he will accept a BUY IT NOW or not and he told me that he couldn't do that because the children like to watch the excitement of this auction . so plz...
  2. lucky_star

    good headphones for Piano sound

    I will go for around 300$ but I am also kind of curious about the 1100$ phone.
  3. lucky_star

    good headphones for Piano sound

    thanks everyone. I know I shouldn't say "price open" on the forum. Thanks for saving my wallet Are there any headphones good for piano without using amp? I am planning to use for portable need. thanks
  4. lucky_star

    good headphones for Piano sound

    Can anyone tell me some nice headphone for listening to Piano sound? Price is open
  5. lucky_star

    Edition 9 vs Pro 750: a brief comparison

    I agree with you that edition 9 is a very good headphone. The more time you spend with it the more love you will have. However, just small advise, don't listen to OmegaII setup or you will decide to sell your edition 9 setup right away ^_^. For me OmegaII(with srm-007t which is not a very good...
  6. lucky_star

    amp/headphone pair for 1000-1500

    starting with benchMark DAC1 is a good choice. However, if you use with laptop, I recommend you need to seek the DAC1 USB(USB is the best for laptop or PC). If not, you need to invest some more money for a good interconnection cable. If you doesn't want to upgrade your gears, then go for pico...
  7. lucky_star

    Your chance to own an R10

    I think I am really unlucky. I use the "search" function in audiogon and type"headphone" every day. But........... the seller 's title is only "Sony MDR-R10" no word "headphone" on his title hix
  8. lucky_star

    Your chance to own an R10

    I really can't image what will happen to R10'S owner ,who bought the phone with the price over 5500$, when sony releases another legend phone which is on the same level of R10 next few years.
  9. lucky_star

    New MP3 Player Recommendation - Best Sound Quality

    My big two option for mp3 player will be Cowon or Sony I have owned the X5L(battery died) for 2 years and recently I am owning the sony AZ729 because I am so tired of waiting the new mp3 player from Cowon. I have no complaint on the Sony player or Cowon. So I think you should find the...
  10. lucky_star

    EH-1.2B vs Omega2 ?????

    after looking at pictures at CanJam 2008 , I found out the EH-1.2B. Can anyone ,who has a chance to listen to them (both EH-1.2B and OmegaII), tell me which one will be a better choice? thansk
  11. lucky_star

    Question to AD2000 owners with Stax cans

    you should have tried stax if you love detail and fast speed. My OmegaII setup is coming now(my first stax setup)
  12. lucky_star

    MD5000 owners' thread

    get one seat for me plz. I have just a modded pair. The soundstage becomes bigger, the bass becomes better. However, somehow I feel the mid is kind of grainy
  13. lucky_star

    question about price for amp stax SRM-007T

    1000$ for an almost as new or 1300$ for a brand-new (that's what i think)
  14. lucky_star

    Denon AH-D5000 owners

    so far i have tried the D5000 with corda Opera, rudistor rpx-33 and rsa raptor. For me, d5000 with opera produces the most relaxed sound which is very good for enjoying music.
  15. lucky_star

    what is the difference between stax omega 1 and stax omega2

    do you think how long the Omega can survive with well care?
  16. lucky_star

    what is the difference between stax omega 1 and stax omega2 you drive them as apparently there is a flaw in them that can cause them to kill themselves, and if you do there is no way of fixing them. *waits for Spritzer to hit the thread* man, you scared me now. What should i do to drive the headphone safely? I am planning to match it...
  17. lucky_star

    is it normal for tube amp ???? help plz

    I have just received the rsa raptor, which is my first tube amp. My tubes are Amperex eec186 and Philip 5687. whenever I turn on the amp, i alway see a flash light(just like oxygen burning) on the tube Amperex not the other two Philip(no flash light). I am so scared about that and think my...
  18. lucky_star

    Quick Sony NWZ-A728 8gb Review

    i have one vote for the sony NWZ-A729 16GB. I got this one 2 weeks ago. Its sound is very good and have long battery life.
  19. lucky_star

    Japan worker in 780,000 **** hits.....hahahahahahaha

    wow, that is so amazing. I bet that it must be his hobby because we usually spend around 3-4 min for each **** site. However, for this worker "or more than 20 each minute he was at his desk"
  20. lucky_star

    what is the difference between stax omega 1 and stax omega2

    hum, actually i have a chance to buy the Omega1 so I want to ask about the different sound between Omega1 and Omega2. How long can these headphone survive?(100years ^_^)
  21. lucky_star

    what is the difference between stax omega 1 and stax omega2

    can anyone tell me the difference between the two? if i mainly listen to pop/rock, which one will be better for me? thanks
  22. lucky_star

    Woo Hoo. . . Got my Edition 9 . . wooo hooo . . best current production headphones. . . ? and I love them.

    I have owned the edition 9 for 3 weeks now. The first time i have heard it I think its sound is like other headphones. However, right now I think I know what "surround sound and S-logic" means
  23. lucky_star

    W5000 worth the extra $$$$

    go for ath-w5000 but you should be aware about fitness problem. So i suggest you should buy brandnew at Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more to see whether you have fitness problem or not. if you had that problem, return it to get full refund with...
  24. lucky_star

    Best Closed Can under $800

    buy the d5000 and do markl mod
  25. lucky_star

    some questions about sony nwz-a828

    Quote: Originally Posted by Baba booey usb only doesn't bother me. I have a wall adapter anyway. I guess I can manage w/o bookmarking... Do you lose much battery with the power thing? and also: would you say it sounds better than the D2? About battery life, I think you don't...