EH-1.2B vs Omega2 ?????
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The choice will depend on the amp you intend to pair the headphones with. I was at CanJam '08 and heard two amps with the HeAudio and two amps with the OII MKII and got four different results as expected.

The HeAudio + Woo Audio GES would be a fine lower-cost pairing.

These setups will also be very source-dependent so I hope you're already packing something decent in that area.
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Definitely check out the linked thread. The 1.2b has had technical issues with some batches of headphones. I had the same exact dilemma and went the O2 route specifically because of the technical issues the 1.2b has been having.

This is, of course, all leaving SQ out of the question entirely.
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I am 100% there are at least one comparison between the EH-1.2B and the SR-007 (A, MK2) around here.
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