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  1. Polygon

    Transfering Vinyl to Digital, I Need A Deck

    Yeah, it will be in a carpeted basement so it will be pretty stable. Thanks for the advice and the other suggestions. I'll look for those as well.
  2. Polygon

    Transfering Vinyl to Digital, I Need A Deck

    Hmm. In that case I'm going to try for this Kenwood. Judging from what it has been going for on eBay I've got a fight on my hands. If this falls through, do you guy have any other suggestions. I looked in a suggestion thread that someone posted and I really couldn't find any of the model...
  3. Polygon

    Transfering Vinyl to Digital, I Need A Deck

    It's been a long time since I've posted here, but I need help. My father has quite a few vinyls that he can't find on CD. He want's me to transfer them over. I was looking at one of those USB decks but I have only found that they are rubbish. So, I'm left with getting a decent deck but I...
  4. Polygon

    Ferrari Enzo pics

    What camera and lens are you using, very good combo and great shots. Very nice auto show, I wonder where it was, it had a lot of nice cars. Kind of odd to see an SRT-4 and RSX in the mix with the other cars, but they still very nice cars.
  5. Polygon

    reccomend me a program to help clean my registry

    Quote: Originally posted by minya format c:\ /y - Chris That or just use regedit, unless you don't like playing in your registry. I feel that when the registry has become cluttered, it is time to wipe the drive and do a clean install.
  6. Polygon

    Skoda Octavia Turbo RS and Fabia RS

    Quote: Originally posted by marios_mar i guess you can order these cars in the US from some importer couldnt you? And there would be no problem finding parts as 99% of the mechanical parts are same as in the other small VW cars. You can, but it isn't exactly cheap. You would...
  7. Polygon

    Family Holiday Traditions

    On Christmas Eve we are a little more laxed about dinner. We tend to watch a couple of movies and snack on meats and crackers like smoked salmon with some Ritz crackers and cream cheese, salami, ham, and different crakers and snacks. Then we sometimes open one present on Christmas Eve. On...
  8. Polygon

    Natural or Artificial tree??

    I have an artificial tree. Less clean-up and less money.
  9. Polygon

    Recommendations for home theater components

    I know that the 1804 replaces the 1803. The 1803 is last years model.
  10. Polygon

    What keyboard type do you prefer?

    I prefer a cross between soft and clicky. I can't stand laptop keyboards.
  11. Polygon

    How old are the members of Head-Fi?

    I'll be 23 in two weeks.
  12. Polygon

    I need the cheapest speaker drivers that'll fit my cabinets (pic)

    Quote: Originally posted by D-EJ915 Haha, fixing them would be fun, but if you don't want to, get some old Cerwin-Vega speakers with 12 or 15 inch woofers, they never, ever blow...real fun speakers. Should run from 150-300 on ebay or something...they were 400/500 pair when new...
  13. Polygon

    Recommendations for home theater components

    Well, whatever you do, don't buy Bose. You will only end up getting ripped off. I have some suggestions, some that people here might not agree with, but I have had very good experience with the following components: Receiver: Denon AVR-1804. DVD Player: Toshiba SD-4900 Front & Rear Speakers...
  14. Polygon

    Writing Instruments

    I prefer typing but if I have to use a writing instrument I use either a .5mm mechanical pencil or my favorite pen, the Uni-Ball Vision Elite.
  15. Polygon

    DSL Speeds

    With my DSL I get 648kbit downstream and 256kbit upstream 160kbits is rather slow for DSL. It could be the fact that you have an old router or firmware, it also might be the fact that your DSL provider doesn't offer higher speeds, or perhaps a combination of the two. The best thing to do would...
  16. Polygon

    If you're feelin' a bit bummed right now

    I'm not really new here, but I don't post a lot, but I do read a lot of posts and I hope things work out for you Tube. I guess I can somehow relate. When I was 18 I contracted a chronic disease called Chron's Disease. At the time I didn't know what I had and I've always been the type of...
  17. Polygon

    What do you think of Lame --alt-preset extreme MP3s?

    I can't hear a difference and neither can anyone else I know. I have my entire music collection encoded in APX. I can hear a difference between the original CD and APS though. Then again, I have my ripping set-up just right for my hardware configuration. It can differ depending on the ripper...
  18. Polygon

    What willyou buy for yourself this holiday season?

    This is what I've bought myself for Christmas: Indiana Jones Trilogy on DVD. Denon AVR-1804. Wharfedale WH-2 Surrounds. Wharfedale WH-2 Center. Loads of binding post connectors and plugs. Speaker wire. Soul Calibur 2 on PS2. Mario Kart Double Dash on GameCube. A load of parts for my...
  19. Polygon

    N64 Experts - Expansion Pack

    Quote: Originally posted by utep10 Polygon, Thanks for the reply. Didn't see a plastic tool but will use a screwdriver. Just wanted to make sure it was as easy as pulling out the expansion jumper and pluggin in the expansion pack. The sticker says to consult your manual ...
  20. Polygon

    N64 Experts - Expansion Pack

    The expansion pack should come with a gray plastic tool to remove the old pack, if you don't have that a screw driver or something similar would work. Really all you have to do is take the sticker off the jumper pack, pull it out, put the expansion pack in, and you're done. It is quite simple.
  21. Polygon

    EBay user names...

    duncan_r1977 matbon0013 sergio4099 cartermccoy austonia1 Pappucho / Pappucho2 amadeus-mozart uncledaniel bryanzilla rizumu drift65 corey-mit tbdoah steevens007 00940 dej915 stfractus elrod-dt -rally617- elviseldritch makoto27374 stratifier Flizarthanon philosophergeek...
  22. Polygon

    Wharfedale WH-2 speakers.

    Has anyone here auditioned these speakers? I just bought a pair of the Bi-Polar surrounds and a center channel. I have not heard them yet and I am waiting for them to arrive. Just curious what everyone here thought about them and Wharfedale in general.
  23. Polygon

    What power strip do you use?

    I am using an APC UPS. The only problem is that it does nothing for the "dirty power" that comes back through. I might look into one of those Monster Power strips.
  24. Polygon

    Need help with a crossover and some other things.

    I need, well I don't need, but I want to find someone or someplace that sells custom or at least some good 5-way crossovers. I also need to find two replacement ribbon tweeters for my pair of DBXs. And lastly I need to get some new speaker grills. Please, if anyone has some good ideas on where I...
  25. Polygon

    Help, how can I rid myself of my roomate and his music!?

    Quote: Originally posted by gsferrari Tell him to invest in a nice pair of headphones. Bring him in here to ask for advice...we'll make sure his money goes to the right places like DIYers, Headroom, Sennheiser, Grado and everyone else. We'll make sure he wont have enough $$$ to pay the...